It's the Best Year for Online Gaming Events and Promos

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Due to the current pandemic, the world is in a standstill. However, the gaming world can thrive and give people more entertainment. WWGDB - It's the Best Year for Online Gaming Events and Promos

The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly one of the most terrible things to ever happen in recent memory. We’re tasked to stay at home in order to limit the spread. Sure, this may be one of the hardest things we’ve all had to endure, but at the same time, this opens up a lot of opportunities for the gaming industry.


Today, games can become a means for everyone to socialize with their friends and stay sane while being isolated. In a way, playing games at home today is a socially responsible thing to do. This is why it’s the best year for online gaming events and promos and for developers and publishers to step in and provide much-needed entertainment for everybody.

Live events with famous people

NBA 2K Players' Tournament

One way for developers and even large institutions to keep people entertained and at home is to do live online events with famous people.

For example, the NBA’s season has been postponed and there’s a huge chance the executives will cancel it altogether because of rising infections in the United States. There’s no live basketball for a while, but the players along with 2K Sports held first-ever NBA2K Tournament. Players like Trae Young, Kevin Durant, and Devin Booker have participated. The NBA’s YouTube channel showed the games live, and the overall winner gets to pick a charity that will be given $100,000.

With this in mind, it’s a great time for celebrities and other institutions to hold tournaments and entertain people, compelling them to stay at home and watch.

Sales and freebies

PlayStation gave out these games for free

PlayStation made a solid response to COVID-19: the Play at Home initiative. All PlayStation users can download The Uncharted Collection and the short yet critically-acclaimed Journey. Both games are free to download until May 1st, and here’s to hoping they’ll offer more titles in the near future

Apart from PlayStation, other platforms are also holding sales to sell games at huge discounts. Steam and Nintendo are currently holding sales where titles like the old Resident Evil games, along with other indies, are on sale with huge discounts. Digital discounts are a must simply because people have no means to purchase physical copies, unless local stores do delivery services since stores are closed.

There are also free game trials wherein players can try out titles for a limited time. Good examples include The Division 2. Last weekend, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare held a multiplayer trial wherein COD: Warzone players had full access to the base game’s multiplayer modes.

In-game events

We need more in game events

This quarantine period is undoubtedly the best time for in-game events, encouraging people to go online, stay at home, and play.

It would be best for developers and community managers to hold special in-game events and dish out experience and material buffs, especially for online building games. This will encourage players to stay and play. At the same time, this keeps the player-base happy while ensuring that they won’t try out other titles. Good examples include Animal Crossing’s new Nature Day events and prizes, as well as those being held in individual servers in Conan Exiles.

Online announcements and promotions

Here's to hoping they promote TLOU2 and GOT with the PS5

Unfortunately, this pandemic will likely end up canceling conventions and events scheduled later in the year. With that said, E3 won’t be held this year and even anime conventions that promote JRPGs will instead hold events next year. It’s painful, but thanks to digital means, we’ll undoubtedly see various means of improvisation.

One good example is Gamescom 2020, one of the biggest gaming conventions annually held in Cologne, Germany. There will be no in-person attendees, although the event will proceed in a digital manner. Although we won’t know how exactly it will pan out, Gamescom will undoubtedly be followed by many considering that this will be the first-ever gaming digital convention ever.

Meanwhile, there aren’t also any big events before highly-anticipated PlayStation exclusives, The Last of Us II and Ghost of Tsushima scheduled June 19 and July 17 respectively. This means we may see both games being promoted in a makeshift online gaming event which could coincide with the 2nd wave of PlayStation 5-related news. Here’s to hoping for a lower price range and our first-ever look at the next-gen console.

The rest of the year

Things may not go back to normal in a year or two and we could even see many games - and the next generation of consoles - delayed. Thankfully, the gaming world can stay afloat and find other means to continue developing games and promote their work. However, let’s all hope and wish that things will go back the way they were.

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