Most Anticipated F2P MMOs in 2016: Part 2

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The beginning of a new year heralds a slew of incredible games that we can all drool over. Here are some of the most anticipated free-to-play MMOs in 2016! WWGDB - Most Anticipated F2P MMOs in 2016: Part 2

Right, before we start, for those of you who have not yet read the part 1 of this article, please do so by clicking this helpful little link: Most Anticipated MMOs in 2016: Part 1. It won’t do to know about the bottom 5 games of the list without learning about the top 5 first, isn’t it?

For those of you who did, it’s time to find out about the 6th up to the 10th most anticipated games in 2016! Let the parade of games begin!

6. Arena of Fate

Playing as an almighty god is overrated, why not play as a fairytale hero (Robin Hood, Fenrir, and Little Red Riding Hood) or a real-life historic legend (Fancy playing as Nikola Tesla, anyone?) instead? In this number 6th most anticipated game, Arena of Fate, you can do exactly just that! From the name itself you would have guessed that this game is a MOBA, but unlike the usual gameplay mechanics of MOBAs, this game has plenty new to offer to the genre. After all, the game itself is being developed by a team of passionate MOBA players, who seek to innovate the genre.

Matches in Arena of Fate will be fast-paced and somewhat frantic due to the short time limit imposed. Not to mention, the game has a unique scoring system that allows different players with different play styles to succeed. Team play is still important though, so be sure to utilize the game’s flexible trait system to modify your hero to match the game plan of your team. There is even a Club system, inspired by real sports, which will help ensure that you’ll never need to play alone. Not to mention, the game is developed by Crytek so you can expect astonishing graphics that rival that of hardcore games, like Crysis 3, despite being a free-to-play title.

Eager to get your hands on the game? Well, the game is currently in closed beta and is scheduled for a possibly late 2016 release... at least there’s the much earlier open beta stage to look forward to!

7. Dreadnought

Placed in the 8th position is a sci-fi-themed, combat MMO/space simulation game, which is aptly called
Dreadnought. Somewhat similar to popular combat MMOs like World of Warships, War Thunder, or World of Tanks, Dreadnought will allow you to take the helm of a massive battleship, or to become the pilot of a sleek yet agile space fighter. Choose between 5 unique ship classes, customize them to your liking, and armed them with the most powerful weapons that you can muster!

With a spacecraft at your command, engage into battle with other players in heart-stopping dogfights in space via the game’s Team Deathmatch or Team Elimination game modes. There are also so many different battlefields for you to fight on, each with differently positioned space objects that your team can use to the team’s advantage. Due to this, every match in Dreadnought will never feel the same. This is definitely a game that many people are looking forward to in the coming New Year!

The game currently is in closed beta and hopefully, it will move on to open beta and subsequently, its official launch without too much of a hitch. Our fingers are crossed, are yours?

8. World of Speed

With the shutdown of the free-to-play version of Need for Speed, Need for Speed: World back in April 2015, the world hungers for a brand new, free roaming, MMO racing game to take its place... and this hunger, it seems, may soon be fulfilled by this amazing-looking game, World of Speed!

The game will feature a fleet of incredibly cool-looking cars, breathtaking and realistic environments, as well as plenty of exhilarating and competitive racing. This doesn’t even include the different camera angles provided for you to switch your view of the race track, whether you prefer to play the game in first person, or say... in third person. Honestly, there is only one word to describe this game – “epic”!

Although there hasn’t been any confirmation from the developer or the publisher ( on the official release date for World of Speed, it is very possible that the game might be launched in 2016. The game has, after all, been in its beta phase for a tad bit too long, especially for players who are eagerly waiting for the game to go live.

9. Battlecry

Video unavailable. Game has been scrapped.

Easing its way into the number 9th spot, Battlecry, which is being developed and will be published by Bethesda, is another game that gamers should keep an eye on! With its brutal action-based combat, team-based PvP warfare, and unforgiving tactical gameplay, Battlecry may just be the game that hardcore and competitive players have longed for! The game features a nice fusion of cowboy-style showdown with a steampunk-influenced theme, and it paints out a rather violent post-apocalyptic world where gladiatorial combat is not exactly uncommon.

However, due to the game’s penchant for dismembered limbs, splattering blood and perhaps... some brain matter, this game is not exactly for the weak-hearted... or, of course, the under-aged. That said, Battlecry has all the right ingredients that will turn it into a successful E-sport game. So, it is somewhat expected that this game will do well once it is launched.

You can sign up for Battlecry beta testing queue if you’re interested, but for those who prefer to wait for the complete version to roll out, well... let’s just say that it might take a while... possibly until the end of 2016.

10. Albion Online

Rounding off our list of top 10 most anticipated MMOs in 2016 is this fantastic MMORPG, Albion Online. In fact, it is such an incredible game that the only reason Albion Online is placed at the last position on this list is because I’m very uncertain whether the game would be ready for release in 2016. Albion Online has only entered its closed beta phase back in the 23rd of November last year. Considering that it is a pretty huge game, the beta phase may take a bit longer than any other MMOs... and yet, the game (as seen in the gameplay trailer) looks pretty much polished and ready to be launched.

Anyway, regardless of whether Albion Online would make it for 2016 or not, this game is simply a game that MMO gamers would surely enjoy. It features old school game mechanics that has little to no restrictions... particularly in terms of “character class”. Instead, you can be whatever you like, craft everything that’s available in the game, and even set up your own cities, homes, and even something as complex as a political system. It even has the old but gold, Ultima Online’s hallmark top-down view.

The trading aspect of the game seems a lot similar to old-school MMOs as well, such as Runescape, where city-vendors’ stock of items sold were purchased from players themselves. Due to this, item prices will vary from city to city. In other words, the economy in the game would be very much player-driven. The game will also place a lot more emphasis on group activities and events rather than going solo, as the devs of the game believe that going solo doesn’t make for a great gaming experience.

Now that we’re done with the top 10 most anticipated MMOs in 2016, I would like to add that there’s another highly hyped-up game that nearly made it on the list – Fable Legends. This game looks absolutely fabulous and will definitely add value to the current gaming market.

However, the reason it was omitted is that the game has announced that it will be entering open beta in Spring of 2016 (that’s around the start of the second quarter of 2016 for players who live in countries with no discernible seasons). Because of this, I personally believe that Fable Legends very likely won’t be able to make it before the end of this year. That said, you can be sure that it will be included in next year’s most anticipated list though!

Well, that’s about it for the part 2 of our Most Anticipated MMOs in 2016 article. If you miss out the first part of the article, you can check it out here: Most Anticipated MMOs in 2016: Part 1.

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