Apex Legends is the Best Battle Royale Game Today. Here's Why

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Apex Legends dropped into the battle royale field suddenly. Within a day, it has convinced us that it’s the best battle royale game today. Here’s why: WWGDB - Apex Legends is the Best Battle Royale Game Today. Here's Why

In less than a week after its release, Apex Legends shook the foundations of the battle royale world. Respawn Entertainment - the devs behind Titanfall - created an amazing title that’s so hard to put down. As of this writing, it has 25 million concurrent players.

In a nutshell, Apex Legends is a 60-man battle royale FREE-TO-PLAY game consisting of 20 squads with three players each. It’s based off the Titanfall universe. It borrows gameplay mechanics from the aforementioned series but lacks certain aspects like wall running and piloting mechs. It’s a pure, battle royale first-person shooter with heroes or in its case, legends. These heroes have unique skills - both active and passive - which can help turn the tide of battle in your favor.

So, why do we think it’s the best battle royale game today, besting CoD: Blackout, PUBG, and even Fortnite? Here’s why:

Right from the start, it’s a polished experience

Golden sniper in Apex Legends

Upon the full release of a game, players deserve to at least enjoy a full and polished experience, unless if the game is in the beta phase or on early access. Unfortunately, this is something that is rare today. Most titles are hounded by bugs and glitches, making them unplayable. Meanwhile, some are rushed and unfinished products with only a few fun features.

Apex Legends doesn’t belong in any of these categories. It was released as a fully-furnished game. In the 12 hours I’ve played, I’ve yet to encounter any game-breaking bugs and glitches. Sure, the game has a few issues like having only eight “Legends” and a few crashes, yet it redeems this by delivering a polished experience. Plus. there’s in-game voice chat available and server latency (and lag) are nonexistent if you have a stable connection.

The first real “hero battle royale”

Speaking of the eight legends, each one of them has their own set of skills, both active and passive. For example, Bangalore acts as a tank/support. He can spawn a domed barrier to protect teammates from incoming attacks. His special skill is to call in an airstrike which can be utilized for both offense and defense, while his passive ability is spawning a shield while you’re aiming down the sights.

Granted, each legend caters to a particular playstyle. In a way, this makes the game a mix of Titanfall and Overwatch, creating a legendary gameplay blend. As of today, six are playable while it takes either a grind or paywall to unlock two other heroes, Caustic and Mirage.

The learning curve isn’t steep

Running with teammates in Apex Legends

Unless if this is your first every first-person shooter, Apex Legends’ learning curve isn’t steep. Its shooting mechanics and gameplay are akin to Titanfall and Overwatch, and everything else is intuitive. FPS and TPS gamers will feel right at home. Within a few hours, you’re likely going to end up fiddling on the controls like it’s second nature.

The monetization and loot box mechanics are fair

Respawn Entertainment (the developers) created the game with no involvement whatsoever from EA. This is fortunate, considering EA’s track record of questionable in-game microtransactions and loot boxes.

Although Apex Legends’ microtransactions are a little pricey, it follows Fortnite’s formula. You can purchase coins to buy cosmetic items like banners, quips, and weapon and character skins. In addition, you also earn free coins and crafting metals used to purchase weapon skins and new legends. You are rewarded with a loot box - called Apex Pack - that has all of the above-mentioned items (except legends). You can also opt to purchase Apex Packs with premium currency.

Granted, you don’t need to spend a cent to enjoy the game and unlock new cosmetics.

Gameplay design is superb

Jumping from the transport craft in Apex Legends

The overall gameplay design is nothing short of exceptional. The first thing that stands out is the ping mechanic. On the PlayStation 4, all you have to do is tap R1 on an object or location of interest like a gun, a healing item or an opposing player. Everything is contextual and your character talks about it apart from making a visual marker on the map. This mechanic allows you to play entire games without having to use voice chat.

Apart from which, there’s also the revive element. Even if you’re completely eliminated, you’re still in the game if one of your teammates is still alive. All they have to do is take your banner (taken from your corpse) and bring it to one of the revive stations scattered across the map. However, this is usually risky since these spots are mostly in open areas and the process will always attract enemies.

Finally, the game also has weapon attachments. Attaching them to your weapons is quick and streamlined. When you switch to another weapon, the attachments are placed automatically, allowing you to get back into the action quickly. The same can be said about the healing and throwable weapon mechanics. Just tap on a button to switch to a grenade or use a shield or healing. You don’t need to spend 30 seconds to sift through your inventory to find a particular item.

It’s extremely fun

Apex Legends is fun. This isn’t to say other battle royale games aren’t, but its overall appeal is different compared to the others. In PUBG and H1Z1, the approach is slow and tactical. Meanwhile in Fortnite, everything is so fast-paced and the skill gap between new and veteran players is so wide.

Apex Legends creates a perfect balance, taking pointers from all of its peers. Its gunplay is fast-paced, yet has a slow and calculated approach. You will end up forming tactics depending on your squadmates’ characters and make on-the-fly decisions based on your abilities. There’s a lot of gameplay elements in play, yet all of the work in perfect harmony, creating an amazing experience that is on the apex of the battle royale echelon.

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