Most Anticipated Free-to-Play MMOs in 2017: Part 2

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Continue finding out our list of Most Anticipated Free-to-Play MMO Games in 2017 in this second yet equally exciting installment! WWGDB - Most Anticipated Free-to-Play MMOs in 2017: Part 2

Before we continue the list of games, for those of you who have yet to read our previous article: Most Anticipated Free-to-Play MMO Games in 2017: Part 1 should really go check it out right now or you’ll just be at lost as to why we “missed” out some pretty amazing MMO games from our list... we probably didn’t – they are all on the previous article.

That said, are you ready for Part 2 – the 6th to the 10th Most Anticipated Free-to-Play MMO Games in 2017? ...I can’t really hear your answer but let’s just assume you yelled out a resounding “YES!!!” Well, without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling!

#6 SMITE Tactics

We love SMITE. The game’s incredible in its own right although it is still lagging behind League of Legends and DotA 2 in terms of its popularity. This has not discouraged the amazing developers behind SMITE a single bit though! They have in fact come up with a pretty unique tactical MMOCCG based on the gods-themed characters in the SMITE universe called SMITE Tactics.

The game feels like a blend of turn-based strategy games like Krosmaster Arena with a generous dollop of MMOCCG gameplay mechanism whereby the synergy between Gods and minions plays a huge role. Naturally, you’ll be playing as a god while you’ll be deploying minions on the board. Each unit will have their own abilities, including the gods.

Deck-building is important since the game is, after all, a MMOCCG and like any turn-based strategy game, positioning is actually crucial as well. So, for those of you who think SMITE Tactics might turn out just like another Hearthstone clone... well, you can just wipe that off your mind – it definitely won’t.

SMITE Tactics is currently in closed testing and is moving quite rapidly, in terms of development progress, towards open beta and release. However, if you can’t wait to try the game out, you could try to get in earlier by signing up as a volunteer beta tester.

#7 MU Legend

After a long and silent hiatus, it seems Webzen is (finally) picking up the development of the sequel to the popular MMORPG, MU Online. Featuring the same intense hack and slash gameplay as its predecessor, MU Legend now has upgraded graphics, a more engaging storyline and a vast and intriguing world for players to explore. The classes have been revamped, allowing players to enjoy more versatility regardless of which class they have chosen.

The release date is still unknown and except the few lucky ones who got into the game’s global closed beta. That said, you might want to sign up for the game’s closed beta as well. Just bear in mind that the game still requires plenty of tweaking and fine-tuning especially when it comes to frame rate spikes and balancing issues.

#8 Total War: Arena

To be honest, none of the popular MMORTS games come close to recreating the strategic fun that Total War is able to provide... and now, the devs behind this popular game series is bringing the game to the MMO market with this amazing MMO strategy/ war simulation game, Total War: Arena!

Supported by big names like Wargaming, the experts behind orchestrating massive wars in an arena-like setting (just look at World of Tanks if you don’t believe me) and SEGA, Total War: Arena promises to provide epic 10-vs-10 wars with a team-based gameplay that features Total War’s signature combat system, carefully designed terrain that you can use to your advantage, and a selection of factions and heroes to play as.

Currently in closed beta, Total War: Arena seems to be on track to a 2017 release date though no specific dates have been announced as of yet. However, if you’re interested to check out the game, you can head over to the game’s official website and sign up to become a beta tester.

#9 Lost Ark

Aside from new games, there are also a handful of originally Korean-only MMORPGs that are going global in the year 2017 as well... and among that handful of games, Lost Ark is among the top most anticipated MMORPG!

Announced to be free-to-play (for the moment at least), Lost Ark is an MMORPG/dungeon crawler with a gameplay that will remind players of Diablo 3 and an open-world “dungeon” which is reminiscent of Diablo 2. In fact, for players who have played the beta, they have even claimed that Lost Ark might even be better than the Diablo series!

However, as upsetting as this news might be, the company behind the game is currently focusing its efforts in ensuring a successful Korean release in 2017... yes, a KOREAN release. Due to this, it is expected that the global release of the game will take a bit longer... though, hopefully not too long. We estimate that the game should be ready for an international release at least by 2018, but since the game looks so ah-mazing and all we simply had to include it in our list.

#10 Fable Fortune

Taking up the last spot on our top 10 most anticipated free-to-play MMOs list is an MMOCCG based on the beloved Fable universe, Fable Fortune. The game looks similar to the Runescape-themed MMOCCG, Chronicles, but like all Fable games, this game has morality embedded into its gameplay.

Depending on whether you use your hero’s powers for good or evil, your hero will morph to reflect their moral alignment. Of course, different moral alignments will modify the effects of their special abilities and even affect some of the cards in their deck. The game will even feature a fun and unique co-op mode whereby you can team up with a friend to fight against famous – or should I say, infamous – Fable villains like Nostro and Logan.

As much as we love the Fable franchise though, it is really hard to get all psyched up with this game. especially considering that the previous Fable game was scrapped. However, from what we can see, Fable Fortune is still pretty much on a greenlight and we can’t help but let out a little squeak of excitement at the possibility of a new Fable – ahem, I mean Fable-themed – game.

That said, you can get an early peek into the game by signing up for their closed beta, which is presumably ongoing at the moment. Fingers crossed!

To wrap up the last part of this article series, here’s a not-so-short list of potentially upcoming MMO games that are not listed, due to one reason or the other, but they are noteworthy enough for us to... well, make a note in this article. Enjoy!

MapleStory 2
After taking Korea by storm, many fans of MapleStory from all over the world are clamoring for a date of the game’s global release, and like the coy fellas that they are, Nexon has yet to announce a proper date or even a “year”. Hence, we daren’t put MapleStory 2 into our list. Regardless, this is still a pretty noteworthy game.

Bless Online
It’s an MMORPG that guarantees to be as epic as Revelation Online, but the thing is... this game is currently being developed for Russian gamers and is not yet localized for the Western countries or for any other countries for that matter. From their Sept correspondence, it is obvious that the developers still have some major tweaks to do in the Russian version of the game, so it is possible that even the Russian release of the game might be delayed.

Anyway, we’ll continue to keep an eye on the game and hopefully, we might get some good news by the end of 2017.

We’ve listed this game in our previous article, Most Anticipated F2P MMOs in 2016: part 2 (you can click on the link to read all about the game), and well, the game has yet to be released. We are fortunate enough to get into the game’s closed beta and needless to say, the game was pretty amazing despite the slow progress over the year.

Peria Chronicles
Another Korean game slated for a global release, Peria Chronicles is a sandbox MMORPG that resembles Dragomon Hunter and Pokemon in many ways. It is an anime-styled MMORPG that allows players to capture a huge variety of monsters and use them in battles. The sandbox part of the game comes into play in the form of player-crafted maps, as well as player-designed quests and mini-games.

The game sounds amazing but we aren’t able to find sufficient information about the global release of this game to warrant an assumption that the game will be launched worldwide in the year 2017 or even in 2018. The release date is pretty much a mystery and hence, we decided to omit this from our list.

Lineage Eternal
We’ve found too little reliable info (that’s in English) about this game, so we’ve decided to omit it for now.

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