Fortnite Update: Space-time Rifts and New Items

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Fortnite’s Playground LTM is back and relatively runs well, but you can’t deny that the space-time rifts appearing on various locations around the map are a sign of a major overhaul. WWGDB - Fortnite Update: Space-time Rifts and New Items

A lot of things have happened on Fortnite in the past week. A major example would be the huge portal-like rift that appeared on the sky after the rocket on the villain’s lair was launched. Note only is it starting to open up, but it is also getting larger by the day and there are smaller ones appearing on various locations on the map. Apart from the ominous cracks in space-time, there new skins and a spanking new weapon that is ideal for a shopping cart drive-by!

Where are these portals and what they doing?

The biggest portal is kind of hard to miss:

Fortnite Portal in the sky

Much like the comet back before season four started, this space-time rift is extending everyday, like vines creeping around a tree. Today, it is covering nearly all of the map, and although it hasn’t impacted the gameplay in any way it is quite a spectacle whenever you look up.

Apart from being an aesthetic addition, portals on the ground are making changes around the environment. The areas they appear on include Tomato Town, the motel near the Anarchy Aces, Noms in Retail Row, Lonely Lodge, and the Durr Burger in Greasy Grove. Whenever you pass by these areas at the start of the game, the portals somehow eat up their signages with the exception of the one in Tomato Town, which eats up the huge tomato face on top of the pizzeria. As soon as these rift gobble up the signs, they disappear.

Are these portals a sign of things to come?

Fornite portal on Lonely Lodge

It is a stretch to assume these cracks in space-time somehow possess a deep hatred for Fortnite’s business establishments. A better guess would be that Epic is subtly hinting that these portals are an indication that a major map overhaul is coming next week when season five drops in. We could actually see the above mentioned locations disappear, get a makeover, or be replaced by something new.

Epic Games hasn’t announced anything regarding next season, but there are leaks and sources claiming that it will have an explorer and wild west theme. Some say that there will be a desert biome with pyramids and even a sphinx-like structure on the southwest corner of the map. In a way, this fits with the new theme and supposed “leaked” skins which may have figures inspired by Indiana Jones and even the Flying Dutchman. Regardless if these leaks are accurate or otherwise, we can pin the blame on the Visitor, who is definitely responsible for launching the space and time-breaking rocket which will bring dramatic changes.

New weapon: the Drum Gun

Fireworks team leader Fortnite

Fortnite’s patch v4.5 was relatively minor, and it only added a weapon called the Drum Gun. Closely resembling the Tommy Gun (Thompson Submachine Gun), it is basically a cross between the assault rifle and a submachine gun. It has a high rate of fire, and comes in uncommon and rare variants dealing 26-27 damage.

The weapon is best used like an LMG, though it’s more accurate. You can easily suppress enemy fire and destroy their buildings thanks to its 50-ammo capacity. It is also more accurate than an LMG, though its recoil is barely bearable. However, if you get used to it, the weapon is extremely lethal and can take out enemies from a distance if you’re good enough.

New skins and items

Omega full skin Fortnite

Fortnite has always been known for its wacky and intricately-designed character skins. This week’s skins are no different. The list includes the Noire, Sleuth, and Gumshoe skins which are detective-themed. They look more like the civilian cops you see in the early to mid-1900s movies and are perfect fits to the Drum Gun, considering that the firearm that inspired it is based on the most popular firearm from that era.

Fortnite also celebrated the Fourth of July, or the American Independence Day, by releasing three themed skins. These are the Fireworks Team Leader, which is patterned after the cute yet fearsome Cuddle Team Leader but with American flag colors. The striped trooper and striped ranger are also in the game, and are basically regular skins strapped with American flag themed-clothes.

One week to finish the challenges

Drum gun Fortnite

If you somehow have not finished your battle pass tiers and challenges, you barely have a week (as of this writing) to reach tier 100 and unlock the Omega skin. In addition, you also need to reach account level 80 in order to unlock all its aesthetic styles, which is not an easy feat. Your best bet is to play with a complete squad whose members also own a battle pass each to take advantage of the experience bonus. Although the battle pass challenges can give a certain amount of experience, these can barely fill up your experience bar.

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