Fortnite Tips: 4 Ways to Counter Builders If You're Terrible at Build Battles

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Build battles have taken over Fortnite and they are now the go-to dueling method between highly-skilled competitors. If you don’t like engaging in these or are just bad at it, how can you counter these types of players? WWGDB - Fortnite Tips: 4 Ways to Counter Builders If You're Terrible at Build Battles

Yes, building is a major part of Fortnite and you definitely need to learn its basics. These include building quickly if you’re under fire, the ramp + wall (+ floor if you’re skilled), and using the pieces right whenever you’re charging towards the enemy. However, building battles have taken over, popularized by streamers. This method of playing puts newbies and people (including yours truly) who obviously don’t have the skill or reflexes at a disadvantage.

What are Build Battles?

Before we jump off the Battle Bus and dive into the main topic, what exactly are “build battles”? In a nutshell, these are close-quarters fast-paced, and adrenaline-rushed fights where both sides to get the high ground over another, trying to get the possibility of getting an opening. The seeable aftermath of a build battle can resemble shapeless structures that reach the sky, like this posted by /u/KevinIdentity of Reddit:

Build battle aftermath in Fortnite

The ability to be proficient in build battles is a testament of one’s skill and quick reflexes. If you’ve won your fair share of these fights, it simply means you’re a great player. However, they can be tedious and is definitely a strategic liability in most situations. After all, engaging in one will take a huge hit on your resources, and if it it done way outside the safe zone, you won’t be in a good position unless if you have a launch pad.

If you’re someone who is terrible at and fed up with building battles, simply don’t engage in one (unless if you’re trying to learn, of course). There are a few ways you can counter players whose strengths lies in these skirmishes. Oh and remember, there is no shame at being bad and not participating in build battles. After all, why in the world would you put yourself at a disadvantage by doing something you’re terrible at when you can use your wits to win? After all, if you pick your battles and the battlefield and you’ll surely end up on top.

Force them to fight you on the ground

Fight them on the ground instead of in the air

Let’s say you’re locked in a situation where you’ve encountered another player who immediately rushes towards you while building countless ramps. Counter this by going underneath their ramp, build cover above and around you and wait. Sure, they’ll have the high ground but there’s no way they will be able take you down if you’re completely covered. By then, they’re probably screaming at their screens cursing at how you’re terrible at the game.

Next, you might have enough time to destroy their ramp. Get this done by using any gun or explosives (except shotguns). Once they’re aware at what you’re doing, they’ll come down and fight you head on. Just listen carefully at where they’re landing and build walls and ramps for cover if they get the jump on you. If they’re hell-bent on a build battle, simply rinse and repeat.

Explosives are your friends

Explosives are useful in countering vs build battles

Why would you fight in build battles when you can easily destroy the foundations of their impromptu masterpieces and beat them using fall damage? Even if the fall isn’t enough to kill them, simply using explosives can ruin their plans and take them off guard. In order for this plan to work, be sure to be equipped with a one or two explosive items. So yes, don’t ignore those grenades the next time you see them unattended on the floor.

When using rockets and grenade launchers, be sure to pick your spots and strike areas which will inevitably lead a building to tumble down or just aim for the bottom. Remember though, be sure that your squad (if you’re playing with a squad) isn’t up there before you do. Moreover, don’t fire aimlessly since rocket ammo is difficult to come by.

Use a Port-a-Fort or Port-a-Fortress

Making a strategic retreat isn't's smart

Although these are items that are mainly made for defensive purposes, the Port-a-Fort and its larger upgraded version, Port-a-Fortress (introduced in patch v5.4.1), can be used as offensive weapons. When facing an enemy bent on doing a build battle, simply throw one of these babies to instantly create a building of your own. With one or two around, you can easily get the high ground!

Retreat and fight another day

Use a port-a-fortress in a build battle and you'll probably win

Sure, running away from a highly-skilled player might appear cowardly, but making a strategic retreat when facing a superior foe is smart. After all, the Mongols constantly made strategic retreats, and they’ve conquered a third of Eurasia by doing so. Simply use a launch pad or a shockwave grenade to make a quick escape and have another player take him down while you walk away unscathed. After all, those who fight in build battles are like testosterone-filled rams, mindlessly, looking for enemies. Unless if they’re extremely good or lucky, they won’t make the top five.

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