How Has Hyper-Casual Games Changed How We Play Games?

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Hyper-Casual gaming has become sort of a standard way to play mobile based Casual Games nowadays. However, as to how it has changed the way we play games today and if it is generally a good change is something we will have to take a closer look at. WWGDB - How Has Hyper-Casual Games Changed How We Play Games?

When computer and video games first came out, people in general where interested what these electronic bells and whistles where all about. However, when the initial excitement tapered-off, electronic gaming became the domain of the young and the young at heart. This was mainly because these where the people who had the ample time and interest to play these games for long or extended periods of time. One had to have the passion of getting the highest score in PacMan or the tenacity to rescue Princess Zelda. Regardless of what game and where it was played, computer, home consoles, the arcades or one's very own Famicom, it was usually hard-core nonetheless.

As the years went by and one got older and the next generation was born, gaming moved to the internet-multi-player online world. One could play games with a lot more people and not just your brother or sister who beats you every time. Still, everyone needed to sit down and allot enough time to play it. Sure, the games got more awesome and better (Like Lara Croft in the 1990's) but if you started it, you better play it through.

With the rise of the smart phone generation, a huge percentage of gaming was moved to these mobile devices. This time, one had the option to play one's game anytime, anywhere as long as the battery could last. This is where gaming started to change. Mobile game developers had several limitations to deal with. After all, a cell-phone no matter how advanced at the time didn't come with a super-graphic Nvidia or Radeon card. Games had to have simpler design and graphics and although a lot where still considered as hard core games, many that resembled the early web site/page games that where simpler, easier and took less time to play started to appear.

Of course if the mobile device could access the said websites as well, the games there could be played. So, as the mobile gaming industry started to grow on it's own, these simple and less time consuming games started to populate and more people who fell into the class of those who didn't have the time to become hard-core gamers where attracted into playing games. Eventually, as the years moved on, they where classified into what we call Casual Gamers playing Casual Games.

Hyper Casual Game

As the mobile game industry progressed and more people started playing on their mobile devices (play anytime, play anywhere) the industry had to adopt a business model where they could earn from the games. This became concurrent with online multi-player gaming at the time which started to adapt the Free2Play + Pay2Win business model. The game was free to download or DL onto your computer or mobile device but you where given the option to do in-game-purchases (IAPs) if you wanted to get ahead and win the game. Anyone could play but for most only those who paid could win. This concept was sort of mirrored in the mobile game industry as well.

The Casual Game sector on the other hand catered to the casual game crowd. However, because the games where of the simple and fun variety, the people who normally would not play games started playing, after all, the games didn't require one to allot a certain amount of time, could be played on the fly and could be continued anytime later. A good example of this where the click click idle games which would probably drive a hard-core gamer mad with boredom. Due to this, more women started to play (Your Mother, Aunt, Sister and Wife or Girlfriend to name a few). Today, 55% of these Casual Gamers are women.

Hyper Casual Gamer

As our topic is about Hyper-Casual games and how it changed the world of gaming, we will have to focus our attention back to Casual Games. Hyper-Casual games are still Casual games with a twist. Hyper-Casual is a game publishing business model like free2play and pay2win. It has changed casual gaming in both good and irritable ways. For the good, it has become one of the best Marketing and Advertising tools of the day and a great way to earn for both game publishers and developers. For the irritable and usually frustrating, who would like to play a game where an Ad banner or marketing video has to pop up every now and then in exchange for playing the game for free. Hyper-Casual games depend on Ads to get published. The more Ads on the game the more probable earnings they make. Some games give the option of removing all the annoying Ads if the user will purchase the game.

The Casual side of Hyper-Casual gaming has made the games easy, fun, mobile and accessible even to your Grandma. It has simplified gaming and brought it to the masses. The Hyper side of Hyper-Casual gaming on the other hand has become a great game-changer in terms of making a buck for those who make and release the games, as well as bring products to the attention of gamers, but has in general made Casual gaming into an annoying, frustrating activity for many.

Since the people who play the games can be labeled as anyone and everyone who has a mobile device, the Marketing aspect of Ad exposure has proven to be quite effective. Otherwise, brands would not continue to place their Ads on these games day in and day out. In these ways, it has changed the game industry, but sadly, for the average regular person who wants to spend a little time playing a game on one's phone without spending, one begins to wonder whether one is really playing a game or watching a commercial pretending to be a game.

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