Games that Remain Relevant Through the Years

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There are many games that remained relevant in recent years, despite the changes brought about by the times and technology. WWGDB - Games that Remain Relevant Through the Years

Playing video games is a great way to have fun, and every person has their preference when it comes to the genre, the gaming environment, and to the peripherals that are being used in order to play a game. Some like playing through their phones, others play using controllers, and may use their keyboard and mouse. There are even those who use VR equipment in order to satisfy their entertainment needs, but this group of players is still not big enough to drive the gaming industry on its own.

Regardless of the type of device and of the gaming style of every person, there will always be games that will perform better than others, and that will manage to stay relevant for decades.

One such game that stayed relevant is World of Warcraft

Online Games Seem to Be the Future of Gaming

Almost all of the gaming activity takes place online, and it is highly unlikely that a player will not have to rely on an Internet connection in order to deal with some part of the process. Some go online in order to download a game, others in order to play online casino games such as Thunderstruck Wild Lightning and others in order to join an MMORPG community and to take on the world. In other words, if gamers do not have access to an Internet connection, then their gaming experience will be lacking in terms of accessibility.

Picking the Right Game for You

Gaming is an industry of many genres and sometimes, players will have a hard time finding the right game for their tastes. Most people stick to what they know, so if a player likes Sci-Fi shooters, she or he will stick with games like Halo, Destiny or Anthem and players who like e-sports will stick with FIFA, Madden and NBA 2K. Sometimes, it is worth taking a chance on a game that is completely unrelated to what you are used to playing. Many focused solely on story-driven RPGs and switched to fast-paced smash-and-grab action games because they got tired or played games that take hundreds of hours to beat. There are also those who went from playing e-football to playing tactical role-playing games. Gaming has a lot to offer and if you give new genres a chance, then you will probably not regret it.

NBA and other sports games are still major players

Fighting Games

A gaming genre that has earned a “timeless” status is fighting. Fighting games like Tekken will always find a spot in the gaming libraries of players, regardless of one’s gaming preferences, age, or cultural background. These games are fast-paced, they do not demand tactics and players do not have to think too hard in order to play them. The games of this genre that have managed to stand out more than the rest are Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and The King of Fighters. These four games have spawned successful franchises and even managed to cross the gaming borders and enter categories of other gaming genres.

Multi-Genre Titles

Speaking of games that managed to cross gaming borders, apart from the four games mentioned above, there are dozens of other games that one can categorize as “multi-genre”. From Resident Evil to Final Fantasy and from Persona to Dragon Ball Kakarot, modern games give players a taste of several gaming genres just by playing one single game. Sooner or later, every game will have something similar to offer, either in the form of a mini-game or in the form of a DLC.

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