7 Ways Fortnite Keeps Itself Fresh and Relevant

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Fortnite battle royale has been around for nearly a year, and its appeal hasn’t died down. Unlike other games, the hype is still there and its future looks bright. So, how does it keep itself fresh and relevant? WWGDB - 7 Ways Fortnite Keeps Itself Fresh and Relevant

When Fortnite was first released, people thought of it as a game that is a merger of Minecraft and PUBG. We’re sure Epic envisioned it to be a game wherein people would end up building sophisticated fortifications to shield themselves from enemy fire. It would be a slow game that prioritized defense and tactics over action. But lo and behold: Fortnite is an action-packed game where players build flights of stairs within a couple of seconds and use a jump pad to shotgun enemy heads in midair. Instead of a slow, tactical experience, superhuman reflexes and presence of mind are a priority over an eye for design.

Since its release last year, the game’s hype has never stopped. It still is one of the hottest games in the industry (and hottest BR game at that) with no sign of being stale. Epic Games has done a good job in making Fortnite fresh, making its players look forward to something new every week. With that said, let’s take a good look at what the developers are doing:

New weapons and items

Heavy sniper in Fortnite

Epic keeps introducing new weapons into the game. Although we could say they are doing to it have players use other weapons instead of resorting to shotguns, the new additions are outstanding and making it easy for other players to get used to the gunplay. This season alone introduced the Heavy Sniper, Epic and Legendary variants of the SMG (P90), and the double-barrel shotgun.

New items, such as last season’s port-a-fort and the improved bounce pads have helped change the way the game is played, introducing new tactics. Just yesterday, the developers introduced the Rift-To-Go, an item that lets players simulate the effects of a rift and let players gilde from the sky. Introducing new weapons and items balances the game, and lets players think of new ways on how to play it, adding to the overall level of excitement.

Ever-changing themes

Viking ship in Fortnite

Every season, there’s a new storyline or theme based on the battle pass. This season is Worlds Collide, spawning new locations inspired by real-life events, while last season focused on a hero movie, a meteor destroying Dusty Depot and the factory nearby, and the Visitor. Season 3 focused on space, with astronaut skins in the battle pass. Apart from season themes, the design themes stick with the events in real-life. Last year, we saw the use of Halloween and Christmas aesthetics in the weapons, particularly in rocket and grenade launchers (which were turned into pumpkin rockets and snowball launchers).

Fresh skins and costumes

Tomato head squad

The number of skins available in Fortnite is massive, probably reach over 200 right now. The battle pass and the store dish out dozens of skins, pickaxe designs, and gliders. Plus, it is not like the skins are just lazy redesigns: they all look awesome. Plus, each has its own backstory and they feel like they were designed from the ground up. So yes, it’s no wonder why Epic is earning a bulk of its profits through the various costumes on their stores.

Constant biome and location changes

Desert biome in Fortnite

A few seasons ago, Epic introduced new biomes, with each section of the map having its own. The now gone Moisty Mire had darker and muddy grass and spookier trees, while Haunted Hills had deformed plants and a scary atmosphere. This season Epic introduced a ton of new locations, notably the desert biome which hosts a small town, a racetrack, and Paradise Palms. Instead of adding maps, they’re consistently changing the old one, adding a level of excitement into the game. However, here’s to hoping they make it a little larger due to the addition of ATKs.

Dynamic limited-time modes (LTMs)

50v50 LTM in Fortnite

Fortnite introduces new limited-time modes, or LTMs, nearly every week. Yesterday, they put up the Score LTM wherein instead of being the last player standing, you will win by getting enough points scored when you perform a particular action. Other LTMs, like the Playground and 50v50 mode are consistent participants. Whenever Epic adds a new weapon for a particular class, they bring back an LTM for that class. For example, the Heavy Sniper saw the return of the Sniper shootout LTM.

An outstanding microtransaction model

Fortnite's season 5 battle pass

Although we can’t help but admit that the in-game store items are a little expensive (some skins are priced $20), the game’s battle pass is arguably one of the best microtransaction models out there. It lets you earn skins, gliders, pickaxes, dances, and other emotes, while giving you the game’s virtual currency, the V-bucks. Note that the battle pass gives you more V-bucks that what you spent for it. For example, if you complete the battle pass (which costs 950 V-bucks), you will earn a total of 1300 V-bucks.

Listening to player feedback

Fortnite season 4 skins

Finally, one of the most glaring reasons why Fortnite is still loved by its player-base is because the developers continue to listen to the players. They implement suggestions and user-created designs. For example, the tomato head skin was originally made by a player on Reddit. Haunted Hills was conceptualized by another player, while the Orange Justice dance was added into the battle pass after a huge clamor from the community. Weapons are balanced based on what user feedback. The result? Nerfed shotguns and guided missiles + a happy user-base.

Overall, Epic has done a fantastic job with Fortnite, bringing the game to heights they never might have imagined when the game was released a year ago. With new gameplay additions like new modes, weapons, and items, as well as cosmetics like new skins and pickaxes, it is no wonder why it has held the top position of being the hottest game of the year. To add to these, the developers are responsive to the community, and the microtransactions, affordable and rewarding without affecting gameplay. If you haven’t tried Fortnite yet, note that it’s never too late.

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