How Players Are Shaping The Content Of Virtual Worlds

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It's great to play in a virtual world where items are created by fellow players like you. Here are some ways that players are influencing the virtual world they play in. WWGDB - How Players Are Shaping The Content Of Virtual Worlds

While most game content are solely created by the people that made the game, in some cases – like the virtual world genre – players can contribute and create content for a game. Be it clothes, cars, avatar accessories and home furniture, talented players are designing and adding more game content with creative ideas.

So how do players contribute and what sort of content can they add to a virtual world game? It would depend on each virtual world game, but the idea remains the same: players can create digital objects and add it to the game. In some games, players can also sell these items in exchange for the in-game currency. In games like Second Life, IMVU and Chit Chat City, there is a specific game feature that will let you create and sell your items within the game. There is even a tutorial on how to use the game’s features to create digital objects. Once you learn this, then you’re ready to let your creativity flow and share your creations within the game. Player-generated content can do lots of wonders for a game, aside from making a little money on the side. Here are some ways these types of content can help a game thrive:

It helps build a community

If other players like your work, they are more likely to support a fellow player. If you sell your items, it won’t be hard for other players to shell out some in-game cash if they truly like your work. When other players become interested with creating their own stuff, they can easily go to the game forum and get support from players who have done it before and can give useful advice. Players can also share best practices and improve a way of doing things. With all these things happening outside the game, the community will definitely grow and more players will be encouraged to keep playing the game.

a store in Second Life

Creative control

How often have you entered a store in a virtual game and did not find anything you liked? This is what usually drives players to make their own stuff – stuff that they actually like. These players start creating for themselves, and may eventually decide to make it available for sale. In an interview, Second Life designer Elif Ayiter revealed she wanted to create clothing that was different. “I noticed form the beginning of Second Life is that most people in Second Life… dress very, very normally. They wear jeans and t-shirts and the kind of clothes that you would see in real life,” she said. She began making clothes that are fantastical for her avatar, Alpha Auer. “In the beginning, I made them to wear myself, but I had these friends in Second Life, and they started saying to me, ‘Why don’t you sell this stuff, because this is really wild. I bet you a lot of people would want to buy it!’ Sure enough, that’s what happened. People started to buy my things.” Players like Ayiter are empowered with the idea of creating extraordinary objects that wouldn’t even exist in real life – and that, they claim, is the beauty of Second Life.

Acquire a new skill

Creating things for virtual worlds is not easy for those without basic knowledge of digital art design. If you’re uninitiated, you’ll have to go through tutorials and dig through information on how to use the game’s 3D-design software. You’ll learn a lot of things along the way, which are similar to things that real life designers know. Being a designer for a virtual world will not only make you more creative, but will add to your skills that you can continue to use in real life and may even earn you a second or third career. If you have the will and dedication to learn, then it will pay off when your creations start getting attention and make some extra cash for you.

Keep the game fresh

Virtual worlds with an active community need not worry about coming up with new content. The users themselves will keep the game interesting with their own creations. From outlandish outfits to an entire fantasy location, players who create content (also called Creators) can add more content to a virtual world faster and more effectively. This makes the game always interesting, and other players are encouraged to keep coming back to see more stuff. This is also one of the reasons why virtual world games maintain a certain number of players, even when it’s been around for a while. It’s great for winning a player’s loyalty.

The Fluffy Collection in Chit Chat City

Push the boundaries of the game

In the virtual world, Second Life, you can create almost anything your mind can conceive – from a flying house, a floating mansion, an underground kingdom and so much more. Because everything is virtual and anything can be created, users are not bound to the limits of the real world. Designs that are out-of-the-box and completely fantastical lands within this game is no longer a foreign concept. In fact, more and more locations and items for sale in Second Life are getting more unorthodox and unique each day. Creators with these bizarre ideas help push the boundaries of the game. It shows other players that anything is possible and it will continue to amaze and engage them with the game in a whole new level. The virtual world no longer becomes just a matter of “socializing”, but a way to escape to a strange new world.

Virtual worlds are fun even without user-generated content, and most game creators put an effort for each element of the game to be well-made and relevant to the game’s theme. However, there are times when users or players have more vision and drive to create something that even game developers would never have thought possible. While some games are meant to played, virtual worlds are meant to be explored and enhanced, and that works beautifully when the users themselves are part of that creative process. Are you a player or a creator? Maybe both? See for yourself and discover how it can change the way you look at a virtual world game.

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