Fortnite Season 6 Details and PlayStation Crossplay

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Fortnite Season 6 has landed, and we’re up for a slew of new spooky surprises, a new battle pass, and map modifications and additional locations. Sony finally caved in and allowed crossplay starting with Fornite with more games planned in the future. WWGDB - Fortnite Season 6 Details and PlayStation Crossplay

Fortnite Season 6 is finally here, and once again, it brought in a myriad of changes and new additions into the map. With a fairy tale and Halloween theme, the fresh inclusions give out a spooky feeling, especially when you look at the new battle pass skins. Newfangled quirks like pets and Shadow Stones have been added. In any case, you have a lot of things to look forward to, especially with Sony finally allowing crossplay between different platforms including XBox and Nintendo players. Anyway, if you can’t jump into the battle bus yet, here are a few notable details.

New map locations and modifications

The new map addition that literally stands out from the rest is the Floating Island:

The floating island in Loot Lake

Caused by Kevin the Cube, the lonely house in the middle of Loot Lake just got lonelier and more isolated. Due to the island soaring magically into the sky, there’s a large, gaping crater with waterfalls in the middle of the lake, adding another place you’d want to check out. Apart from which, cornfields are now a thing in Fatal Fields:

Cornfield in Fatal Fields

These are a perfect spot for campers, though you can easily “cut” the corn by building over them. Moreover, it seems as if you can’t revive downed teammates inside it which could be bug. Overlooking Pleasant Park, the Haunted Castle sits atop a mountain, bringing despair to the people down below and making Haunted Hills legitimately haunted:

Haunted Castle in Fortnite

Corrupted Areas are scattered across the map on the locations of the areas where there was lesser gravity. These places spawn Shadow Stones which transforms you into a harmless yet fast-moving ghost-like entities, that can phase through solid objects. Granted, you can use these to either surprise enemies or make a quick escape.

Ghost in a Corrupted Area

The Season 6 Battle Pass

There are six new skins on the new battle pass. The first two skins are the Calamity and DJ Yonder. The former is a western-themed lady vampire slayer, while the latter is a funky disc jockey with a llama helmet.

DJ Yonder Fortnite

Tier 23 is Giddy-up, a default skin who looks like he’s riding an inflatable Llama, while Fable is Fortnite’s own version of the Little Red Riding Hood, unlocked at tier 47. Tier 71 gives you access to Dusk, a sinister-looking lady vampire and tier 86 is Nightshade, a Tomato-head skin with a hoodie. Wrapping it up in Tier 100 is Dire, a skin featuring a normal man that progressively transforms into a werewolf.

Fortnite Pets

In addition to the skins, the usual dances, emotes, and toys are also in the mix. The newest and quirkiest addition into the game however, are the pets. These act like a sort of a back bling that bark or growl, depending on which animal, whether a baby dragon or a dog.

Dire - Tier 100 Skin

Other gameplay-related changes

Unfortunately, several items and weapons have been vaulted. We can’t ascertain the reason why, but we suspect that it’s due to the extensive number of weapons and items or to lessen the possible number of bugs and glitches in the new release. These include the Impulse Grenade, Bouncer, Light Machine Gun, Suppressed SMG, and the Remote Explosives. However, these items are still available on the Playground mode.

Fewer weapons and items are now on Fortnite

The Grappler’s charges have been reduced from 15 to 10, though it now has momentum functionality which adds to your launch force, especially when shot at a moving object. In addition, the Double Barrel shotgun damage has been reduced to 114/120 from 143/150. You can now build through shopping carts while the storm closing times have also been changed.

Most importantly, input-based matchmaking has been implemented in lieu of it being platform-based. PlayStation 4 players who are using a mouse and keyboard will be paired up with PC players. Those who are exclusively using controllers will be in the same server as people using the same input device even in the event of cross-platform parties. However, PC players who are using controllers are unaffected with this change, given that they will still be in the PC server.

Fortnite PlayStation 4 - Nintendo Switch - XBox One Crossplay

In a blog post, Sony announced a policy change wherein they announced that they will finally allow crossplay, starting with Fortnite. It is now live, meaning players from the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and XBox One can finally play together and against each other. It’s a monumental shift in the gaming industry, considering that it looked like Sony never looked like budging from its anti-crossplay stance. To add, cross-progression is live as well, and Epic Games accounts are no longer locked to the PlayStation Network. This screenshot shows a Nintendo Switch player and one on a PlayStation 4 before the update.

PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Crossplay

In any case, this is incredibly exciting especially for all gaming developers. MMOs with dying communities could have their player-base rejuvenated, and friends with different consoles can finally play together. This step forward will inevitably turn gaming into one inclusive community, regardless of the platform. We can safely say that the future of online gaming looks bright and optimistic.

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