Azerion Acquires Spil Games and Secures Its Spot as a Leader in the Cross-Platform Gaming Industry

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A fruitful acquisition that will give Azerion and its many partners access to over 15,000 new web games! WWGDB - Azerion Acquires Spil Games and Secures Its Spot as a Leader in the Cross-Platform Gaming Industry

As of February 12th 2020, Azerion has completely acquired Amsterdam-founded Spil Games, allowing it to further secure its spot a leader in the cross-platform gaming industry. In 2019, Azerion has already obtained the mobile division of Spil Games plus a 5% stake in its game portals business, and this final move brings Spil Games completely into the folds of the Azerion family.

You may know Spil Games by the game portals they run and manage, including their most popular portals like,, and With 30 gaming portals in hand, Spil Games is getting more than 60 million monthly visits from 150 different countries combined! Not to mention, Spil Games also has over 15 thousand browser-based web games in its portfolio. Their native games alone, namely Operate Now: Hospital and the Rush franchise, have more than 350 million installs to date!

All of this will prove to be beneficial to its new owner, Azerion.

With 22 offices spread throughout Europe, Azerion is a tech and media company that specializes in connecting publishers and advertisers with consumers. They have more than 15 different companies under their umbrella, including renowned game studios like Smeet and Sulake (Habbo and Hotel Hideaway) as well as publishers like Youda Games and Plinga. They even own the world’s biggest collection of cross-platform HTML 5 games via their Game Distribution platform.

In a symbiotic way, Azerion will be able to make full use of both their newly acquired game portals from Spil Games and their existing platform, Game Distribution, to bring in more revenue streams and give advertisers access an entirely new group of consumers. Game Distribution will be able to make use of the thousands of games that Spil Games has in its portfolio.

Similarly, Spil Games’ 30 gaming portals will also be able to tap into the motherlode of cross-platform games in Game Distribution repertoire, allowing them to further grow and attract even more players.

Erol Erturk, Executive Vice President Content and Strategic Partnerships at Azerion who is in charge of integrating Spil Games’ portals into Azerion’s network and running them, said that the acquisition is in line with Azerion’s high-speed growth strategy by enhancing the reach, monetization and content of their business.

With this in mind, we at PiKoYa look forward to what this fruitful acquisition can bring to our own game portals, such as Playmarket and Coonster, as more games are made available to us through our partner’s HTML 5 games platform, Game Distribution.

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