6 Reasons Why Fortnite Doesn't Deserve the Hate It Receives

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Fortnite is one of the greatest examples of gaming success stories. Unfortunately, it is receiving a lot of hate. Let’s enumerate some of the reasons why it doesn’t deserve the flak it gets: WWGDB - 6 Reasons Why Fortnite Doesn't Deserve the Hate It Receives

Fortnite is hands-down the most popular game today. With over 125 million players, it is a worldwide phenomenon. It overshadows all of its rivals in the battle royale genre, from PUBG to even Call of Duty’s Blackout.

Like with everything that becomes popular, it has its fair share of haters. Most hit on the game’s cartoonish art style, while others slam the target audience, and a few despise the building mechanic. Regardless of the reason, Fortnite doesn’t deserve the flak it receives. Sure, fair criticism is welcome, but the hostility it receives is unwarranted and borderline foolish. Here’s why:

This game “forced” Sony to go cross-platform

You can go up against players across all platforms in Fortnite

As of today, Fortnite is the only game that is entirely cross-platform. PlayStation 4 players can now hop into the battle bus with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players, with mobile and PC already in the mix. It is a revolutionary step forward in the gaming world and sets up the next generation - which will come within three years - perfectly.

Though it’s still in the beta phase, developers across the gaming world are prepping up. After all, a cross-platform Rocket League, Call of Duty, and Tekken are the stuff dreams are made of. You’ll no longer have to own the same console as your friends to play with them. Note that Sony was adamant in making crossplay a thing, so what Fortnite managed to do is a near miracle.

The players do not define the game

Sure, there are toxic teammates and players but that is not grounds for hating the game

Another reason why Fortnite receives hate is because of its player-base. Although it’s a game for every age-range, most of the players are kids below twelve or those in their early teens. If you play with random squads, you’re likely going to end up with someone between 10-13 years old. In turn, this makes for interesting game sessions. If you’re unlucky and got paired up with a kid with zero manners, you’ll end up dealing with profanity and unwanted noise.

The flak Fortnite receives due to this is unwarranted. After all, almost every online multiplayer title has their fair share of young and toxic players. Why is no one criticizing GTA V or Call of Duty because of the few bad eggs in its community? If you hate the players, don’t hate the game. Play solo or find good people to play with.

Its microtransaction model is one of the best in the gaming world

The battle pass is an excellent microtransaction model

Fortnite’s microtransaction practices are among the best in the industry. There are no loot boxes and the items available do not give players any advantage gameplay-wise. Everything is cosmetic or just an extra, especially the fun and goofy emotes and dances.

However, not microtransaction elements stands out in Fortnite more than the battle pass. In a nutshell, this is a seasonal progression system where you gain various rewards, like skins, emotes, menu music, banners, and dances. There are two types: the free pass and the premium pass. If you buy the premium pass (950 vBucks or $10) and finish all 100 tiers, you’ll earn enough vBucks to purchase the next season’s battle pass. In addition, the skins are well-designed and worth every penny.

Fortnite is smooth and well-optimized

Sure, there are a few issues on the Switch, but it runs smoothly overall

Every game today has its fair share of bugs and glitches. Fortnite isn’t exempted. However, when compared to most titles nowadays, it stands out. The game runs smoothly on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Though there are optimization issues on mobile and the Nintendo Switch, the game runs fairly well. There are also regional servers which solve latency issues. Moreover, if there are in-game issues, Epic is quick to solve them right away.

The developers are in constant communication

The developers rush to fix issues like these guys

Epic Games is always in constant communication with Fortnite’s player-base. The community managers are active on Reddit where they post updates and answer queries. Moreover, they’re never too shy to ask for community feedback to fix bugs, glitches, and game balancing issues. The way they deal with the community is something all gaming companies should definitely emulate.

Finally, it adds content and new elements on a regular basis

The mounted turret is a new and outstanding addition to Fortnite

Fortnite isn’t a bland game by any means. It’s not just about building battles and a shotgun to the head. The developers constantly add new gameplay elements which tilt the game’s balance. The most notable of which would be the mounted turret. More weapons are being added, as well as new environmental elements. It’s not HD Minecraft with shooting elements as other people claim it is.

Overall, Fortnite is a fantastic game that is run and developed by an outstanding and forward-thinking developers. With that said, if games are run by companies like Epic, they’d we’d have a better industry overall. Though it’s still in early access (which is questionable), it is constantly evolving and we daresay it’s better than most fully-released titles. Give it a chance, play it, and you’ll understand the appeal.

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