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As development, marketing and distribution methods continue to evolve in the games industry, all-in-one game platforms are starting to appear on-line. The CORE platform has been in Alpha for over a year. Let's take a look at what it is and what it has to offer to the gaming world of today.


Creating one's own game has been a dream for many since the dawn of video games and the micro-computer. However, making a game is such a tedious and technical process that requires a lot of time and dedication to achieve, not to mention the development cost. Through the years, video and computer game making has been handled by specific game companies who employ a cadre of specialized people to handle specific aspects of the game like programming, graphics, game design, music, and SFX, and the list goes on all the way to marketing and distribution. A huge and complicated process to bring a new title to the gaming public.

This method of releasing games was established way back in the 1970s when people started playing games in their own homes. With the entry of the Internet into everyday life, the distribution method has become varied, and the majority of today's titles are distributed online rather than physically packaged products like the usual discs and cartridges. Also, the monetization or payment methods have changed through the years, and more options like free2play ads, in-game purchases, and subscriptions have broadened the method of buying and playing games. Game creation and development have changed, and small independent creators have been given a shot at the marketplace to release their own creations as many have faired well with their endeavors.

Looking at all these trends makes one realize that the gaming market is continually evolving through the years and changing to adapt to current day practices and a more convenient way to deliver and distribute games to their target client markets. To address this and make it easier for game developers to reach their audience and customers, certain companies are currently developing platforms that will not only assist creators in making their games but handle their distribution and marketing them. A one-stop-shop concept for creating, marketing, distributing games to players around the world through the Internet. A good example of this is both Steam and Roblox. Steam provides an online games market and a development community with the needed resources for users to create games and game mods of their own. Roblox similarly does the same, albeit within the Roblox game platform itself, by allowing and assisting users in creating their own Roblox Mods and monetizing them. This trend has been going on for quite a while and seems to be growing as an effective method for independent developers to distribute their own created games.

One of the most successful game companies in the industry is Epic Games. Run by Tim Sweeny and his cadre of maverick game designers, Epic Games made its huge mark in the gaming industry in the late 1990s with their intense FPS game “Unreal.” The game became so popular with several released iterations, from the Unreal storyline-based games to the multi-player arena-based Unreal Tournament. Unreal has become a game player’s household name with the likes of id's Doom and Quake, considered its main competitors. The Unreal game series used an evolving game engine named after the game itself, the Unreal Game Engine. Today, at its current iteration, Unreal Engine 4, the engine itself is a compelling application that can be used to create awesome, immersive, and very market-competitive games.

Unreal Engine 4

Working with Unreal can become really tedious as a game creator has to handle several things as creating maps, creating or outsourcing game models, coding, and every nitty-gritty aspect of creating a game from scratch. What more, this includes finding a way to market and distribute the finished product. Well, and good as many indie game creators have made their mark and succeeded this way. Seeing this as an opportunity to make things a way lot easier and user friendly to creators, Manticore Games in San Mateo, CA, has created an all-in-one platform that uses the Unreal Game Engine as its base in creating games that will be stored, run, and marketed through the platform. Backed by Epic Games itself, the gaming platform was named CORE.

CORE Unreal Game Engine

CORE makes the Unreal Engine accessible to everyone with its editor, 3D models, a library of sounds and music, and even includes a built-in 3D modeling tool. The platform makes it easy to create your own games using available construction kits that come with game logic and a user interface that can be used for your project(s). Though the option to write and implement your own code using LUA is available, one can create a complete running game without the need for any coding. You can assemble your own game using CORE's available resources and tools and have it running and playable in no time. The game(s) that you create are then hosted on the platform where gamers around the globe can check it out and play it. The platform also provides creators with the options to monetize their game and present it to its intended target market.

CORE User Made Games

CORE is an application that has to be downloaded to your own computer to start making games. Also, free tutorial courses are provided on a step-by-step approach to creating your own game. If you have worked with a game map editor before, working with CORE and Unreal may be a lot easier as you are already familiar with many of the concepts. However, for those starting up with no background in designing games, the tutorials are detailed enough to get one up and going. Also, as long as a game can be created with the Unreal game engine, one can develop a game in any genre from RPG to FPS, RTTS, Adventure, Puzzle Solving, and so forth. It's all up to the developers' imagination and creativity. More game character models are already available for players, which one can choose from and customize.

CORE Custom Player  Avatar

CORE also encourages social gaming. In multi-player or social games, players can make friends and chat with each other. The platform facilitates multi-user access, just like logging into multi-player games online. It also facilitates an easy way to create online multiplayer games, including client-server communications, which would have to be coded and created by the game developer. With CORE, the platform handles issues like this. As for making money, developers can earn from their games in the form of perks. Players can purchase limited time, subscriptions, in-game items, or anything that can be sold, so to speak. For the developer, the platform is already free, so CORE gets 50% of the profits the developer makes. As CORE is still in ongoing development, more monetization options will be made available as time goes by.

CORE Multi-Player Social Gaming

CORE is an exciting platform that can have a really huge impact on the gaming world. It can convert players into game creators themselves, provided one has the dedication to sit through the tutorials and understand the concepts of game development and design. Once the technical know-how has been acquired, then it would be up to one's imagination and creativity to come up with a game that will attract, immerse and become addictive for players to keep them coming back to it. At this point, the sky is the limit. CORE offers a new future in gaming while making the Unreal Game Engine accessible to all.

CORE Game Developer

Finally, with all the amazing possibilities that CORE presents, retaining one's practicality is still one of the best policies. The PC requirement of CORE is quite steep and not to mention expensive. One must have a minimum of an i5/7400 or AMD equivalent, 8GB of Ram, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU or AMD equivalent. Also, you must be running Win10 64 bit. Not everyone (especially worldwide) can afford that steep price, not to mention you will need a really efficient, fast-speed Internet connection. The prohibitive price of the GPU itself alone will be a deterrent to many. Despite this, many developers have already signed up and have developed their games on the platform. So, if one already has the above system requirements or wealthy enough to acquire it in this time of the Pandemic, then, by all means, enter the world of CORE and unleash your utmost creativity.

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