5 of the Best (and Worst) Weapons in Battle Royale Games

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A good battle royale isn’t without good and bad weapons. Games have different gunplay mechanics: some go for a realistic feel while others create their own. Let’s take a good look at some of the best and worst weapon ones: WWGDB - 5 of the Best (and Worst) Weapons in Battle Royale Games

Weapons in battle royale vary and each game has its own respective gunplay mechanics. PUBG is more grounded in reality and you have to factor in things like bullet drop and realistic weapon recoil. Fortnite has a more fictional approach yet it has factors like bloom, recoil, and of course, bullet drop. Regardless of which battle royale you play, they’re all challenging.

The thing is, there are weapons that make our lives in battle royale a lot easier. Our skill levels, survival rate, and kills spike up when we have them on our inventory. Contrary to this, there are weapons that are absolutely a chore to use and are only effective against unarmed enemies. They’re just not worth having around and are a waste of valuable inventory space. With that said, let’s take a look at some of these:

Best: Fortnite’s Epic/Legendary AR

Legendary AR in Fortnite

Fortnite’s epic/legendary AR is absolutely lethal. They deal 70/72 damage on headshots and 35/36 on other parts of the body. Called “scar” (based on the real-life FN SCAR), it has deadly accuracy, smaller bloom, and recoil. It can be found both as floor loot and in supply boxes. In any case, having it around will surely give you an advantage in long to mid-ranged battles in Fortnite.

Worst: Fortnite’s Six Shooter

Six Shooter in Fortnite

Recently unvaulted due to the game’s 14-days of summer event, the Six Shooter was originally part of the weapon lineup of the Fortnightmares event. In a nutshell, it’s a revolver akin to what you see on western-themed movies and games. It can be fired accurately through ADS or via rapid hip-fire. Though it’s useful against cube monsters (or zombies), it’s just not a good weapon for human players. It’s highly inaccurate, slow to reload, and as its name suggests, only has six bullets.

Best: Apex Legend’s Peacekeeper

Peacekeeper in Apex Legends

If Fortnite has the pump shotgun, Apex Legends has the Peacekeeper. Highly-touted as one of the best guns in the game, it’s a common floor loot can deal up to 110 damage on body shots and 165 on headshots. With the right attachments, you can charge up your shots and reduce the spread.

Worst: Apex Legend’s Mozambique

Mozambique in Apex Legends

Though it’s recently updated thanks to the new season 2 patch, the old Mozambique had the honor of being the worst and most-despised weapon on Apex Legends. Though it’s a futuristic take on the sawed-off shotgun, it’s nothing short of terrible. The low damage and the limited number of shots make it useless and you’re better off punching your opponents instead of picking it up and engaging.

Best: H1Z1’s M40

M40 in H1Z1

H1Z1’s M40 is undoubtedly the best sniper rifle in the game. It’s absolutely insane: a single headshot can take anyone out even if they have an undamaged tactical helmet. The bullet drop is minimal and if paired with a long-range scope, you can easily take out enemies from afar.

Worst: H1Z1’s Scout Rifle

Scout/Ranch rifle in H1Z1

The not exactly useless, the Scout Rifle definitely needs a lot of tweaking. This green-tier (uncommon) sniper can be found on supply drops and military crates. It only deals at least 20 damage and is only useful for suppressing enemy fire and harassing enemies. Its scope’s range is also fairly limited and is only useful for mid-range engagements.

Best: PUBG’s Groza

Groza in PUBG

The fact that this 7.62mm Russian-made assault rifle can only be picked up on military crates is a testament to how good it is. It can deal up to 49 damage, is highly accurate, and has a blistering fire rate that makes it highly comparable to SMGs. Having it around is worth the risk of being taken out while opening a supply drop.

Worst: All of PUBG’s Pistols

Pistols in PUBG

PUBG’s pistols are the worst in battle royale history. They’re weak, inaccurate, and only have iron sights unless if you’ve placed attachments. In any case, they’re only useful immediately after dropping and against unarmed opponents. Don’t let them take any inventory space and be sure to swap them with better weapons.

Best: Apex Legend’s Wingman

Apex Legends Wingman

If Apex Legends is a romance, then the Wingman is the best wingman. This highly-potent pistol uses heavy rounds and can take out anyone with three headshots (two if it has the Skullpiercer attachment). Body shots can deal 45 damage while headshots can deliver up to 101 with the right attachments. In any case, it’s the best go-to weapon for anyone with an outstanding aim.

Worst: Apex Legend’s Triple Take

Triple Take in Apex Legends

The Triple Take is a sniper rifle that uses energy ammo. It shoots three projectiles, one goes center, while the other two spread left and right respectively. Unfortunately, this means it has a “spread” unless if you have the right attachments, which is a no-no in long-range combat where precision is a necessity. It can potentially deal a lot of damage, but you’re better off using a Longbow or a Kraber.

So, which weapons here do you think are the best and the worst? Which ones are your personal favorites? In any case, we can’t blame developers for putting in bad weapons. After all, you need to balance things out and who knows, they may draw the best out of certain players.

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