E3 2018 Game Announcements

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E3 is nearly upon us. The big event is set to start on June 12 and conclude on the 14th. With tons of speculation floating in the gaming world, we have a lot of announcements we want to hear in the world’s biggest gaming expo. WWGDB - E3 2018 Game Announcements

E3 is arguably the world’s most anticipated events, considering that this is the expo wherein new consoles and the biggest games are introduced. This year’s event is less than a month away, slated in June 12-14 and we can’t wait for the gaming world’s bigwigs to hit the big stage and for them to take our money. Jokes aside, 2018 is shaping up to be a big one, with countless announcements slated and with all publishers and developers hoping to make the headlines. With that said, what are some of the titles and announcements we would all want to hear?

Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy 7

Kingdom Hearts 3 and Toy Story

Every gamer who follows the industry knows that Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally upon us. The third installment of the Disney X Final Fantasy mashup will feature worlds from Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and even Hercules. Sora will still be accompanied by three of Disney’s most iconic characters: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and of course, Goofy. We can expect Square Enix to finally dish out a release date.

Apart from which, we’re also hopeful that we’ll see more of the Final Fantasy 7 remake. A short gameplay footage would be great - anything beyond that (like an unlikely confirmation that the game will be released in 2019) would be jaw-dropping. In addition, Square Enix might also be teasing Just Cause 4, which was leaked by a Walmart Canada listing. In any case, we can’t wait to see Rico Rodriguez take to the skies and make things explode again.

Nintendo’s aces: Super Smash Bros, Fire Emblem, Metroid, Pokemon, etc

Is Super Smash Bros getting a release date soon?

This year is priming up to be the year of the Nintendo Switch. With Nintendo’s new online program (aptly named Nintendo Switch online) for the half-and-half console announced just last week (in summary, it has online multiplayer + classic NES games for $20 a year), it won’t be a surprise if we get to see some of the console’s biggest hits coming this year including Super Smash Bros, which was teased multiple times in the past few months. The timing is uncanny: it is obviously a multiplayer game and you will definitely get to compete against other players online. The release date is yet to be announced, but we can safely say it will coincide with the launch of Nintendo Switch Online.

There are also rumor mills suggesting that other Nintendo exclusives like Fire Emblem, Metroid, and Pokemon will be teased or announced. Word on the street (or internet forums) is saying that Fire Emblem will likely be released on holiday 2018. Meanwhile, Pokemon on the Switch’s presentation elements could be a mix of Sun & Moon and Pokken Tournament. We still don’t know if it will be a new generation of Pocket Monsters or simply a reboot of Yellow, Red, and Blue. Metroid could be announced, unless Nintendo throws a curveball.

PS: Fortnite Battle Royale might be announced as part of Nintendo's E3 lineup, considering that Epic Games is more than willing to bring it to the company's platform.

Sony’s exclusives: Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us 2, Spider-Man

Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima looks amazing

Sony’s PlayStation 4 already made waves this year, thanks to God of War being widely-acclaimed and getting a number of perfect scores from various pundits. E3 will be another set of waves with more information regarding its exclusives set to be put on stage. For one, Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding might be one of the highlights. Will we finally get to see a gameplay trailer of Kojima’s genius (and insanity)? Ghost of Tsushima may also have its share of the spotlight, but we’ll likely only see gameplay footage or a 2019 release date.

More information regarding The Last of Us 2 might be in the pipeline, given that it had a few cinematic trailers and concept art releases. Considering that the first game, The Last of Us, is one of the best games ever, anticipation is arguably high.Will we finally get to see Ellie or Joel again? More information on Spider-Man, slated on September 7 this year, will definitely be part of Sony’s plans. Judging from the gameplay footage and trailers, Insomniac Games (developers of Ratchet & Clank) gave justice to the iconic Marvel franchise and we can’t wait to see more of what they have to offer.

EA’s new games lineup

Anthem, EA's new IP

Despite being not the most reputable publisher out there, EA makes great games. After all, they managed to weather the storm caused by their love of loot boxes and botching Star Wars Battlefront 2. Although we won’t see them getting rid of their widely-hated business practices, their new game lineups are something to look forward to.

It is a given that new installments of FIFA, Madden, and NHL will be announced. It’s also interesting to see what improvements they will make on NBA Live, considering last year’s release was a major improvement. NBA Live 18 was inferior compared to NBA 2K18, but the latter focused on payment and slow progression. If EA plays their cards right, they might get a share of the sweet virtual hoops market. Another Battlefield game - Battlefield V - is in the mix, and Anthem could make an appearance as well.

Bethesda’s big surprises

Rage 2 might get announced on EA

Bethesda loves their surprises, but one title won’t come as a shocker if it will be announced. Rage 2 was leaked by the Walmart Canada listing, and the developers neither confirmed nor denied it. Instead, they just poked fun on it via a tweet. We might get to see more Switch ports of Bethesda games like Fallout 4. The other plans they have are still in the dark, but if Elder Scrolls VI is announced, we’re certain the gaming universe will be a recipient of a Fus Ro Dah and be sent to Oblivion... Ok, we’ll stop the jokes now.

Other notable announcements we want to hear

Ace Combat 7: Release Date Unknown

Bandai Namco recently announced My Hero Academia: One’s Justice, featuring characters from Kohei Horikoshi’s manga, My Hero Academia. It’s a fighting game with destructible environments. The playable characters are constantly being announced, with Tokoyami Fumikage, Kyoka Jirou, and Eijiro Kirishima put in the lineup along with most of UA’s Class A. Another announcement we hope to hear is the release date of Ace Combat 7. After two cinematic trailers, there’s still no projected release date. As a consolation though, Bandai Namco confirmed that the demo will be playable on E3.

Finally, we’re crossing our fingers for the release of Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, the sequel to Mount and Blade Warband which is trapped in development eternity. We’re also hopeful for the localized version Trails of Cold Steel III by XSeed, but there no indications that they are working on the project, even if ToCS IV was recently announced in Japan. We’re also holding out for Code Vein’s release date which rumor mills say will be in July.

Overall, this year’s E3 will be another big event, and by the end of it, anticipation will skyrocket and gamers worldwide will definitely find themselves making preorders left and right. It has been a great year to be a gamer, and we’re not even halfway through the year. There are still more titles and announcements coming, and we can barely contain our excitement. We’re sure you are too.

So, what announcements are YOU looking forward to hearing in E3?

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