Blueprint for Battle Royale for 2019 and Beyond

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What does the battle royale genre need to do to sustain its momentum in 2019 and in the future? Let’s have a look at what it can do to remain relevant. WWGDB - Blueprint for Battle Royale for 2019 and Beyond

The year 2018 has been a great one for battle royale. The market grew, Fortnite and PUBG remained as one of the most-played and top games, even with God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 dominating the charts.

As the year ends though, people are starting to actually get tired of it. There are countless options on mobile and PC, though these are far from being game of the year material. On consoles, options are limited and player fatigue is a real thing. Moreover, online criticism towards Fortnite and battle royale are relatively common today. It possesses a negative stigma due to a number of factors (for example, people love to hate on something popular), and it’ll be hard to shake it off.

With that said, how can battle royale stay relevant and sustain its strong run? Let’s check out a few possible ways it can do so:

Battle royale needs to just be an option

CoD BO4's Blackout mode is outstanding

First off, battle royale can be part of a game. It can just be a dish that’s part of the main course. Doing this approach gives games with battle royale modes a lot of variety. It enables players to take a break from it once in a while and in a way, get more from their purchases.

Activision made the right approach with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The game came with the typical multiplayer mode, zombies, and the battle royale mode “Blackout”. Moreover, Fortnite was initially released as a multiplayer co-op with Save The World and it kicked things up a notch by adding a Creative mode. Battlefield V is releasing Firestorm in early 2019. Better late than never.

It needs to evolve

Fortnite's Creative mode changed things in a positive way

Some existing games need to improve if they want to retain their player-base. For example, Rules of Survival has to find a way to get rid of cheaters. PUBG needs a little refinement while Fortnite needs to finally be clear on what it wants to be. Fortunately, the two latter games are continuously evolving by adding new maps, weapons, and in Fortnite’s case, game modes.

Original future games

A Roman Empire-themed battle royale would be fantastic

CoD battle royale? Check. Battle royale with building elements? Perfected. Battle royale with a realistic approach to gunplay? Done.

Now that these concepts have been taken, we need devs to think of original ones. So far, medieval or ancient history-themed battle royale ideas are still available. No, Zeus Battlegrounds doesn’t count: it’s a game about demigods after all.

That aside, imagine battle royale games about Roman gladiators or medieval knights. You’re able to select period-relevant warriors which can be assorted into classes. In a medieval BR, you can be an English knight, a French infantryman, or a Mongol horse archer. We’re hoping that these concepts will be a reality in the future.

Address skill gap concerns

Fortnite needs to find a way to address the skill gap

One of the biggest issues Fortnite needs to address is its skill gap. If you place newbie players with no experience, they will have zero chance of winning. Building battles are still the norm; even players who are proficient in gunplay won’t be able to cope up with fast builders. The gap between newbies and seasoned players is way too great, and the former pool of players needs to persevere to somehow close it.

Tactical battle royale games, anyone?

Mount and Blade: Bannerlord 2 would be more epic if it came with a battle royale mode

Although skill and gunplay are what you mainly need in battle royale, strategy plays a huge role. You need to make quick decisions based on your opponents’ movements and the terrain. In PUBG, gunplay is half the battle: positioning, timing, and strategy make up the other half. Even if you’re the best at aiming but rarely think strategy, you’re bound to always lose.

With that in mind, is a tactical or strategy battle royale a feasible concept? Imagine being a commander of your own warband and you’re pitted against several others trying to survive in a dwindling battlefield. This formula is perfect as a game mode for franchises like Total War and Mount and Blade. Though we surely won’t see this any time soon, it would surely shake things up. After all, BR doesn’t have have to be an FPS or TPS!

The communities need to grow up

Gaming communities need to shape up and grow up

Finally, if battle royale titles want to grow, the communities - both inside and outside it - need to shape up and grow up. Toxic communities in games have always been a problem and it’s a huge issue in Fortnite. This is considering that the fan-base is made mostly of teenagers and adults who failed to learn basic decency and etiquette. I’ve personally encountered a lot of toxic Fortnite players and yes, they make the experience nearly unbearable.

In addition, gaming communities who claim to “hate” battle royale are partly to blame. Remember, hating on something JUST BECAUSE IT’S POPULAR doesn’t make anyone sound cool. Nor do they actually hate the game itself. They hate its community or just succumb to peer pressure because apparently, hating it is what’s acceptable.

Give the communities a chance. Pair up with randoms and you could actually find someone - or a group - that you’re comfortable with.

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