PS5 Games Lineup: 8 Titles We Hope to See

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Sony set the date: they will announce some of the games that we’ll be playing on the PlayStation 5 after it hits the shelves. So, what are some of the games we’d like to see? WWGDB - PS5 Games Lineup: 8 Titles We Hope to See

A month ago, Sony showed off PlayStation 5’s controller: the DualSense which boasts features like haptic feedback and even the ability to “feel” snow. The hardware is set to release on the holidays at the end of the year, but what about the games?

Well, the company announced that it will give players the first look on the games lineup. These aren’t necessarily launch titles (though we hope we’ll be greeted with a large library from the get-go), and we’ll likely see them weeks or months after the console launches. With that said though, a lot of PS4 games will be backward compatible (especially those released July 2020 onwards), so there will be no shortage of titles to play.

We’ve compiled a few games we’re hoping to see lined up for the next-gen console. Note that we’re not including games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Godfall, and sports titles which have been previously announced. Without further adieu, check out our wishlist:

Diablo IV

Diablo IV gameplay

Blizzard announced Diablo IV last year, and it promises to be darker and more brutal than its predecessor. Though we have no doubt it will deliver a bloody dungeon-crawling experience, the developers don’t expect the game to be done any time soon. Though there’s a slim chance it could end up being a launch title, we’ll likely see it optimistically in 2021.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring

This collaboration between FromSoftware (the makers of Bloodborne and Dark Souls) and A Song of Ice and Fire creator George R.R. Martin, Elden Ring was slated on June 30th, 2020, but there have been no updates in a while. Thing is, it’s likely a placeholder and we wouldn’t be surprised that will end up as a launch title. So far, there’s no indication of what the gameplay is, but if you look at FromSoftware and Martin’s resume, it’ll be a dark and brutal title.

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount and Blade: Bannerlord II

Released on Steam early this year, Bannerlord is still in the beta phase, though it has had raving reviews and a peak of 248,000 players. In a nutshell, it’s a game where you live in a fictional yet near-realistic medieval world. You’ll lead armies, fight in 100v100 battles, and deal in diplomacy with other characters. It’s an outstanding medieval RPG sandbox that begs to be on the PS5. Though its predecessor was released years after it came to PC, we hope it’ll be perfected soon and be on Sony’s next-gen console within a year.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Sequel

Marvel's: Spiderman

One of the best games of 2018, Marvel’s Spider-Man captured the fancy of games and Marvel fans alike. You’ll get to play as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and fight against a cast of villains and their thugs most notably Kingpin, Doc Ock, and Rhino. It’s a PS4 exclusive and the sequel begs to be made. Here’s to hoping they’ll announce it and we’ll get it within a year or two of PS5’s launch.

The Elder Scrolls VI

Hoping TES VI will be here soon!

Though we don’t see Elder Scrolls VI as a launch title, just imagine how the gaming world will explode if it were. That aside, we do hope we’ll get the first look of the game which will open up a new region country in Tamriel. So far, Black Marsh, Elsweyr, Valenwood, and the Summer Isles have been left unexplored in the main TES games (they’re in Elder Scrolls Online though), and we hope we’ll get to see and visit them.

Demon Slayer PS4/PS5

First look of the Demon Slayer game

Without diving deep into spoilers Demon Slayer, or Kimetsu no Yaiba is undoubtedly one of the best recent anime/manga. Boasting a fun cast of characters, a competent and outstanding protagonist, and equally well-written antagonists, it’s no surprise that a game is in development.

Though it’ll likely be a PS4 title, we hope that this possible action RPG where you get to play as Tanjiro and Nezuko will be a PS5 launch title.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion’s release was slated on March 2020 but like Cyberpunk 2077, it got delayed. It’s set in a dystopian authoritarian UK and it breaks the norms of RPGs where you get a single protagonist. Instead, you’ll be able to play as multiple people, each with different skills, abilities, and liabilities. You can recruit these characters which can range from thuggish brawlers, skinny and nerdy engineers, to gun-toting old ladies. It’s a fun concept, and we’re hoping it’ll be a PS5 launch title.

The next God of War

We can't wait for the God of War sequel

Last but definitely not the least is definitely God of War. No, it definitely won’t be a launch title and the last one took five years to develop so we may not see the next game until 2022 or 2023. Regardless, we’re still hoping for an announcement of some sort and that we’ll get our first look at the Norse pantheon!

So, which games are you looking forward to seeing on the PS5? Though this year has been quite tough for all of us, there’s light at the end of the tunnel with Sony’s next-gen console waiting at the end.

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