6 Reasons Why Square Enix Needs to Make a New Final Fantasy Tactics Game

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Final Fantasy Tactics is undoubtedly one of the best games of all time. Unfortunately, we’ve never had a sequel and more than 20 years after its release, there are still no plans to make one. Here’s why Square Enix needs to reconsider: WWGDB - 6 Reasons Why Square Enix Needs to Make a New Final Fantasy Tactics Game

Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the greatest games ever created but unfortunately, we’ve never received a sequel. The follow-up games were a light-hearted duology in the Game Boy and Nintendo DS (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) and the updated PSP version, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions which added animated cutscenes and a revamped and improved script.

We can’t seem to figure out why Square Enix won’t entertain the possibility of creating another FFT game, considering they were highly popular, garnered critical acclaim, and most importantly, sold well. Sure, they have their hands full with FF7 Remake and FF14 today, but they’re definitely missing out and are putting a blind eye to FFT’s fans.

In any case, the time is right for them to dive into the fray and actually start making a new FFT or even a Tactics Ogre title. Here are the reasons why:

It’s been too long

Ramza, Ovelia, and Agrias

The original Final Fantasy Tactics game was released in Japan back in 1997, while the War of the Lions’ PSP and mobile releases were way back in 2007 and 2011 respectively.

It’s been too long since we’ve had an FFT game. Personally, Square Enix ignoring the franchise is a terrible idea. It’s well-loved and though you could argue it’s a niche franchise, time will only let the hype die down, throwing it into the depths of obscurity. If they ignore it much longer, they might just succeed in killing a beloved franchised.

People buy and love tactics games

Fire Emblem proves tactics games are big

The reasons why the mainline Final Fantasy games departed from the turn-based formula were likely the opinions stated in this interview. Moreover, the creator, Yasumi Matsuno, left the company. Though we can definitely agree that real-time action games are more engaging, this doesn’t always translate to top quality. Just look at Final Fantasy XV: it was highly anticipated and had a lot of hype, but it turned out to be a mediocre disappointment.

We can’t figure out why there’s a stigma behind turn-based games when in recent years, they’ve sold fairly well. One outstanding example is Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a game nearly similar to FFT which garnered several accolades and sold 2.58 million copies worldwide. Note that Fire Emblem games (and turn-based titles in general) are considered fairly niche, so this figure fairly exceeds expectations.

If Square is worried nobody will buy a new iteration of FFT, they need to rethink their stance. Gamers today absolutely love turn-based titles and heck, it will still sell because hey, it’s Final Fantasy.

Most of its competitors are not up to par

Disgaea is good and is a comedy version of FFT

There are a plethora of turn-based tactics games today that unfortunately can’t hold a candle to Final Fantasy Tactics. The only exceptions are, of course, Fire Emblem and Disgaea. Titles like God Wars: Future Past, Banner Saga, and Mercenary Saga are fairly decent, but simply can’t scratch that itch.

The Nintendo Switch is a perfect fit

Delita and Ramza

Hardware isn’t a problem since the Nintendo Switch is a perfect fit for a Final Fantasy Tactics game. It’s undoubtedly the best way to play a tactics game, much like when they released War of the Lions on the PSP and the Advance duology on the Game Boy and DS. Note that the Switch nearly has 50 million worldwide sales. Though short of the PSP by 30 million, it’s still a massive number and getting players from a small percentage is enough to make a game profitable.

Square Enix already has the resources

Final Fantasy Tactics with an Octopath Traveler art style would be awesome

It’s no secret that Square is a huge billion-dollar company. They can easily get the talent needed to fill Matsuno’s shoes (or even get him back onboard). Plus, they already have the perfect engine and technology on-hand. Octopath Traveler’s “HD-2D” art style, music, and type of story (and setting) would make for an outstanding FFT sequel. Time will only tell if Square Enix is on board.

FFT is one of the greatest video games of all time

Definitely one of the best games of all time

Though Final Fantasy Tactics hasn’t reached the level of popularity the same way big-name titles and franchises like GTA, Resident Evil, The Legend of Zelda, and of course, the mainline Final Fantasy games did, it still received worldwide acclaim. It is undoubtedly one of the best strategy RPGs and has to be one of the top 10 greatest video games. Personally, it’s my all-time favorite (now you know why this article sounds biased) and if you run a quick Google search, you’ll discover it’s also the favorite of countless others.

So, do you also think that Final Fantasy Tactics deserves a sequel? It is, hands-up, one of the best games ever made with a story, gameplay, and overall writing up to par with many big-budget triple-A games. In any case, we hope we’ll get a future where a sequel or a successor is present.

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