6 Types of the Worst Mobile Games We Always See on the App Stores

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There are countless games on both the Apple and Google app stores. Thing is, a lot of them are terrible and low-effort garbage games. Let’s take a look at some of the best examples: WWGDB - 6 Types of the Worst Mobile Games We Always See on the App Stores

When you play a mobile game, you don’t exactly expect a fully-immersive game in the level of high-risers like God of War or Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Instead, you’re looking for a game that will give you at least a dozen hours of fun, enough to let you kill time when you’re standing in line or inside a dentist’s waiting room.

Fact is, our expectations are likely already low but there are just some games which go way under the threshold making us wonder why and how they were released. In your case, it would be smart to be wary and look out for these titles since you wouldn’t want to waste your time playing them.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the worst offenders.

Reskinned strategy games

Game of War wasn't the first strategy game of its kind

One of the most common and recurring types of games we see are “strategy” games where you build a base, raise an army, and take and conquer your enemies. It’s a formula that works even if the gameplay involves a whole lot of tapping and zero semblance of actual strategizing. Moreover, their introductions are fairly similar. You’ll always have to start building a farm to produce food from your troops and of course, start training a tiny army.

When you’ve played some of these games, you’ll also notice that their user interfaces and even the base structures are quite similar. This isn’t surprising since they're likely just reskinned versions of other games with different graphics, characters, and art styles. Get a source code for a strategy game, reskin the whole thing, and poof, you have yourself an “original” game.

Games that are just there for ad revenue

Best example of a game that earned ad revenue even if it was garbage

There are some titles that are decent but are chock-full of ads. Every time you navigate to a different menu, you’re then forced to sit through a 15-30 second ad of a different game. It’s frustrating. However, this isn’t a surprise, since some games are merely gateways to better experiences. It’s much worse if these games are reskins or just low-effort garbage.

Don’t get us wrong: ads are ok in free mobile games. Thing is, developers need to give players incentives for watching them which is already a norm for good games. Incentivizing the act of watching ads leads to a happy player-base and of course, revenue for developers.

Shameless ripoffs

When Flappy Bird came out, it was a huge deal. Though it’s a dumb game about a bird going through rows of pipes, it became a pop culture classic with people spending dozen of hours playing it. A developer event created an AI designed to play it

Though the game has been pulled from the app stores and you can only play it via a website, it spawned numerous ripoffs and reskins. Note that Flappy Bird was removed allegedly due to a complaint from Nintendo (the pipes looked like the ones from Super Mario). All these ripoff games had to do was reskin the whole thing while providing the same gameplay.

Games from other genres, especially in the strategy genre are the worst offenders. We’re sure that you’ve played some of them before. It’s not a surprise as to why there are hundreds of strategy titles which provide the same type of gameplay loop of build a farm, raise an army, and attack your enemies.

Games with misleading titles

Just imagine the number of games called

When battle royale became a huge deal and games like PUBG and Fortnite dominated the charts, a lot of developers wanted to get into the fun. Thing is, creating a game from scratch takes years, so what’s the next best thing? Well, it’s renaming a game and including something like battle royale at the end.

The worst offenders include a game with “Fortnight” and a reskinned strategy game with “Unknown Player’s Battles Royale” as its title. It’s hilariously misleading, and gamers who know better usually avoid downloading them. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for less-informed gamers.

Games with ads that show fake gameplay

It’s an unfortunate trend that is dominating YouTube and on Facebook today. There are game ads that show “gameplay trailers” showing totally fake gameplay, with some even taken directly from other games. There are even instances where you think you’re downloading an immersive, “decide your story” experience but you’re actually just getting yourself into a terribly-translated strategy game. Speaking of which...

Terribly localized/translated games

A few awkward sentences and grammar gaffes are forgivable, considering a lot of game developers are based in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Thing is, there’s absolutely no excuse when an entire game is full of mistranslated dialogue and text that has never once met the watchful eye of an editor.

Though we want to say that there should be no place for these types of games on the app stores, they still thrive. This is considering that most of the target market isn’t exactly composed the most well-informed bunch and are not picky about the games they play. We can only hope that we won’t have to see or get to play any of these games in the future.

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