Fortnite Food Fight and 5 Reasons Why the Glider Redeploy is a Terrible Idea

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Fortnite battle royale’s patch v6.30 has arrived and like almost every patch before it, has added a lot of elements into the game. Moreover, it has removed the glider redeploy function which is a good thing. WWGDB - Fortnite Food Fight and 5 Reasons Why the Glider Redeploy is a Terrible Idea

Fortnite patch v6.30 has landed and it introduced a few additions into the game. There’s a new LTM, a new item, and the removal of the glider redeploy mechanic (which is long overdue). There’s a lot to look forward to this week, so let’s hop on to the battle bus and jump into the fray.

Patch v6.30 - Food Fight

Durr Burger Team

The new patch introduced a new LTM called “Food Fight”. This is an all-out battle between two teams of twelve players. #TeamBurger and #TeamTomato. The game mode pokes fun and adds drama in the rivalry of two in-game locations: Durr Burger in Greasy Grove and the Tomato Temple. Regardless of the skins used in-game, all players will have mascot heads depending on the team they’re in.

The game starts with an impassable barrier separating both teams and bases for five minutes. In this time frame, no combat occurs. Instead, players must set up defenses, place traps, and put themselves in a position to attack. Once the five minutes end, mayhem will erupt. Both teams will have several minutes to destroy their rival team’s mascot head nestling inside their bases. The match ends when a team destroys the opposing mascot or when time is up. When the latter happens, the team that dealt more damage to their enemies mascot is the victor.

Tomato Templars

Apart from the Food Fight LTM, Epic added a new legendary-tier item: the Mounted Turret. Available across all game modes, it deals 40 damage and has unlimited ammo. However, it can overheat if fired over long periods. Players can only put it in floors and and anyone, regardless if friend or foe, can use it. Unfortunately, the Mounted Turret makes anyone using it a sniper magnet. It is difficult to find a functional use for it in most game modes (except Food Fight) since using it will get players shot from afar or behind.

Mounted turrets Fortnite

Other notable changes include pickaxe damage increase from 10 to 20 and certain cancellable actions (like consuming potions and health items) can now be used while affected by Chillers.

Why the Glider Redeploy mechanic is bad for the game

Glider redeploy is gone!

The glider redeploy mechanic first appeared in the Soaring 50s LTM. It was present in all game modes for the past two weeks as a test, but patch v6.30 came in, signalling the end of the test period. It allows players to deploy their glider when they are three stories up. Although loved by many, it is a terrible mechanic and is bad for the game. Though I’ll get a lot of flak for saying this, here are some the reasons why Epic did good by taking it off the game:

It makes numerous items negligible

Boots on the ground action is back!

Primarily, players used the glider redeploy as a means to escape or travel fast. However, there are already items that enable players to get this done. Prime examples are the launch pad and shockwave grenades. You could include vaulted items (no longer available) impulse grenades and bounce pads. Having the glider redeploy mechanic almost makes these items unnecessary.

Vehicles are unneeded

Shockwave grenades aren't being used that much anymore

Why in the world would you use a shopping cart or a quadcrasher when you can easily build a dozen ramps and glide? The glider redeploy makes vehicles - which are outstanding gameplay additions - unneeded. The thrill of doing stunts and performing drive-by shooting runs is gone now that vehicles are on the backseat.

The storm is a non-factor

Nobody would need to drive vehicles with it around

Whenever the storm circle closes, there’s always a feeling of dread. The glider redeploy no longer makes it a threat. Should they fight when the circle is closing or just run to the safe zone? Players no longer make these decisions simply because they can easily escape and glide away.

There are no consequences in building tall structures

The storm is no longer a threat

Players are more than happy to engage in build battles with the glider redeploy mechanic around. After all, there’s zero risk in trying to take the high ground since you can easily glide away when you’re up high in the sky. Honestly, if we wanted to play a building game, we would play Minecraft. Sure, structures are there for defensive purposes and blocking bullets and explosive. However, the way the game has evolved into building a five-star hotel the moment two opponents meet is absurd. We want to shoot players in the face, not engage in a senseless build battle.

Although the glider redeploy is cool and lets you enjoy seeing your glider in action, it somehow casualizes Fortnite and makes it easier to play. In a way, gunplay becomes less of a priority and a lot of items end up becoming unnecessary. Epic was right to remove it and we don’t want to see it again in normal modes in the future. If you love seeing your glider again and again, it’s still in the LTMs, including the newly-added Food Fight.

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