H1Z1 Coming to PS4: Can It Topple Fortnite?

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H1Z1: King of the Kill will head over to the PlayStation 4 this May 22nd. Can it make a dent in the hearts of the PlayStation 4 gamers? Let’s find out. WWGDB - H1Z1 Coming to PS4: Can It Topple Fortnite?

The gaming world is experiencing an influx of battle royale games. Before PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite popularized the genre though, H1Z1: King of the Kill was one of the pioneers. Although it’s still relatively popular, it was overshadowed by both games. Well, with Fortnite being the only battle royale game on the PlayStation 4, H1Z1’s developers, Daybreak, are porting the game to the console. Yes, the much-loved game system will finally get a 2nd battle royale game, and it will be on open beta on May 22nd. Considering that Fortnite is the only option for PS4 players, can H1Z1 actually make a dent on the market and grab a seat on the hearts of battle royale-hungry PlayStation 4 gamers?

H1Z1 overview and why gamers should be excited

Pitched battle in H1Z1

H1Z1 was once a zombie game, but it was turned into separate projects: Just Survive, which is a zombie game, and the battle royale version, which is King of the Kill. PlayStation 4 players will receive the latter, adding a second battle royale title into the system. Originally released on Steam, the game follows the basic BR format, but just with more players. You see, there are 150 players who parachute into the island instead of the usual 100, adding more mayhem into the mex. From there, the regular format plays out: the playing field gets smaller due to a toxic cloud enveloping the island, forcing players to meet and do battle.

PlayStation 4 players should be a little excited, considering the game will be free-to-play (like Fortnite). In addition, this means some developers are definitely in competition to get the lion’s share of the PS4 market. Note that Epic Games’ Fortnite is dominating the charts, and though it is steadily adding new content, competition would add a sense of urgency to the devs, pushing them further into improving the overall experience. In turn, we gamers will be treated to two amazing BR games which is...well...awesome.

H1Z1, Fortnite, and realism

Shooting in H1Z1

Wouldn’t H1Z1 find it extremely difficult to crash into a market dominated by something as amazing as Fortnite? Isn’t their foray into the console a futile endeavor, much like a Fortnite newbie entering into a building battle against a John Wick? Well, not really, considering that both games are actually dissimilar despite being in the same genre.

Fortnite has a distinct art style. Characters have cartoonish designs, so does the world and the environments. I mean, where else can you see a game wherein you can use a character with a fish head inside an aquarium-like helmet? In addition, the wacky dances and emotes are a huge part of the gameplay: it’s probably the game today where you can jump into a dance in the middle of a huge firefight.

Moreover, the building mechanic in Fortnite is probably its biggest trump card. Instead of running for cover, you can easily make your own fortified position as long as you have enough wood, brick, and metal. All of which can be harvested from the environment. The game has also transitioned from simply creating a simple fort into the end game into a building battle wherein combatants create stairs and walls which reach high up into the sky. These require quick reflexes and gunplay takes the backseat: your ability to build takes precedence.

Gamer preferences: why H1Z1 has a chance

Switching weapons in H1Z1

Fortnite’s focus on building - which is its greatest asset - is partially one of the reasons why H1Z1 has a chance. Unfortunately for Fortnite, the building aspect is what is turning some people off, especially those who want more realistic games. Some gamers simply want a shooter in the league of PUBG, and H1Z1 provides that. Note that people who made PUBG also worked on H1Z1. People can focus on spraying bullets, performing drive by shootings, and pure gunplay instead of facing off in a tedious building battle.

Moreover, H1Z1 is more realistic (yet still eccentric and a little outlandish) considering that it doesn’t have the overly cartoony graphics Fortnite has. There are no dances - it only involves you looking for items, equipment, and guns to use. You can also drive cars and other vehicles, as well as craft items and insert attachments to weapons, both elements aren’t present in Fortnite.

May 22nd can’t come any sooner

Overall, we’re stoked and can’t wait for H1Z1 to arrive into the PlayStation 4. People who prefer a more realistic side to battle royale and shooters are more likely to jump ship from Fortnite and into the world of H1Z1. Although we don’t see Epic Games’ creation dive bomb into 2nd place in the PlayStation 4 any time soon, H1Z1 will likely get a huge following once it hits the PS Store. So, are you looking forward to H1Z1’s release? I know that I am. See you on the battlefield once it goes online!

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