7 Most Ingenious Gaming Mechanics Ever

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With every video game release, we may be treated to new gameplay mechanics or more of the same. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most ingenious ones we’ve encountered. WWGDB - 7  Most Ingenious Gaming Mechanics Ever

Over the years, games have continued to innovate and provide experiences that are breakthroughs in interactivity. Things gradually improve as technology evolves, but back in the day, creators had to navigate around hardware and software limitations. In turn, this spawned new ideas and even genres. Who could ever forget about the rise of the FPS genre, brought about by Doom and Wolfenstein? You could even real-time strategy games like Dune II which led to the development of the Command & Conquer series.

In any case, there’s no denying that as time progresses, games will continue to grow and provide us with ingenious ways to play. With that said, let’s take a look at some of what we think are the most notable ones so far:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s environment interaction

BOTW Magnesis

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is undoubtedly 2017’s best game. It’s the most current mainline title of the Zelda franchise and it featured a vast open-world which is a joy to explore and an intriguing story with an excellent cast of characters. What set it apart from other games aside from its amazing combat system and its exhilarating boss fights is its use of the environment.

Most of the things in Breath of the Wild’s world is interactable, thanks to the runes (skills) in the game’s Sheikah slate which gives Link a variety of abilities. These include the ability to use bombs, a magnetic ability, stop the time flow of an object, and the ability to create a pillar of ice from any water surface. In a way, these runes give a lot of dimensions to the gameplay. For example, players can throw themselves to great distances with the stasis ability or smash objects into enemies with the magnesis skill.

Persona’s Confidants

Sadayo Kawakami, a confidant, in Persona 5

In the Persona series, you’ll be treated to gameplay that’s double a life management sim and a turn-based RPG. Both aspects work hand-in-hand and work wonders thanks to the excellent confidant system.

In a nutshell, confidants are characters both in and out of school you can increase your bonds with. Each has deep, and different stories and tales to tell which you’ll trigger when hanging out with them. The stronger the bond, the bonuses in battle you’ll unlock. For example in Persona 5, hanging out with a politician increases your speech stat which lets you negotiate with enemies, recruiting them or taking money and items in exchange for you letting them go.. Moreover, enhancing bonds with your party members lets you fight enemies more efficiently, unlocking more moves and other support mechanisms.

Hideo Kojima and stealth

From the blocky Metal Gear (1987) to MSGV

Hideo Kojima is one of the industry’s most celebrated video game creators. Before achieving his celebrity rockstar status, he laid the foundations of the stealth genre with Metal Gear. It wasn’t the first stealth game, yet it was credited for making the biggest impact.

You see, he was in charge of creating Metal Gear in 1987 for the MSX computer. The project was in a tumultuous phase, with hardware limitations making it hard to implement the combat system. Instead of encouraging combat, Kojima turned it into a game where you’re encouraged to avoid fighting.

This would inspire other stealth series like Hitman and Splinter Cell. Later on, Kojima would end up directing, writing, and designing future Metal Gear games up until Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain before splitting from Konami. Today, he’s working on the highly anticipated Death Stranding, his first game since Metal Gear V under Sony via his own studio, Kojima Productions.

Weapon-based character classes

Hunting horn in Monster Hunter World

We’ve all had the idea that we have to select our characters’ respective job classes from the start. Though it’s standard, it’s not exactly the best idea. After all, players might end up wanting to switch classes in the middle of the game.

Weapon-based character classes and skills eliminate this. You can equip certain weapons and perform various roles depending on your preferred play style. With this, you can change “classes” at will without the need to start all over again. Today, it’s now a standard in a few games most notably the Monster Hunter series.

Just Cause’s “Physics”

Just Cause 4 tornado

Over the years, video game physics has evolved through the years but it hasn’t always been smooth. Regardless, we’ve been treated to games with outstanding physics like GTA, Crysis, and the Battlefield series.

Thing is, no franchise has ever been close to “perfecting” physics like Just Cause. It plays like an action movie with the protagonist, Ricardo Rodriguez, defying gravity, destroying bridges, and swinging around with a grappling hook. It’s insanely eccentric, especially in Just Cause 4 wherein you can glide around in a tornado. The game is far from realistic, but its physics paired with the environment dishes out an insanely fun experience.

Minecraft’s world of blocks

Minecraft is now a lot better

Minecraft gave players a medium to unleash their creativity in a world made of blocks. Although the graphics aren’t what you’d call desirable, the developers gave gamers numerous customization options so they can build whatever they want. In turn, this spawned an entire genre and though more high-def building games are available, Minecraft has retained its appeal and is still one of the more widely-played titles today.

Choice-driven games

Detroit: Become Human choices

Finally, let’s look at choice-driven games. In a nutshell, these are interactive adventures wherein you put yourself in the shoes of the playable characters and make decisions for them. Note that these decisions will change the overall story and outcomes. Though they are not the most action-packed experiences out there, they’re perfect for anyone who holds game stories at a premium. These include the now-closed Telltale games and of course, Quantic Dream’s masterpieces.

Games have evolved to provide a variety of experiences and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. We’re sure numerous developers are currently thinking of new gameplay mechanics that will continue to innovate and change the entire gaming world. So, what do you think are some of the most ingenious gameplay mechanics out there?

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