Have Fun Landscaping Gardens with Your Friends in Tools Up Garden Party DLC!

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Team up with your friends and get into the landscaping business in this brand-new DLC for Tools Up! WWGDB - Have Fun Landscaping Gardens with Your Friends in Tools Up Garden Party DLC!

Do you have a penchant for landscaping? Well, you can give the landscaping business a try, along with three of your friends, in Tools Up’s brand-new Garden Party DLC!

In this first out of three DLC episodes, titled The Tree House, you’ll get to plant trees, water flowers, cut grass and decorate various gardens according to the blueprints given. Funnily enough, despite being called “The Tree House”, none of the levels actually give you the option to decorate a treehouse, but you do get to decorate some pretty fun places including a hedge maze.

A blend between interior and exterior decorating

Although the game offers the same co-op fun, there are several interesting new game mechanics introduced here. It includes new and oftentimes uncooperative tools like the garden hose or the lawnmower. Thankfully, you still have the option to go the “snail mail” way, such as by using your bare hands or low-tech tools like scissors or the watering can, and avoid using these tools altogether if you don’t want to at the cost of time.

There’s also the mischievous racoon will steal your tools and dump them into the water. It is definitely an annoying animal to have to work around with – and no, you can’t totally get rid of it – but at least it doesn’t undo whatever progress you might have completed.

It’s not all garden work though! The game mixes things up by offering both interior and exterior decorating, so you will definitely still have the opportunity to stick up wallpaper and re-tile floors.

As you play, you’ll collect leaves by completing jobs and with leaves, you can then unlock new characters or skins, as well as new levels. The DLC comes with 15 new levels and a boss level so there are plenty of levels for you to enjoy. It’s definitely well worth the asking price.

Landscaping a garden maze

If you’ve enjoyed playing Tools Up and think you’d like whatever DLCs they will come up with, then it’s best to just get the Season Pass. It’ll save you a lot of money overall than buying the 3 episodes separately. The Season Pass includes all three of the episodic DLCs, including the 2 unnamed DLCs that will be announced later. Assuming that you’ll get a similar number of levels and playtime out of each DLC, a Season Pass is absolutely your best bet!

All in all, Tools Up’s latest Garden Party DLC continues the same formula that made the base game fun! It’s easy (well, this might be subjective) enough to earn 3 stars per level even when playing solo. Plus, the levels are often short and sweet, despite being hectic and fast-paced, but most importantly, the gameplay is as entertaining as ever.

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