6 Things You Should Never Do in a Battle Royale Game If You Want to Win

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Winning in battle royale games is hard. Getting the first win is sweet, but to do so, you have to do things right. Make the wrong moves and you won’t get a much-coveted chicken dinner or victory royale. WWGDB - 6 Things You Should Never Do in a Battle Royale Game If You Want to Win

It’s never easy to win in a battle royale game. Regardless if it’s Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, BFV, H1Z1, or CoD: Blackout competing with dozens of players in a Hunger Games scenario means your chances of winning are at a bare minimum even if you’re highly skilled.

We’ve all read tips and watched videos about what you have to do to achieve victory. Thing is, not a lot of people have told you what you SHOULDN’T do. Let’s fix this and talk about what you need to avoid doing during a battle royale match.

Make unnecessary sounds

Honking is unnecessary

By unnecessary sounds, we mean shooting in the air because you feel like it. If you’re planning to test out weapons in a serious game whether to test out the bullet drop and see how the recoil is, don’t. Instead, play on a tutorial mode or free play one. Fortnite’s Playground, H1Z1’s free mode, and PUBG’s shooting range are perfect places to practice. Unfortunately, other games like Apex Legends and CoD: Blackout don’t have free modes, so you’ll have to make do in real games. The same thing applies to games with vehicles. If you feel like honking the horn when you’re joyriding on a highway.

Apart from firing weapons randomly, you’d also want to turn off proximity in games that have them, like H1Z1 and PUBG. Even if you’re not speaking, background noise will definitely attract attentive players. Either use party chat or simply turn off the proximity chat feature.

Missing your first shots in an ambush

Don't shoot if you know you're gonna miss

Don’t take shots unless if you’re sure you’ll hit them especially when ambushing an opponent in a battle royale game. Missing your first shots - and unloading a full clip at that - will expose your position and will definitely make you open to retaliatory fire. In any case, don’t spray and pray: aim and fire precisely and take enemies down before they know what hit them.

Sure, hitting a moving target hard, but there’s no excuse for missing if they have their back turned.

Being uncooperative with your teammates

Cooperate with your teammates always

When playing with a squad, cooperation is tantamount. This means sharing whatever extra loot or gear you have, as well as not being obnoxious. Don’t play solo and charge enemies head-on without your teammates. There is also no excuse for being toxic.

Completely forgetting about the safezone

How can you forget about the safezone when it looks like this?

Though it’s one of the most important parts of a battle royale, safezones (or circles and storms) are pretty easy to forget. This is especially if you’re in the middle of a firefight or looting. Thing is, don’t forget about them and as much as possible, get into the safe area right away if you can. Regardless of the circumstances, you’ll be able to set yourself up if you do and even ambush enemies that are rushing towards it.

Not taking full advantage of the gameplay elements

Learn how to drive a tank and pilot a heli in Firestorm

Ever tried playing Fortnite without the building anything or Apex Legends without using character skills, balloons, and zip lines? How about H1Z1 without the cars, Battlefield V Firestorm without the vehicles, and PUBG without the weapon attachments? Unless if you’re an extraordinary player, we’re sure you won’t consistently win without taking full advantage of their gameplay elements.

For example, though mastering Fortnite’s building elements is quite difficult and has a long learning curve, you’ll need to master it. After all, it’s a huge part of the game and without it, you’ll be playing with one arm tied behind your back. Tip: regardless of the game, watch gameplay videos and YouTube tips by veteran players and you’ll be able to grasp them pretty quickly.

Quiet drops

Yes. Always drop Tilted.

Quiet drops, AKA dropping into a location with zero enemies, leaves you with zero room for improvement. Sure, you can loot safely for several minutes, but you’ll be left with fewer encounters. In turn, you won’t gain any personal experience in firefights which will ultimately lead you to not do well in such situations. More frustratingly, you could end up in a string of games wherein all you did was loot in the first 20 minutes and end up dying in your first encounter.

As much as possible, try to get in as many firefights as you can. Sure, your chances of winning will be diminished, but doing so is the best and quickest way to get good. Once you have enough experience under your belt, you will react fast and instinctively without fear or hesitation in tight situations.

Though fun, getting a sense of accomplishment in a battle royale game is rare. When you get it after a win though, the feeling is sweet as a honey-glazed roasted chicken dinner. To experience it though, be sure to avoid doing any of the above-mentioned. Do so and your road to victory will be a lot easier!

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