Pixel Game Maker MV: An Early Access Review

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Want to design a pixel RPG but have absolutely no coding knowledge? Well, Pixel Game Maker MV is here to help! WWGDB - Pixel Game Maker MV: An Early Access Review

Pixel Game Maker MV can be considered as a spin-off from the very popular RPG maker. As you might expect, you technically can use the program to produce your very own pixel game, with the likes of Castlevania, Megaman and more. Why “technically” though? Well, although Pixel Game Maker MV is a pretty solid platforming engine, much like in RPG Maker in some way, it is still too buggy and too complicated for non-coders to comprehend. Let me explain:

Yes, like RPG Maker, this program provides its users with a nice selection – though, not as much or as varied – of premade assets for you to use when you are designing your pixel RPG. This includes animated sprites, tiles, objects and more, along with several game templates that you can modify and use. Of course, you could always import your own custom sprites or use the pixel art tools to design some new ones of your own.

Pixel Game Maker MV also provides a host of pre-coded basic yet vital scripts like basic movements and allows the easy placement of text and speech bubbles, as well as any object or character you might want to use in your game. There’s even a Scenes option where you can create cutscenes for your game, and best yet – this game maker supports Javascript extensions.

However, at its current, early access state, Pixel Game Maker MV is still isn’t user-friendly enough to non-coders or people who have absolutely no idea how games work but who would still like to try their hand at producing one. The UI is simply not as intuitive and the painfully lack of proper and detailed instructions or a tutorial makes using this program to design games when you have no idea what you’re doing a rather frustrating process. This is definitely not one of those “5-minute game makers”, that’s for sure!

Pixel RPG Maker MV: Game Template

Not to mention, some of the texts in the GUI are still in Japanese, and that many aspects of the program are quite buggy. In fact, one user had reported that when the blur option was turned on, the framerate of the game he is designing plummeted by a whopping 50%. This is not really surprising since you have to bear in mind that Pixel Game Maker MV is still in early access, but many users have expressed the sentiment that they have expected more from this “follow-up” to an immensely successful RPG maker program. I can’t say that I don’t feel the same way.

Granted that this program works superbly if you already have lots of experience designing games on RPG Maker, especially when it comes to the complicated Switch and Variable actions, I would honestly say that this program isn’t exactly living up to the success enjoyed by its predecessor. So, unless you already have a sizeable knowledge of game design and coding skills, Pixel Game Maker MV may not be the best tools you need right now, especially at its current price point.

That being said, I would say to give the developers some time to tweak and polish up their engine and check back in a few months’ time. Who knows? Maybe you could even get the program at a sweet discount!

Pixel Game Maker MV
Rating: 6/10
Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/837510/Pixel_Game_Maker_MV__MV/

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