7 Tips to Get More Games to Play on a Limited Budget

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Trying to get more games but your wallet doesn’t exactly allow you to? Well, we’ve got a few tips for you: WWGDB - 7 Tips to Get More Games to Play on a Limited Budget

Regardless of which platform you play in, we can all agree on one thing: gaming can be an expensive hobby. Unless if you purely go free-to-play, you definitely have to spend a certain amount of money. After all, you might want to get the latest titles and games you’ve been looking forward to.

However, there are definitely ways for you to add more games to your backlog without breaking the bank. Get this done by taking note of the following:

Avoid buying older, not discounted physical games

Don't buy older games at full price

Let’s say you want to your local games store and you’ve found a copy of a game that piqued your interest. You bought it at full price, perfectly happy with your purchase. However, you later found out it’s a two-year-old game that is significantly cheaper online.

Usually, game stores are late to update and lower the prices of older games, significantly slower than digital stores like Steam and the PlayStation Store. Unless if you’re someone who collects CDs, it would be a good idea to make a quick price comparison first.

Watch out for sales and huge discounts

Watch out for discounts!

Occasionally, both online and real-life gaming stores hold sales which can save you a lot of money, which is why it’s extremely important to look out for them. Usually, they’re held during important holidays and certain seasons. For example, you can definitely bet on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Epic holding Black Friday and Christmas sales.

With that in mind, it’s a must to always hold off on purchases if there’s a holiday or signs indicate that there will be an upcoming sale. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a $30 game only to see it go down to $10 a few days later.

If you’re not in the US, change regions

Be sure to change regions!

Let’s say you’re from Asia. Buying full-priced games in your local region is almost always cheaper than doing so in the US store. For example, if you’re based in Southeast Asia, games are usually 10% cheaper which is a lot if you’re on a limited budget.

Claim free games on the Epic Store and other platforms

Claim these free games on Epic!

One cannot understate the importance of Epic Games. As Steam’s biggest competitor, it has been trying to get people into it’s a platform with free games, exclusive timed releases, and, well, exclusives. However, its most notable effort is them releasing free games on a weekly basis for everyone. You just have to have an Epic Games account - no payments or subscriptions required. That’s it. Moreover, they’re not just releasing obscure titles. For example, GTA V was once part of their offerings and Elite Dangerous will be part of the lineup in the latter part of November.

Occasionally, some publishers offer “download now, free-to-keep” games or promos which may include you watching a live event. One good example is how Ubisoft held one of their events digitally and they lured in viewers by offering them a code for Watch Dogs 2.

Subscribe to a variety of services

Xbox Game Pass is a great example of a fantastic subscription service

Subscription services were made popular by video-streaming companies and many gaming publishers have adopted the model. Most of the time, they provide great value for your buck, dishing out freebies and a number of games when you subscribe.

One good example is EA Play which gives you access to the publisher’s immense library for a $5 ($15 for the pro version). Meanwhile, Nintendo regularly gives out free NES and SNES games, as well as originals for Switch Online subscribers and PlayStation has a new PS Plus model on the PS5, along with two free games a month. In addition, Xbox Game Pass offers outstanding value by offering Xbox Live Gold and EA Play along with it.

Join subreddits and communities for updates

Be sure to join communities to get the latest updates and offers

All the abovementioned services and promos exist. Great, but there are probably a few more that are already there or are coming soon. To get a heads up and actually get to learn about them, it would be best to follow the social media accounts of the major publishers and devs, as well as join subreddits and various communities. Visit them regularly and you may receive the welcome news of a game you’ve been wanting to play getting a major 50% discount.

Try out indies in Itch.io

Be sure to join Itch.io!

Finally, if you’re someone who is looking to try out the indie scene, Itch.io is your best bet. On its store, it has both big-name indie games and rather obscure titles created by developes trying to make a name for themselves. Many of these games are free or are extremely cheap, although you have to option to pay more (as a tip) to support the creators.

So, before spending wads of cash to support your hobby and passion, take note of the abovementioned tips first. After all, saving more money and getting freebies will ultimately translate to having more opportunities to get more games in the future.

Do you have tips of your own? Well, be sure to get the word out to help your fellow gamers.

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