Get Your Feet Wet in The World's Largest Wetland in Planet Zoo's Fantastic Wetlands Animal Pack DLC

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Did I hear “capybara”? *Throws money at screen* WWGDB - Get Your Feet Wet in The World's Largest Wetland in Planet Zoo's Fantastic Wetlands Animal Pack DLC

Planet Zoo just dropped a brand-new Wetlands Animal Pack, and wow, you might want to sit down for this one! Featuring highly-requested animals and brand-new animations, the game also comes with a new timed scenario that’s set in the world’s largest wetland. Let’s dive into the exciting details!

As with most animal packs, this DLC provides a diverse range of species to add to your zoo, totaling 8 unique animals. These animals include the wild water buffalos, the Asian small-clawed otter, the adorable capybara, the fan-favorite platypus, the spectacled caiman, the red-crowned crane, the Nile lechwe, and the Danube crested newt.

Capybara enjoying a hot water bath

The most popular animal in the pack is likely the capybara since they are just so gosh-darn adorable. Of course, for me personally, I really liked the red-crowned crane as well. The species is just the epitome of poise and tranquility… that is until they start running around like the Roadrunner.

Each of these new animals has its own requirements as expected and you’ll need to make sure that their needs are all cared for. With these new species come new enrichment items, complete with their respective animations. Your capybaras, for instance, can enjoy a nice hot water bath, thanks to the Hot Water Tap enrichment item.

However, I noticed that there aren’t any food enrichments for the crane for some reason. This resulted in me getting only 50% enrichment fulfillment at most for my cranes. Maybe more enrichment items will be added in subsequent updates which will allow my crane access to at least 1 type of food enrichment.

Red-crowned crane

Another exciting new content that is packaged in this DLC is the new timed scenario. Set in the world’s biggest wetland, the Pantanal in Brazil, the animal sanctuary, Green Leaf Zoological, is in trouble and they need your help. Take over the day-to-day of the zoo and help it rescue and adopt as many animals as it can while making sure to meet all the objectives of said scenario. Complete the goals fast, and you might even get a gold star for your efforts!

Personally, this animal pack is as hard-hitting for me as the Southeast Asian pack. I love the fantastic choice of animals in this pack, which is unsurprising, especially considering how highly requested some of these animals were. There are still some “fillers” that I probably wouldn’t have missed had it been removed from the pack, but overall, it’s a solid animal pack that fans of the game would definitely want to buy.

Of course, let’s not forget… baby capybaras!

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