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Plarium Games is one of the biggest names in MMO Strategy games, and in this article we will discover a bit more about them, and some of their amazing games that have taken the world by storm. WWGDB - Plarium Games

Who are they?
Founded in 2009 with offices in Israel and the Ukraine, Plarium set out to create browser based games that are both great looking and a lot of fun to play. Since that time they have released several games, and have amassed over 90 million players all over the world.

Now with 5 offices across Eastern Europe and a their headquarters in Israel they have become one of the worlds leading Strategy Game developers and they continue to grow and add to their stable of games.


What do they do?
As we have mentioned they specialize in browser based games, and one of their first was a simulation game called Farmandia, a stunning 3D farming game that has a decent player base and proved to be popular within this genre of games.

But then they released the first of the strategy MMO games called Total Domination which gave them a big boost and became their first real success story. From then on they have released a few more titles, some of which we are sure you have heard of. Included in their list is Sparta: War of Empires, Pirates: Tides of Fortune and Soldiers Inc. They also released the massive Stormfall: Age of War and more recently added Magecraft to the list.

What makes their games stand out you may ask, and there are several factors that all add up to a brilliant gaming experience. Firstly and possibly one of their best features is the fully voiced quests and characters system. Each game has its own unique setting and characters, and every quest you receive or helping hand in the game comes with an actor or actress and it sounds brilliant.

Added to that there are complete talent and technology systems where you can pick the best units and upgrades to suit your play style as well as working on your military and defences. Perhaps their biggest attraction is the player vs player system that all of the games use. You can form alliances and become a diplomat, or create the strongest armies and march to war to dominate your opponents. But in every case the intense PvP action is a huge attraction to players.

Stormfall: Age of War

When you combine this action with some of the best strategy game graphics you will find around and a smooth and easy to use gameplay you begin to see why Plarium are a market leader in browser strategy games.

What does the future hold?
You would think with such a large list of games that they might be focussing on their current crop of games. In reality they are always in development of something new, the recently released Magecraft is a testament to their desire to make new games.

As well as new titles they are also adding updates and improvements to their existing games too, with new patches, quests and special events happening all the time. This leads to exciting and fun games that don’t get old, and new players joining them all the time creating a huge community.

The future for Plarium Games is a bright one and we are certainly looking forward to what they make next. The updates to existing games have brought new life into them as well so if you are a new player or a veteran returning to one of them we recommend you check out the Plarium Games List and see for yourself just hot brilliant these games are.

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