Explore the Fascinating Folklore of Planet Zoo’s Enchanting Europe Pack

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Explore some of the myths and legends behind the stunning locations and mesmerising species in the game WWGDB - Explore the Fascinating Folklore of Planet Zoo’s Enchanting Europe Pack

To celebrate the launch of Planet Zoo: Europe Pack, and to embrace the festive tradition of storytelling, we’re exploring some of the myths and legends behind the stunning locations and mesmerising species in the game.

Featuring a host of charming scenery pieces and five amazing new animals, including the Alpine Ibex, Eurasian Lynx, European Fallow Deer, European Badger, and Exhibit animal, the Fire Salamander, Planet Zoo: Europe Pack allows zookeepers to transport their guests to Europe like never before.

So, if you’re sitting comfortably, it’s time to delve into some fascinating folklore.

The Creatures of the Alps

The Alps, the setting for Planet Zoo: Europe Pack’s exciting new timed scenario, are the subject of many folk tales and legends. Among the many peaks and valleys of the mountain range lie huge, icy caves, said to be home to all manner of mythical creatures including ‘Weisse Frauen’ (ghostly women in white) to imps and even dragons. We’d much rather take on the challenge of transforming a beautiful Alpine zoo than come face-to-face with ghostly spirits!

A Fiery Amphibian

Many of the new animals arriving with Planet Zoo: Europe Pack are the subject of folk tales too. For thousands of years, many cultures believed that the Fire Salamander, whose name means ‘fire within’ in Persian, was actually born from fire. The legend likely comes from their tendency to sleep beneath logs during the winter, escaping as the fire is lit. Players can light up their zoos and spark excitement in their guests with these striking, flame-like yellow and orange marked amphibians.

Signs of Spring

It might be winter right now in much of the world, but did you know that another of Planet Zoo: Europe Pack’s animals, the European Badger, is historically seen by many cultures as a sign that spring is on the way. Spotting a Badger can also be seen as a symbol of good luck; but be careful - legend emphasises that this luck can only be obtained if the badger emerges from its burrow after you’ve passed by. Thanks to the new burrowing feature, arriving alongside the latest pack in a free update, zookeepers can now find out just what the European Badger is up to underground.

Planet Zoo: Europe Pack is out now on Steam for a suggested retail price of £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99.

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