How will 5G Pave Way to Better Mobile Gaming?

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The speed that 5G cellular technology promises is astounding. However, the technology is still new and continual R&D would be needed for it's widespread distribution and the advantages it can provide to mobile gaming. WWGDB - How will 5G Pave Way to Better Mobile Gaming?

One of the biggest hindrances to playing online games is Lag. This is especially annoying when playing multi-player games where competition is involved. The delay in the transmission of data between the source and the client can have an immense impact on how the game is played and the outcome that results from it. Many competitive gamers have lost on account of Lag. Even playing a game online in single-player or campaign mode may produce unsatisfactory results and ruin the game. Game Lag is a huge problem as there are many factors and diverse reasons for this to happen. However, one major reason for the online lag is transmission speed. The slower the speed in sending and receiving data to and fro, the lower the game's performance.

At present, the Telecom industry heavily relies on the 4G LTE transmission band of frequencies or Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution, which uses frequencies in the range of 600Mhz to 6Ghz. 4G LTE is great and quite sufficient for many remote application requirements, but data transmission speed becomes a major concern when it comes to gaming (especially competitive gaming). As mentioned, a lag can cause a player's character to freeze or significantly slow down, giving the opponent a sudden advantage over him. One of the biggest factors that can slow down 4G is the distance to and the strength of the signal. This can even cause sudden drops, which definitely slow things down when compensated upon by the device at hand. This can result in the inefficient delivery of the gaming experience itself.

To improve the current situation, the Telecom industry is turning to the next step on the ladder, Fifth Generation wireless transmission technology or 5G. At this point, the use of higher radio frequencies in the millimeter wavelength VHF (very high frequency) range of 24Ghz to 100Ghz is employed to achieve the needed advantage. These frequencies are so fast in their oscillations and can carry more information faster than those used by current 4G networks. With 5G, more people can connect online simultaneously, data can be streamed a way lot faster, and of course, in gaming, this can even reduce Lag to non-existence.

5G Mobile Gaming

Today, the big tech giants are banking on cloud gaming development where minimal to zero lag would be required to transfer data back and forth between the server and client as the game would be run on the server itself. 5G and the speed it promises would make the current Cloud Gaming technology a very feasible one. As 5G is wireless, it would give mobile cellular technology devices a massive boost in speed. This will enable mobile gaming to reach new heights, enabling mobile game developers to focus on creativity and come up with new immersive experiences without worrying about data speed problems and latency delays. Mobile competitive gaming would be given the instant reaction-to-execution time needed for players to play in a fair and balanced arena. Even in single-player mobile games, the speed advantage and an absence of or very minimal Lag will be felt like the game's performance would improve drastically.

5G Mobile In eSports

5G will definitely change and enhance mobile gaming, as data transmission speed is the key to smooth, immersive gameplay. However, please note that 5G technology has to overcome several cell-network hindrances to provide the efficient and effective performance it promises to deliver. To begin with, 5G is line-of-sight. The disadvantage of using radio frequencies in the millimeter wavelength band is that radio waves cannot travel very far. The receiver should be within a radius as close enough to the transmission source, close enough to see it. The farther you are from the source, the greater the signal drop you will experience.

5G Must Be Line of Sight

Another disadvantage is a signal blockage. Unlike lower frequencies, millimeter wavelengths have difficulty penetrating objects and physical materials that block their path. These include trees (wood), concrete, bricks, rocks, buildings, metals, alloys, and anything and everything that can block the radio waves. If a building blocks your line of sight to the 5G node or antenna, the signal will go down.

5G Signal  Blockages

The installation of 5G will be much costlier than the current usual cellular networks (3G and 4G). The technology is different, so 5G capable mobile devices will have to be used as older 4G only devices aren't built for the specific frequencies. As the wavelengths have to rely on the line-of-sight principle, 5G antenna nodes will have to be installed in sight of each other to relay-link a continuous and stable transmission and thus an efficient and effective operation. This means placing an antenna at every street corner or strategic location. The telecom industry will need to provide this kind of cell-network distribution architecture linking cities, towns, and the entire planet together. This would need a gazillion of 5G antennas to maintain the line-of-sight linkage the frequencies would require.

5G Point to Point Node Network

The introduction of 5G will definitely change the mobile gaming landscape in the coming years. 5G is an awesome technology. Still, a lot of continuing research and development will be needed to reach its full potential safely. This includes the installation and network requirements and the necessary filters that can safely limit the effects of the propagated radio waves on the general population. A single millimeter-wavelength antenna node does not have enough energy to pose serious damage to a person at a line-of-sight distance. Still, an entire antenna array of nodes on every corner may prove to be another story. These and other safety issues are things that the Telecom industry must address for the technology to be of real benefit and value to current day humanity. The future of mobile gaming will surely depend on this.

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