Lipa Learning: Childhood Development through Gamification

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By fully utilizing the technology that we have at hand, Lipa Learning has created a host of child-oriented, educational games that even the most technologically skeptical of parents would find useful in helping their child grow and learn new things. Find out how! WWGDB - Lipa Learning: Childhood Development through Gamification

Technology is not something that you can avoid in this time and era, where even the youngest kid knows how to play a game on a phone or a tablet before they even learn how to tie their own shoelaces. Admittedly, technology itself has its pros and cons, but starving or “shielding” your child from this incredible mankind’s invention is nothing short of reducing the number of fun ways to help your child learn. Not to mention, you might just be unwittingly putting your child up to a certain amount of ridicule by their peers especially when your child has no idea what a “computer” is.

This is exactly the kind of key points in the modern childhood development that Lipa Learning is very well aware of. Thus, by fully utilizing the technology that we have at hand, they have created a host of child-oriented, educational games that even the most technologically skeptical of parents would find useful in helping their child grow and learn new things.

From the extensive research they have done, Lipa has come up with an “8 Core Curricula” that cover all aspects of childhood development, saving you the time and the effort to do the research yourself, especially considering that the amount of information (particularly about childhood development) available on the internet can be extremely overwhelming to the point of confusion.

Consisting of social-emotional competence, academic skills and physical well-being, the 8 Core Curricula include real world activities such as crafts, exercises and cooperative games your child can enjoy; activities that encourage open discussions and instill curiosity; and also interactive storybooks that enhances the story-telling process by adding other sensory learning to the mix, which in turn, allow your child to improve on their imagination, creativity and language skills. For instance, Lipa Theater is an amazing app that allows your child to use the props, puppets and settings provided to create their own stories. You could even record their creations and share them for all to see.

Lipa Learning: Childhood Development through Gamification

Lipa Learning uses technology to not only to hone your child’s skills and nurture their knowledge, but also allow your child to most importantly enjoy the learning process. If your child has had a fun experience with learning, they may just associate “learning” as a thing that is “fun to do” in the future. Wouldn’t we all, as parents, like to have a child who just love to learn? This insatiable need to learn, to keep improving one’s self, is something that I dare say will prove useful for your child in his or her future, particularly once they finally step into the working world.

The tweens and teens nowadays have succumbed to one of the main downsides of technology – they tend to avoid or, as some may say, dissociate from most real life interactions. Due to this, Lipa Learning has even come up with educational apps that allow cooperative play, giving you the chance to play, connect and bond to your child through the enjoyment of playing games. For example, Lipa Wizard, one of Lipa’s latest games, is a two-player game which requires each player to tap on the matching “spell symbol” as fast as they can. Even if the parents are unavailable, this type of game can also be used to enhance the relationship between siblings as well.

In addition, Lipa Learning also believes in making a difference not only for the child but also for the parents. By signing up and using Lipa Gateway, a parent can easily monitor their child’s progress in the games that they play. Even if you have more than 1 child, you can keep track of all of their progress. Furthermore, since the games are neatly organized into several educational categories, including creativity, language, fundamentals, science and math, and separated into 2 types of skill levels (core and key skills), you can easily find other suitable educational games for your child to play.

To sum this all up, Lipa definitely has all the right ideas when it comes to childhood development via gamification (learning while gaming). With their experience and research, you can rest assured that your child’s first contact with education and learning will be a memorable and fun one.


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