Genshin Impact: 4-Star Characters Every Party Needs

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Sure, we all want five-star characters in Genshin Impact, but there are four-star characters that undoubtedly deserve the spotlight. WWGDB - Genshin Impact: 4-Star Characters Every Party Needs

Genshin Impact has lots of characters, most of whom are easily obtainable four-stars. Of course, we’d to make multiple teams composed of five-star characters, but some of the lower-tier characters can make a world of difference, more so than their famous counterparts. It also doesn’t help the game’s gacha rates are low, making the chances of getting a five-star character pretty difficult. If you're looking for a five-star account but not willing to re-roll though, you can always buy Genshin Impact account.

Usually, we build a team around a DPS character in Genshin Impact, supported by a cast of support, utility, and sub-DPS types. If you don’t have five-star options to fill in these roles, here are some of the best four-star characters your party (and every party for that matter) needs.


Sucrose Genshin Impact

No, we don’t believe Sucrose is a poor man’s Venti: she’s an ideal utility character, best for taking full advantage of swirl and elemental reactions. Build her correctly using anemo artifacts with a focus on energy recharge, and you’ll have spinning and swirling hilichurls around thanks to her skill and burst. Plus, if you manage to ascend her to a certain level and upgrade her talents, you can cast her skill twice in quick succession - thrice if you have the Sacrificial Fragments catalyst.

Ideally, it would be best to have her accompany characters with different visions. Just imagine unleashing her burst with Xiangling and Fishchl in the background.


Diona Genshin Impact

Though her anger towards Diluc’s wine business is questionable, Diona’s support and healing capabilities are among the best in the game. She’s far from a damage-dealer, but her skill and burst will ensure your characters can stay longer on the battlefield. Her skill, Icy Paws, unleashes two cat’s paws that deal cryo damage while enveloping her with a shield. Meanwhile, her burst, Signature Mix, is an AoE ability that heals characters within it while dealing cryo damage to enemies. Oh, and did we mention that those shielded by Icy Paws will gain a 10% reduced stamina consumption and a 10% move speed increase?


Xinqiu Genshin Impact

Possibly the only four-star character who can easily pass as a five-star, Xinqiu is a fantastic sub-DPS character and an ideal partner for most DPS characters. His skill, Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen, lets him perform twin strikes with his sword, dealing hydro damage to enemies while increasing defense and resistance to interruption. Meanwhile, his burst, Guhua Sword: Raincutter, adds Rain Swords which attack enemies whenever you perform a normal attack.

Although his skill and burst have rather long cooldowns, the damage dealt and potential reactions will undoubtedly make quick work of enemies in short order. Just imagine Xinqiu, Kaeya, and Xiangling in one team!


Bennett Genshin Impact

Bennet may be the unluckiest character in Mondstadt, we players are lucky to have someone like him around.

Bennett is a versatile support + utility hybrid capable of dealing a decent amount of damage. His skill, Passion Overload, lets you attack enemies with a pyro-infused sword. You can charge it up twice for two successive attacks, dealing strong pyro damage. However, Bennett’s burst, Fantastic Voyage, is a game-changer. Not only will it heal your party up to 70%, but it will also gain an attack bonus scaling his base attack. Overall, he’s a useful all-around character and will fit in well with any party.


Ningguang in Genshin Impact

The Tianquan of the Qixing, Ningguang, holds a position of wealth and power in Liyue and perhaps in all of Teyvat. Not only does she have a bottomless supply of Mora, but she’s also a formidable Geo catalyst user.

Her role in a party can be somewhat mixed: she’s a decent sub-DPS support character, capable of dealing damage while using crystallize reactions to generate shields. Jade Screen lets her summon a barrier that deals AoE damage while blocking incoming ranged attacks. Meanwhile, her burst is Starshatter, an ability that allows her to fire off countless gems, homing in on enemies to deal geo damage.


Xiangling in Genshin Impact

Xiangling is the rising star chef in Liyue, working alongside her father in the Wanmin Restaurant. Though she’s a bit eccentric regarding her ingredient choices, one can’t deny she’s a highly gifted cook, making culinary creations that are a joy to the palate. However, this cute chef isn’t just an expert in the kitchen: she’s an adept fighter as well.

Xiangling’s elemental skill summons Guoba, her fire-breathing pet bear that can constantly apply pyro to nearby enemies. However, her burst, Pyronado, is a powerful ability. Basically, she will release a ring of spinning fire, dealing enemies around her vicinity. It stays even if you switch her out and is best merged with other abilities, like those of Kaeya, Fischl, and Xinqiu. Not only is it effective against mobs in the overworld, but it’s lethal to enemies in the Abyss.

So, what do you think? Do these characters deserve a spot in your party? We think so, but let’s be sure to make space for others like Fischl, Barbara, and the incoming Thoma.

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