Battle Royale Roundup: Fortnite High Stakes, BFV Firestorm, CoD Blackout and Zeus Battlegrounds

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The start of September is full of new battle royale announcements and attractions. Let’s round them all up and see how they stack up. WWGDB - Battle Royale Roundup: Fortnite High Stakes, BFV Firestorm, CoD Blackout and Zeus Battlegrounds

Fortnite High Stakes

Fortnite's new High Stakes evet

Fortnite’s High Stakes event is going all in on September 6, and it features a plethora of new things to keep the game fresh. The most notable of which is the addition of a new limited-time mode, aptly called Getaway. This squads-based pits you against other players in taking out a jewel out of one of the four safes in a map. After which, you and your squad will also have to extract it to a van somewhere across the map.

Although this sounds simple, note that you will be competing with at least 96 other players or other 24 squads. Moreover, it takes time to crack a safe, which adds the difficulty considering that you’ll likely get showered by a hail of bullets while doing so. The vans and safes will definitely be magnets for other players, so making an escape will be quite tricky. With that said, launch pads, rifts-to-go, and the new grapple guns are needed commodities. Given the number of safes and getaway vans, there are four potential winners in this exciting LTM.

The mode is a great attempt to spice up the battle royale formula, and could pave the way for a capture the flag mode in the future. In addition to the LTM, the event will also have new skins and gliders and new challenges that grant XP (and hopefully battle stars).

Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout Map Revealed

The newest installment of the Call of Duty series, Black Ops 4, is getting into the gaming industry’s battle royale free-for-all with Blackout, one of its many game modes. With a little over a month before the game’s release, Treyarch and Activision released a few details, including its map:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout map

Yes, it’s a huge map, the largest in the history of Call of Duty. The locations are iconic parts of the CoD universe with Nuketown and Array, which made an appearance in Black Ops 1. On September 10, there will be a private beta for PS4 players who have pre-ordered Black Ops 4, with XBox getting theirs on the 14th. PC players who have a account will gain access, but those who have pre-ordered the game can get into it 24 hours in advance.

Details are sparse, but there are land, air, and water vehicles squads can jump into. Good examples of these vehicles include the ATV, cargo truck, an inflatable boat, and the Little Bird helicopter which can host a pilot and four passengers. Moreover, 80 players with five-man squads seem to be the magic number. It could have been 100, but the developers are pushing for stability and performance which is why they’re going for a lower number. Finally, arguably the most interesting detail is the addition of zombies in the Blackout mode. This brings to ask: what role will they play? Are they going to be the game’s version of the “storm”? Will they just be a nuisance or a major hassle?

Battlefield V: Firestorm Initial Details

Battlefield V Firestorm

Although Battlefield V has been in the center of controversy due to the “unnecessary additions” into the game that did not exist in World War 2, anticipation for the game’s Firestorm battle royale mode is high. In its most recent trailer the game showed a few the mode’s features. It will have 64 players consisting of four-man squads. They have not released the map yet, but it is guaranteed that it will be the biggest one in Battlefield ever. There will be vehicles, including iconic World War 2 tanks like the German Tiger and British Valentine with War Thunder-esque control schemes.

Although details are rather sparse, we can safely assume there won’t be air vehicles (helicopters weren’t widely used in WW2), but there could be air support. Moreover, it will also feature the main multiplayer game’s building elements where you can create small fortifications for cover, as well as make ladders to gain access to hard-to-reach places. Overall, we can’t wait for the game’s full release which was pushed to November 20 from October 19.

Zeus Battlegrounds

To round it all up, Zeus Battlegrounds, developed by Industry Games which is a new studio aspiring to reach greater heights, released its first trailer:

You will get to fight in a large arena as one of Zeus’ offspring. If you’re familiar with Greek mythology, you’ll know that the great Greek god found it hard not to fall in love with other supernatural beings and mortals, resulting into him siring numerous demigods. This is an interesting concept, though we can’t help but wonder why he would make his kids fight to death.

Jokes aside, Zeus Battlegrounds will likely be the first melee-oriented battle royale in the industry. Though you will be able to use arrows, throwable weapons, and magic, it’s a breath of fresh air to the gun-dominated battle royale genre. Judging from the trailer though, it seems as if the game has to iron out some kinks and fix some issues. With that said, this is the reason why the developers are conducting beta tests, and you can sign up for it here.

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