Fortnite Battle Royale: The 10 Most Notable Added Features

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Fortnite Battle Royale made waves in the gaming world since its release in September. Although the launch version was pretty good in its own right, the developers added in new features and a ton of improvements. WWGDB - Fortnite Battle Royale: The 10 Most Notable Added Features

Fortnite Battle Royale is arguably one of the best battle royale games out there, right beside PUBG. Though it may be a little cartoonish and far from being realistic, the game’s building elements set it apart from other titles. Anyway, ever since our review in back in September, the game went through numerous updates, vastly improving the experience and loading it with features. Epic Games (best developers ever!) isn’t done yet: they’re planning to add more features in the near future. It’s hard to think that this game is still on early access. Anyway, if you haven’t played Fortnite or stopped playing it, here are some of the game’s best added features since its launch back in September.

A new and improved map

Fortnite’s map is massive, but it’s a fair assessment to say that the west side doesn’t have a lot of buildings and places to loot. Thankfully though, a huge map update that went online on January 18 and it changed the map from this:

Old Fortnite Map

To this:

New Fortnite Battle Royale Map

Epic, right? The map adds new locations mainly on the west side. These include Junk Junction, Snobby Shores, Tilted Towers, Shifty Shafts, and Haunted Hills. Note that the Tilted Towers is a city with large buildings, while the Haunted Hills was a suggestion made by a Reddit user. In addition, there are now water and grass effects, as well as varying biomes for each location.

The Battle Pass and Daily Quests

Given that Fortnite Battle Royale is a free game, Epic Games needed to include microtransactions into the mix to support themselves. They implemented it through the Battle Pass, a progression-based tiered system wherein you earn various items and rewards which costs $10. The items are either cosmetic, experience boosts, or the game’s premium currency which is V-Bucks. The most notable items include new gliders and the four new skins. The tier goes up to 70, and the grand prize is the majestic yet terrifying black knight skin.

The daily quests are basically missions wherein upon accomplishing them, you will earn battle stars and experience. Earn up to 10, and you gain a Battle Pass tier. These range from simple quests like opening a certain number of chests to more difficult ones like eliminating 10 opponents or finishing top six in Squad mode.

Halloween and Winter Events

Unfortunately, both of these events have already wrapped up, but that won’t stop us from not talking about them. The Halloween event was highlighted by the pumpkin rocket launcher, wherein the warhead was replaced by an exploding pumpkin. Meanwhile, the winter event added Christmas trees to various locations and decorative lights to the bushes. The battle bus had a Christmas theme, with holiday music and a Santa Claus balloon. Finally, they also changed the grenade launcher to one that fires explosive snowballs.

The Limited Time Modes

Ever since September, Epic Games consistently added several limited time modes. We got a taste of the extremely fun 50v50 mode which always had gigantic defensive forts in the end game. Sneaky Silencers and the Explosives Mode were also included, and both were nothing short of outstanding. It’ll be interesting to see the other modes the developers are planning to add in the near future.

Silenced Pistols and SMGs

The handguns are arguably the most underrated and underappreciated weapons in Fortnite BR. Use them well in close range, and they can eliminate an opponent in two or three shots. The epic (violet) and legendary (orange) tier pistols are silenced and pretty accurate, making them a must-have in ambush situations. In addition, the developers also added the silenced SMG up until the rare (blue) tier. It’ll be interesting to see what the epic and legendary version will be in the future.

Bushy Boys

The Fortnite player-base has a love-hate relationship with bushes. Both sides have been further bolstered by the legendary-tier consumable bush which can effectively disguise you as one. It feels satisfying to ambush someone using it, but incredibly frustrating to be at the receiving end. In any case, they work well with the silenced pistols and submachine guns.

Slurp ‘n’ Shields in the Cozy Campfire

Healing and shield items have also been added. The Slurp Juice lets you gain 25 health and 25 shield points for a certain amount of time, while the Cozy Campfire heals two HP and stays for 25 seconds. It is placed as a trap and is an area of effect item. The most notable one in the mix though, are the small shield potions. They can give 25 shield points, and they only take two seconds to consume, perfect for tight situations. However, they can only add up to 50 shields points.

New dances and the Boogie Bomb

In Fortnite BR, dances are an integral part of the gameplay. Whether you’re rubbing it in against a downed opponent or putting up a dance party in the pre-match lobby, they are an amazing feature. Anyway, Epic added several dances since the game’s launch. Good examples include the Worm, Floss, and Ride the Pony, and all of which are comical. In addition, there’s also an in-game item called the Boogie Bomb which forces enemies caught within its explosion range to dance. The effect wears off after five seconds and upon receiving damage.

Launch Pad

Aerial attacks are now possible with the launch pad. Although you can’t fire your gun, you can jump high into the air and glide towards enemy forts, attacking them from the inside. Moreover, the item is also perfect for quickly escaping the storm, especially if you’re close to dying.


About a month or two after the launch, the developers finally added leaderboards where you can see your points, the number wins, and how you stack up with the rest of the world. Don’t worry though, you can still be on top of it even without winning your games. You just need to consistently place high, at least on the top 10 or top 25.

Overall, Epic Games is a shining example of game developers who actually care for their game and player-base. With a decent microtransactions model and the base Fortnite Battle Royale game continuously improving, we can see a bright future for it. The game is available across all platforms, so be sure to give it a shot!

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