So, Fortnite Battle Royale is Making a Switch

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Our Fortnite Battle Royale roundup this week includes news regarding the Nintendo Switch version, a trap and some adjustments, and an unnecessarily nerfed weapon. WWGDB - So, Fortnite Battle Royale is Making a Switch

E3 is around the corner and games around the world should be excited. After all, it gathers the greatest minds and biggest companies of gaming in one venue, promoting their upcoming games and new hardware. Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite will be one of those companies making an appearance. Apart from holding a pro-am tournament featuring Fortnite streamers and celebrities, there are rumors that Nintendo Switch owners will finally get Fortnite.

Well-founded rumors

Although it may be a little difficult to comprehend that the most popular battle royale game today will make an appearance in Nintendo’s hybrid console, the likelihood is fairly high. There are several leaks that suggest this, as well as a guy who mined the data on the Switch eShop and found that Fortnite has been uploaded. This strengthens the possibility that Fortnite will be announced - and released - on E3. They’re likely going for a live announcement wherein the presenter says “Fortnite is available to download….NOW” or something. In addition to the dataminer, there’s this leaked document:

Fortnite leaked document

Apart from Fortnite, this shows other titles, most notably Paladins: Champions of the Realm which is another free-to-play title. To further make the rumor all but certain,a Korean game ratings board listing revealed Fortnite is heading over to the Switch.

So, what could be in store for Fortnite players on the Switch?

Bounce trap Fortnite

Well, we can expect that it will be free-to-play, much like in other consoles. In terms of supporting crossplay, Epic Games is a huge supporter of cross-platform gaming. It is likely that Switch players will get to play with their friends on a mobile phone, XBox, and PC. We could hope for crossplay with PlayStation 4, but given Sony’s hardline stance against it when it comes to cross-platform multiplayer their business rivals, it’s quite difficult to be optimistic.

In-game voice chat is uncertain, especially if the Switch is docked. There’s really no way for you to communicate with your party if you’re not playing on handheld mode unless you use the Nintendo mobile app or a third-party software. The console’s audio jack supports both mic input and audio output, but Nintendo’s track record for VOIP isn’t exactly stellar, as experienced in Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 wherein voice is nonexistent.

Finally, we’re hopeful that Switch players can get Nintendo-exclusive Fortnite content. Imagine a player with a Mario skin teaming up with Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi. It would be epic, and Epic knows that.

Shotguns get nerfed again

The minigun got itself a timely buff in Fortnite

The shotguns are probably the most controversial weapons on Fortnite, given that they can give headshots which either give six damage or 256, killing players with full health and shields. In patch v4.3 Epic decided to nerf the shotguns. As of today, the pump shotgun only deals 90/95 damage (green and blue tier respectively). Both the pump and the tactical shotguns had their headshot multiplayers reduced to 2.5 to 2.0.

Buildings, explosives, and miniguns

Fortnite on the Switch

In addition to shotguns, the supply llama has also been nerfed, only providing 200 building resources for each material and no longer contains an insane amount of explosive ammo. Moreover, material drop floor loot has been drastically reduced to 33% and explosive ammo availability is down to 50%.

The update also buffed a few items though. The best example would be the minigun, which now has 10% increased accuracy and dishes out 30 damage to structures, five more than before the update. Light ammo spawn also increased by 30, from 60 to 90. The remote explosives’ explosion radius was increased from 400 to 600, making it more lethal and destructive.

The changes were made in order to reduce the dominance of explosive weapons, like grenade launchers and RPGs in the late game.

Bounce traps and trap modifications

Fortnite shotguns are nerfed again

Another trap was added this week, called the Bouncer trap. It’s basically a platform that lets you jump great heights without experiencing fall damage. The item is of the rare variety, comes in stacks of three, and can be placed in floors or walls. It’s perfect for jumping off of tall cliffs or make a quick escape from your enemies.

A few weeks ago, Epic made the questionable decision to nerf spike traps, leading it to only deal a measly 75 damage. Once again, the developers made changes, and now, the trap deals a whopping 150 damage. This makes it more lethal than it was, now capable of taking out players with full HP and half-full shields. Oh, and it makes it easier for players to finally finish their trap eliminations quest from last week.

Overall, this week is once again, full of events to keep us entertained and looking forward to what will come in the future. Personally, we can’t wait for the game to arrive on the Switch (and beat up some newbies!). The bounce trap is also something worth trying out, and could pave the way for a lot of highlights.

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