Fractured Online: Everything You Need to Know About This Upcoming Sandbox MMO

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Fractured Online is an upcoming MMO that promises to provide a dynamic sandbox experience. The thing is, should you be hyped for it? We’ll let you be the judge. WWGDB - Fractured Online: Everything You Need to Know About This Upcoming Sandbox MMO

We’ve seen lots of MMOs promising sprawling open worlds with countless players. Yes, their worlds might be living and thriving, but much like the others, they stumble in a specific pitfall, which is being “too generic.” Many have tried-and-tested mechanics, which almost always leads to a decent experience, yet something you’ve already experienced before. Well, hey, we’ve all had to deal with dozens of hours of grinding and the same old storylines, right?

Fractured Online tries - and promises - to make itself stand out by offering a dynamic sandbox world and a different experience depending on your chosen race. Nobody starts out in the same boat and sails at the same course. Instead, you’re free to do whatever you want, pick the quests you want to undertake, and adhere to your chosen role.

There’s a lot to be excited about Fractured Online, and if you’re curious about what else it holds, we’ve listed a few things you need to know about it:

Player-run supplies and economy

Fractured boasts a player-run economy

Fractured Online does away with the same old RPG cliches, like finding plate armor on a giant rat or a rare weapon on a skeleton.

Instead, the players crafted every piece of gear, including your weapons and armor. This means you can play the part of a craftsman, blacksmith, and armorer. Meanwhile, you can also stake your claim to a plot of land, cultivate crops and raise livestock. Moreover, you could also start your own lumber and mining business or go out and hunt wild animals and monsters in Tartaros to obtain rare materials.

Three distinct races: two create, one destroys, three branching paths

Races and quests in Fractured

In most MMOs, you’ll create a character and start going through the same old quests you did on a previous playthrough. This isn’t the case in Fractured, since depending on the race of your choosing, the gameplay mechanics will be different and will affect how you interact with the world, as well as the quests you’ll have to go through. Currently, there are three available races to choose from, and these are the Humans, the Beastmen, and Demons.

If you play as a Human, you’re free to do whatever you want, but your actions will always have consequences, whether you’re a bandit stalking the trade routes or a settlement ruler trying to walk the path of righteousness. Meanwhile, Beastmen live in Arboreus and are more centered towards a pacifist and defensive co-op playthrough. Finally, the Demons live on the hostile planet of Tartaros. If you opt to be a Demon, you’re naturally going for a PvP approach, preying on your fellow inhabitants and other races.

Knowledge and reputation over long, tiring grinds

Long grinds are a thing of the past in Fractured

For some reason, long and tedious grinds are an integral part of MMOs, and yes, we don’t think that they should be. Imagine spending 80+ hours trying to strengthen your character in another game and end up getting pummeled by someone with 200+ hours under their belt. In Fractured Online, you don’t grind for attribute points. Instead, you go out and seek to increase your knowledge and reputation. Currently, there’s not much known about this mechanic, but it promises a new way to build your character, fight, and explore and interact with the world.

Ambitious governing and building mechanics

There are building and governing mechanics in Fractured

Though building your very own empire is a stretch in Fractured Online, you can build your settlement with your guild and start running it. Once again, you’ll have lots of freedom on how to run it. You could opt for it to be a social hub where everyone can have fun or a trading settlement where people can come in and exchange wares while you earn via tariffs, of course. If you’re the warring kind, turn it into an exclusive stronghold where you and your guild can hang out. However, make sure everything is well-protected since other players may notice and put your settlement on their crosshairs.

Dynamic, action-packed combat and interactable environments

Fractured will present a new take on combat

Fractured Online’s combat elements are pretty action-packed, and you can use the environment to your advantage. The game has an isometric point-of-view, akin to Diablo and Hades, and like these two games, you have access to a massive roster of abilities, giving you a lot of ways to dish out punishment against your foes. You can also freeze and melt bodies of water, burn grass, and create a shield out of a rock pillar. If you don’t want to manipulate the elements, you can always opt to fight using a sword and shield or any other weapon of your choosing.

Overall, there’s a lot to look forward to in Fractured Online. Not only does it promise massive worlds with lots of things to do, but also new ways to play. You can try to sign up to its alpha/beta to see what it holds.

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