PlayStation Showcase 2021: 8 of the Biggest Games and Highlights

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It’s almost a year into the PlayStation 5’s release, and things are finally picking up. The PlayStation Showcase revealed a plethora of games and new announcements, all of which have generated massive hype. WWGDB - PlayStation Showcase 2021: 8 of the Biggest Games and Highlights

Although we’re still suffering from a massive shortage of PlayStation 5s, there’s no shortage of new PS5 games. And yes, Sony showed more during last week’s PlayStation Showcase, which promised a massive selection of big-name titles and sequels to iconic franchises.

In case you missed the show, we’ve compiled a few of the biggest highlights and many of the games you need to look out for:

God of War: Ragnarok gameplay

Undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the entire show was the previously announced God of War: Ragnarok. The showcase trailer revealed many gameplay elements, which will undoubtedly follow the flow of the previous game. More importantly, it showed numerous plot points and details which signal the coming of Ragnarok.

Atreus, Kratos’ son, and the deuteragonist hit puberty (as evidenced by his changing voice), and his stubborn demeanor is still there. Kratos faces more conflict, as he is now on the wrong side of Asgard and the Valkyries. Freya is now an enemy, having sworn vengeance after the father-and-son tandem killed her son Baldr. Finally, we’ve seen character reveals of Thor, who looks to have drunk too much ale, and Tyr, the God of War in the Norse pantheon.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Uncharted is one of PlayStation’s best franchises. Developed by Naughty Dog (creators of The Last of Us), it mainly follows the journey of Nathan Drake and his crew, exploring enemy-infested wildernesses and unearthing treasures.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves for the PlayStation 5 bundles two games. These are:

- Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
- Uncharted: Lost Legacy (a spinoff title)

Both titles are PlayStation 4 games, and though we don’t expect massive changes, there will surely be visual improvements and gameplay adaptations to the DualSense controller.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features Venom

The second most significant reveal trailer of the showcase is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and it features the two versions of the titular characters: Peter Parker and his protege, Miles Morales. Though the trailer lacks gameplay details, it’ll likely be the same as the two previously released Spider-Man games.

However, it revealed two things. First is Spider-Man’s greatest all-time nemesis, Venom (voiced by Tony Todd). The second is the unknown narrator of the trailer, who fans believe is none other than Kraven the Hunter. Although we don’t think the list of villains won’t be as loaded as the first game, we’re sure it will be as action-packed.

Marvel’s Wolverine

Insomniac is killing it with all the Marvel games they’re getting. Apart from Spider-Man, they’re also developing Marvel’s Wolverine, a hero as iconic as the web-slinger. The trailer is a cinematic reveal, showing the carnage of a post-bar brawl, with the titular character trying to enjoy a glass of liquor. Approached by an injured gangster who somehow still has some fight, Wolverine, relatively unhurt, reveals his adamantium claws.


Finally, there’s now a name for Square Enix’s Project Athia. It’s Forspoken, and it’s like an American version of an “isekai” anime. It follows the story of a New Yorker who is tired of the world she’s living in (well, who isn’t?) and dreams of going somewhere peaceful and picturesque with her cat.

For some reason, she got more than what she bargained for: a trip to a magical medieval world in the midst of a conflict. Though its open-world is picturesque and looks like a joy to explore, the protagonist will have to deal with the reality of having insane-looking powers. The trailer revealed a gigantic, easily-traversable world, action-packed combat, and colossal monsters. Judging from the plot and gameplay, it’s easily one of the games to look forward to.

Rainbow Six: Extraction

Rainbow Six: Siege is one of the games of the generation. Almost every FPS fanatic plays it, and yes, the PlayStation Showcase divulged a few more details about the sequel: Extraction. Apart from the usual Siege gameplay and abilities, players will have to deal with monster/alien-like creatures. It looks nothing short of incredible, and we’re sure Siege fans will get more than what they’re asking for.

Knights of the Old Republic Remake

While the teaser hasn’t revealed any gameplay yet, the Knights of the Old Republic Remake is generating a lot of hype in the Star Wars circles. Though it’s weird seeing an old Xbox-exclusive heading over to PlayStation 5, it’ll be fun to experience this action-packed lightsaber-filled adventure all over again.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Developed by Eidos Montreal, Guardians of the Galaxy look like it will be more of a success story than the underwhelming Avengers game. That aside, the game delivers a first look at a new villain, the Nova Corps, and all the quirkiness the Guardians are known for.

So, which among the games/announcements here are you looking forward to the most? In any case, there are so many to look forward to, and Sony has made a compelling case to have you buy its flagship console.

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