Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass Overview

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Both worlds - ours and Fortnite’s - are colliding in the season 5 battle pass. Is the loot worth getting and should you buy it? Let’s find out what it has to offer: WWGDB - Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass Overview

Fortnite’s season 5 dropped in a week ago, and although we’re sure a lot of people who haven’t reached level 80 and failed to unlock the final piece of the Omega style have shed a lot of tears (including yours truly), everyone is stoked to finally have something fresh. Like all the past seasons, the season 5 battle pass is full of numerous cosmetic rewards, emotes, skins, and a new addition: toys. In addition, a new vehicle is part of the mix and a couple of new locations have replaced existing ones which is both exciting and a little depressing. So, what are some of the key additions the battle pass and season 5 has added into the mix? Let’s jump in and find out:

New locations, biomes, and map modifications

Fortnite Season 5 Skins

There are two new named locations in the map: Lazy Links and Paradise Palms. Lazy Links is mainly a golf course with some sort of an inland resort/clubhouse complete with a pool and a few tennis courts, replacing Anarchy Acres in north side of the island. Although it is arguably one of the worst examples of golf courses replacing farmers’ livelihood, it has a decent amount of loot and a few All-Terrain Karts which are basically golf carts. Meanwhile, Paradise Palms is a small neighborhood in the southeast part of the island, which is now a desert, which replaced both the ruined prison and Moisty Mire. It has a good number of loot thanks to the plethora of bungalows and one imposing high-rise apartment.

Apart from the named locations, notable new additions include a viking settlement near Snobby Shores, exactly where the villains’ lair was in season 4. Underneath it is a waterfall which is a perfect spot for campers. Moreover, there is a small racetrack on the eastern part of the map which is perfect for kart racing. There are huge stone faces wherein you can harvest at least a hundred bricks, and these usually have one to three treasure chests around it. Portals are also found all over the map, and they essentially transport and drop you from the sky above them. They give you an opportunity to make a quick escape from the storm or scout opponents around you from the sky. Remember though, they make a huge ruckus which can be heard throughout the map!

Skins and styles

Paradise Palms Fortnite Season 5

The battle pass skins this season are pretty good, and they mostly follow a theme centered around “our world crossing over the Fortnite world” theme. As soon as you buy the battle pass, you get two skins: Drift and Huntress. Drift has unlockable styles and outfits, and though his looks emanate simplicity at the start, he’ll be a joy to look at once you unlock the jacket and the mask. The Huntress is a viking lady which kind of reminds me of Lagertha from Vikings.

Once you reach tier 23, you will unlock the Redline outfit which is a lady wearing a striped helmet, while tier 47 treats you to the Sun Strider, a lady lifeguard. Tier 71 gives you the Sledgehammer which is a soldier in tactical gear (part of the Advanced Forces set), and tier 89 gives you the Rook outfit which we assume is a lady deputy. Finally, tier 100 gives you Ragnarok, a skin that looks like Kratos at first. When you unlock all of its styles though, you will be treated to probably the best-looking skin in Fortnite: a bearded thunder deity that resembles Odin himself.

Contrails and Gliders

Viking glider in Fortnite

The contrails this season are fairly decent. First is the lanterns contrail which drops lanterns as you drop from the sky, followed by the Runic contrail. A Glitch in the System is next on the list, while one that drops Ice Crystals as you fall is next. Last on the list is a rather comedic one: Toilet Paper.

There isn’t a shortage of gliders as well. The first you will unlock is the Cruiser glider, followed by the Downshift glider which is in the free tier. It is then followed by the rather large Viking Boat glider. To round it all off is the Splashdown glider which is a rescue boat.


Playing golf in Fortnite

Toys are a new addition in Fortnite, and this season mainly gives you balls. From basketballs, beach balls, to golf balls, these basically let you shoot hoops in the courts or play golf in Lazy Links. They’re a neat addition, and something you’d have fun with your friends.

Wrapping it up

Ragnarok dancing in Fortnite

There is no shortage of other items on the battle pass this season. Apart from the above mentioned, there is also a plethora of back blings, pickaxe designs, and dances. Emotes and banner icons are fairly varied as well, along with well-designed loading screens that are such a joy to look at.

Fortnite’s battle pass is a great example of a well-made microtransaction. It gives players a goal to work with without giving free players a disadvantage. Note that all of the items are cosmetic and can only raise the experience from an aesthetic standpoint. It only costs 950 V-bucks which is roughly $10, making it worth every penny.

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