Best Gmod Game Modes that We Hope Will be in the Sequel

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Gmod game modes have become the bread and butter of the platform from the day it started to today. Users and gamers alike have gotten to spend a lot of time with these modes and would likely want to see them up and running on S&Box. With that, let's try to list some of the modes gamers are likely to expect when S&Box becomes fully operational. WWGDB - Best Gmod Game Modes that We Hope Will be in the Sequel

Ever since Minh Le and Jess Cliff changed the look and feel of Half-Life to CounterStrike, the popularity of game modding has increased through the years. With the creation of probably the best Source Engine game modding app by Garry Newman, creating game mods became as widespread as ever. With Garry's Mod or Gmod, changing the look and feel of supported Valve developed games became a lot simpler and user friendlier than doing it on your own. Modding entails understanding the game's architecture and which files to modify and the specific folders they are located in. Some modders go the extend of actually changing some of the game codes or messing with the program itself to accomplish the resulting changes that they want.

Modding or modifying entails a lot of work depending whether one just want the game and it's characters to look different or for the game to behave entirely differently turning it into a new game. CounterStrike Zombie mod is still CounterStrike at it's basic core albeit the Walking Dead have been introduced into the game. When the game play changes, whether the game is modded or not, the game turns into a Mode of the game play. This is the distinction between a Mod of a game and a Mode of the game's game play.

Example of mods (using CS as basis) would be CS Zombie Mod, CS Halo Mod, CS Samurai/Ninja Mod and the one which yours truly modded, the CSPinoy Mod (CSPH). CS game modes would be the defuse bomb, rescue hostage(s), awp mode and a few more others. Most FPS competitive based games usually have several game modes. These would include DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, Hold Points and more. Even some RTTS/RTS games have a variation feature on how the games can be played. Once the objective and the way of reaching that objective varies, it then becomes a game mode. There are games that are set. You simply play the game that way and nothing more. You'll see this commonly in old arcade games like Galaga, Space Invaders, PacMan and the like. Games which can choose or switch the way the game plays are games with game modes.

We now go to Garry's Mod or rather the games in Gmod. GMod has one mode, the create game mode, that's it. Many call Gmod a game but at it's core, it's an app. Now, depending on the creator using Gmod, the games they make and play the way they designed it to play, is not only a game but being part and within the Gmod platform, becomes a Gmod game mode. Not all these created games play the same way so as they are categorized into modes. Games that are made as say Zombie Survival games or School Shooter game plays are lumped in and classified into that Gmod game mode. The platform then has a lot of games that end up playing and performing according to the mode they are classified as. What more, a particular created game can have the option to switch game modes so it could get confusing for some. Regardless, the objective of the players is to play and have fun so that all these mods (which inside Gmod they all practically are) and modes, is simply but to classify, categorize and try to place things in an organized way.

That said and done, let's take a look at some of the popular Gmod game modes that Gmod users and players have been spending their time with through all these years. These type of games would in the highest probability be the ones the same crowd of people would look and go for when S&Box takes it's rightful place as Gmod's successor.

School Shooter Mode - Like it or not, there will always be players who have the hidden craving to get even with a lot of their schoolmates. These type of games are being banned on Steam and other gaming sites in lieu of the violent realities that plague current day society. But then, who's going to stop these kind of people from making and enjoying their kind of game and whether it gets accepted by society or not, you can be sure they will make games like these.

The School Shooter

Cops vs Robbers is an old and true gaming mode that even kids play when they used to play outside. The Them versus Us game play with the good guys versus the bad or two opposing factions against each other is evident in almost all shooter games. The difference would just simply be in the theme of the game, but this type of gaming may have several different resulting modes on how to pawn the other side. Nevertheless, Gmod has lumped them all together in a broad category of competitive FPS game play. These will include modes like Living vs Zombies, Star Wars factions, Current Day, WW2 and Futuristic Military Combat, and others like them.

Zombies R Us

Shooter variation modes where there are several opposing teams at the same time. A good example would be games like SCP (Secure, Contain and Protect) where Facility Guards and Special Response Forces team up against the mutated and experimental subjects and the Rebel Faction bringing in a varied mix of alliances and oppositions within the game. Another mode would be good old DeathMatch with every man for himself and the last man standing wins the game.

JailBreak Gaming has become popular in the recent years and games with the objective of finding ways to escape captivity has gained a following of it's own. Whether a pure escape game or a heist game thrown in as well, JailBreak games are sure to be a number when the game mode requests for S&Box starts coming in.

Extreme Sport games are sure to pop up as well. Games where sports are brought to beyond the normal limits and deviously altered in so many different ways. Whether the result may be some form of blood sport or a game that makes you climb and scale roof tops and high-rise buildings like Peter Parker, you can bet there will be clamor for these kind of modes. Gmod Parkour has actually gained a following of it's own.


The need to simply survive ala Hunger Games as well as the pure Survival Mode games and those like Rust will always have a sure bet following. And finally, there will be games that will provide a unique gaming experience from within the platform. Games that use magics and spells reminiscent of games like the classic fantasy FPS Heretic and Hexen (Oh, the good old days!) are sure to abound. Also, adventure and objective based games will definitely result from the creativity of the coming app users.

The Beatles No Its Gmad

Gmod has created a gaming community of diverse players through the years and whether these games where serious Gmod modes or just for wacky fun, there where always people on-line who would play them. Hopefully, S&Box would be able to deliver what it's predecessor did and much more. And hopefully, this will increase the options of games and game modes that will be available to the users of the platform. One thing is for sure, when Garry finally and completely comes out with it, it's definitely going to be a blast!

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