Change Forms as Yajouj'Majouj in Children of Morta's Brand New DLC - Ancient Spirits!

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You can now play as the first and only two-form character in Children of Morta, the Yajouj'Majouj! WWGDB - Change Forms as Yajouj'Majouj in Children of Morta's Brand New DLC - Ancient Spirits!

Children of Morta recently dropped its brand new DLC, Ancient Spirits, early this October. Being fans of the base game, we thought we should check out the DLC as well... and although there are some caveats, let’s just say that we weren’t disappointed!

This DLC brings with it a new and unique character called Yajouj'Majouj. Inspired by actual religious scriptures from Christianity, Islam, and Judaism (I should mention that in both Christianity and Judaism, “Yajouj and Majouj” are better known as “Gog and Magog”), Yajouj'Majouj has a pretty interesting albeit tragic backstory in Children of Morta. You see, Yajouj'Majouj was initially two different individuals – Yajouj the human and Majouj the goblin. They fell in love, despite all heavy condemnation around interspecies relationships.

Based on the legend, Majouj was kidnapped from Yajouj’s home one day and thrown into a bottomless abyss to die. Yajouj tried to save her, or at least her soul that was trapped in the abyss, but he too fell victim and lost his life. Both their souls were reunited in death and this union allowed them to escape from the abyss.

Being a character with two souls, the Yajouj'Majouj can do something that none of the Bergsons can – it has two forms. You can easily switch between the two forms during combat, allowing for some intriguing play styles and some pretty devastating combos. This character really adds a breath of fresh air to the game, letting you re-experience the game in a whole new way.

The DLC also comes with new Divine Relics, Divine Graces, and Charms – 5 each, to be exact – to change things up a bit. Although not all of them are particularly useful, there are a few that are rather cool to have.

If you’re into cosmetics, the Ancient Spirits DLC adds a “Skin system”, giving you the opportunity to spruce up your character of choice with some masks that befit the game’s theme. That being said, for some reason, the masks don’t seem to fit the character’s face properly. Might be an oversight on the developer’s part.

The only unfortunate thing about the Ancient Spirits DLC is the fact that you can’t play as the Yajouj'Majouj in the game’s story mode. You can only use it in Family Trials. This is good and all only if you’re looking to beef up your Family Trials experience. If you're not, you might not find much value in this DLC.

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