Fun Stuff You Can Do in Fashion Games

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Want to play a fashion game, but don't know where to start? Here are some of the fun stuff you can do in a fashion game! WWGDB - Fun Stuff You Can Do in Fashion Games

From the glamorous and elaborate fashion in the Hollywood scene to the everyday clothes that normal people wear, fashion is something that you’ll be in contact with no matter where you go! It is integral to civilization and may even symbolize the culture and heritage of a particular race or country, such as the highland dress of the Scots.

Although everybody are free to wear what they want in real life, sometimes, you may find your wardrobe a bit lacking in order to be truly able to make bold fashion statements of your own! Perhaps it is due to the cost of high fashion or that you may be afraid of what other people may think… all of these concerns can be placed aside when you’re playing a virtual fashion game online! With the anonymity the internet provides, you could freely express the fashionista side of yourself without the fear of judgment! In fact, there is so much freedom in how you could dress up your avatar!

With stylish outfits and a diva attitude to boot, it is perhaps time for you to hit the catwalks! Fashion games, like Stardoll, allow their players to capture a screenshot, using the in-game camera, of their pimped up avatars and submit it for the catwalk competition! At Stardoll’s Catwalk, you can strut your stuff in front of the spotlights and bask in the adoration of your fans. Earn votes by being the most popular and fashionable lady around and just maybe you could win the acclaimed ‘Top Model’ trophy! You may just be the fashion icon that every Stardoll player has been waiting for!

Stardoll: Dress up your avatar

If walking the catwalk is too ‘tame’ of a competition for you, then how about trying out some 1-on-1 fashion dueling instead? In Lady Popular, you are given the opportunity to take on opponents in the Fashion Arena! To win, you’ll need to get high popularity statistics, such as style, creativity, devotion, beauty, generosity and loyalty. Out of the 6 stats here, 3 of them are directly related to how fashionable your lady in the game is. Thus, besides your character’s personality, fashion plays a huge role in fashion duels!

There is also another form of fashion showdown that you can sign up for in IMVU. In the game, there is a mini-game called Walk Off, which is an exciting and unique match-3 game that is based around a fashion showdown! Each game you play starts off by allowing you to choose 3 differently-colored showdown skills. To active these skills and get yourself some style points, you’ll then need to match 3 or more gems of the same color that, in turn, matches with the color of your skills as well. Once the meter of a skill is filled, you can activate it and your avatar will be able to do some cool animated poses to show your opponent that undoubtedly you are the king/queen of fashion and style! Chain your showdown skills together and it is easy enough for you to hit the required 100 points to win the Walk Off!

If you wanted to take a break from the competitive fashion scene and do something more relaxing, you can check out the dress-up game in Stardoll! It is a mini-game that allows you to help various famous celebs, models and even royals to dress up in cool outfits! Among the many and easily recognizable faces in this dress-up game, some of them include the guys from One Direction, Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder, Avril Lavigne, Kate Middleton and even all 4 members of Big Time Rush! Enjoy the game by matching hot-looking outfits for these famous people from the selection of clothes provided in the game. Once you’re done, you can even take a photo and share it with your friends!

Prom in Lady Popular

Fashion games are not all about dressing up though! Some games, like Second Life, even allow you to create your very own fashion designs using the tools and templates they provide! From the goth-style vampirish outfits to the elegant red-carpet-worthy attire, you are free to express yourself and unleash your creativity in your designs! You can even sell your virtual products to other players in Second Life, and who knows? You may just trigger your own fashion wave in the game and it may even be translated into a new fashion trend in real life as well!

Fashion games are indeed a wonderful playground for upcoming fashionistas to mix and match outfits to create a new fashion, future models to work on their catwalks, as well as for budding fashion designers to be able to hone their skills and get recognition for their works of fashion! With the option to change your avatar’s look within minutes as well as the ability to own fashionable items that players may not be able to afford in real life, these games prove to be a huge interest to people, who have an eye for fashion, everywhere around the world!

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