Fortnite v6.22: Kevin's Death, Map Changes and Patch Details

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Kevin the Cube is gone and Fortnitemares is over. Their deaths brought about a new change in the Fortnite Battle Royale map, followed by v6.22. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable details: WWGDB - Fortnite v6.22: Kevin's Death, Map Changes and Patch Details

The past week was rather eventful for Fortnite. The game introduced a plethora of changes, signalled the end of a few events, and introduced a new patch with a weapon. A new limited-time mode was introduced, along with the return of a well-loved and fast-paced one. If you can’t catch a ride on the battle bus yet, dive into the details below and learn about the game’s current state.

RIP Kevin the Cube and Fortnitemares

Kevin's death in Fortnite

The past week saw the end of Fortnite’s Halloween event, Fortnitemares. Though it was a nightmare to some players, it will be remembered as one of the most original and memorable in-game events ever. The game has reverted to its original state: there are no more cube monsters giving you mini heart attacks and preventing you from consuming your chug jug in peace. It is, once again, a pure PvP affair which means there’s nothing left to distract you from enemy players.

Saying that Kevin the Cube went out with a bang is an understatement. A one-time game event this week showed how it exploded and transported players into some sort of a higher dimension. This raised more questions than answers but nevertheless, Kevin’s influence still persists in the map. The corrupted areas still have shadow stones and craters which fling you upwards. More notably, his remnants now sit in the middle of Leaky Lake which now looks like this:

Fortnite Leaky Lake

His pieces may be lifeless and devoid of power, but his memory will still remain in our hearts. Note that the island and house in the middle of the lake is also gone with its remnants scattered all over the area. Leaky Lake is chock-full of chests which makes it a great landing spot.

New Weapon: Heavy Assault Rifle

Heavy assault rifle in Fortnite

Some time after Kevin’s death, patch v6.22 was introduced and it brought the Heavy Assault Rifle with it. The weapon is patterned after the real-life AK-47 and comes in rare, epic, and legendary variants. Depending on the rarity, it deals 44, 46, and 48 damage; double that if you manage to land a headshot. First-shot accuracy and damage dropoff when shot at a farther range still applies. It can only carry 25 rounds per clip.

Compared to the regular AR though, the heavy assault rifle is a tad inaccurate, has a powerful recoil, and a slower firing rate. Even if Epic increased accuracy and lessened the recoil both by 20%, it’s still tricky to land a hit unless if you’re a highly skilled player. This makes it a high-risk and high-reward weapon, enabling you to take out enemies in two to three well-placed shot (three to six with full shields).

New LTM: Team Terror

Team Terror LTM in Fortnite

Those who already miss Fortnitemares can simply drop into the Team Terror LTM which gives players a healthy dose of PvP and PvE gameplay. In a nutshell, two teams of 32 players will drop into the cube monster-infested version of the battle royale island. The goal is to eliminate the opposing team while dealing with waves of the undead which spawn every time the storm closes into another circle. It is essentially similar to Fortnitemares, just on a larger scale.

If you’re asking why they didn’t just make it a 50v50 mode, note that the servers may not be able to handle large-scale team battles while cube monsters hang around. Apart from getting loot from the monsters, you can easily farm building resources since it has been increased by 75%. Floor loot and ammo boxes spawn double and triple the amount of ammunition. Meanwhile, chests and supply drops spawn double ammo, more consumables.

Blitz is Back

Fortnite Blitz LTM

Patch v6.22 saw the return of a loved and widely-played game mode: Blitz. In a nutshell, it’s much like the regular battle royale mode, though it is more fast-paced due to the Storm closing at a faster rate. In addition, it’s much easier to grab loot due to floor loot, chests, ammo boxes, and supply drops are more plentiful. There are also more supply llamas and harvesting resources yields 50% more. The storm circle also closes up completely in the final stages instead of moving around. Matches last under 15 minutes making it a great LTM if you want to have numerous matches without dull moments.

New bugs and problems

Unfortunately, version v6.22 also brought along a few bugs and problems which is common whenever Epic updates the game. For example, you cannot see your emote in the lobby though your partymates. There are also persistent matchmaking issues which we can expect to be resolved within a couple of days. There are instances wherein you cannot queue with your party which is highly annoying. Though these aren’t game-breaking, they are are a nuisance and time-consuming.

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