Fornitemares: A Dream Battle Royale in the Middle of a Nightmare

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Epic Games introduced “Fortnitemares”a new event which coincides with Halloween. It provides a whole new way of playing battle royale, introduces new weapons, and made timely and interesting modifications to the current map. WWGDB - Fornitemares: A Dream Battle Royale in the Middle of a Nightmare

Fortnite unleashed Fortnitemares just in time for Halloween and it finally confirmed one fact: Kevin the Cube is evil. Well, not necessarily since it might not be a sentient being, but nevertheless, darkness has risen and nightmares are here. Apart from the event, Epic added a few weapons and modified a few gameplay elements. With that said, let’s dive straight into the action and find out what it has to offer.

Cube Monsters and Cube Fragments

Fortnitemares fighting the Cube Monsters

The most notable additions of Fortnite are the cube fragments and cube monsters. In a nutshell, the cube fragments are basically built upon the power of the Cube, which is back in Leaky Lake, surrounded by floating islands and a tornado where you can fly. That being said, the reason why it moved around the various parts of the map is to spread corrupted fragments which in turn summon the cube monsters.

If the cube monsters seem familiar, it is because they were directly taken from the “husks” or zombies in the Save the World mode. These otherworldly monstrosities are summoned by the fragments. Though you’re not required to take them down along with the fragments, they yield loot and ammo, ranging from snipers, shotguns, explosives, and healing items. In addition, dealing damage to the monsters gives you shields.

There are several types of cube monsters. First is the cube fiend which is relatively easy to kill, and the brute which is larger and more powerful. The next type looks like a cube fiend yet glows: killing it yields a weapon and some ammo. Finally, the strongest of them all is a glowing brute which deals a huge amount of damage and powerful loot. At the start of every match, they don’t seem like a threat. However, they inexplicably become stronger and seem to be produced en masse (likely because only a few players attack them) at the end game, making for interesting scenarios.

The cube monsters can destroy buildings, including structures built by the player. This makes it doubly tricky when setting up a 1x1 fort to snipe and hide from opponents or when reviving a teammate. Bullets aren’t the only thing you have to worry about: the monsters will relentlessly follow and attack you on sight. Thankfully though, they seem oblivious to downed players. The best way to avoid them is to reach an elevated area which can only be accessed by building a ramp.

Does this “zombie battle royale” format work?

Kevin the Cube exploding

Fortnitemares has changed the way the game is played, especially in the late game. Instead of fast-paced building battles, players are forced to engage right away, given that the foundations of potential building battle remnants will definitely be destroyed by the cube monsters. However, all damage is no longer an issue due to the glider redeploy being a thing (unless if you somehow forget to redeploy it) today in the latest patch.

There are numerous instances wherein players are forced to run away from the monsters instead of camp, leaving them vulnerable. In addition, you can’t afford to stay out in the open, build defenses, and heal since the cube monsters will easily plow through your walls. It encourages

Note: The regular game modes are gone for the duration of the event which we assume will end on the first week of November or shortly after Halloween.

New weapons, quests, and items

Two new weapons make a grand entry: the Fiend Hunter Crossbow and the Six-shooter. The Fiend Hunter is an improved version of the old crossbow: it is semi-automatic and is 100% accurate when shot in ADS mode without moving, though it only deals less damage. You can fire seven shots in a single clip, takes 1.8 seconds to reload, and has infinite ammo (hooray for crossbow ammo jokes!). Meanwhile, the six-shooter is a cowboy cosplayer’s dream. It uses medium bullets, and hip firing enables you to shoot six bullets in rapid succession. The Fiend Hunter deals 4x damage against cube monsters, making it the deal weapon when you’re off to fight a horde if you want to be silent and not waste ammo.

The new six-shooter gun in Fortnite

There are also huge changes in the map. The island is covered by a fog when the battle bus flies over it, and the atmosphere is dark and spooky. The island and villa that once stood in Loot Lake has been split into several pieces while Fatal Fields got a major overhaul. Its cornfields have been redesigned and chests are now found in different places. The rocket launcher has been turned into a pumpkin launcher again, though this is only an aesthetic change. As customary in Fortnite events, there are new quests which yield experience, emotes, and items. The quests range from destroying a certain amount of cube monsters to finding gargoyles scattered across the map and dancing in front of them.

Overall, Fortnitemares is what dream games are made of. It is an amazing event which can potentially change the way the entire game is played. Though this won’t last forever, we hope Epic will turn it into a limited-time mode in the future for our pleasure.

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