5 Games with the Best Roleplaying Opportunities

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Today, roleplaying in video games is made possible thanks to the vast number of titles that allow this, along with the creative minds of many players. Let’s take a look at some you’d want to try out: WWGDB - 5 Games with the Best Roleplaying Opportunities

When we talk about roleplaying in video games, it doesn’t exactly refer to RPGs with set stories. In a nutshell, roleplaying involves creating a unique character, their background, and other characteristics, as well as their goals. After you’re done, you’ll then play the game according to the character’s point-of-view, much like in Dungeons and Dragons.

For example, let’s say you’ll play as a warlord in a war video game. Considering your stature, you’ll focus on conquering your neighbors through war instead of peacefully annexing them through skillful diplomacy. At the same time, you won’t make decisions based on what YOU feel. Instead, you’ll put yourself in the shoes of your character and pick choices as him or her.

With that said, if you want to try your hand in roleplaying, which games would you want to play?


Minecraft provides a lot of roleplay opportunities

Thanks to its extremely large player-base and open-ended gameplay, Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the best games for roleplay. Apart from building huge structures that can blow anyone’s mind, there are numerous servers that use roleplay ideas including the creation of kingdoms and even modern societies. Moreover, there are even ones with geopolitical themes and even zombie apocalypse ones.

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is great for roleplaying as well

My best online roleplaying experience was in Conan Exiles in Kingdoms of the Fallen, a hardcore RP server. In it were several kingdoms and nations based on the Conan the Barbarian lore. They all have their own rulers, as well as their own rich economy system which encouraged trade between countries. Moreover, nations have their own borders and breathtaking capital cities where players stayed. There are events like wars between nations and players roleplaying as marauding bandits trespassing into foreign lands.

With that said, this server isn’t the only one in Conan where you can roleplay. There are others with their own roleplaying gimmicks and schemes across all platforms. You could choose to be whoever you want and at the same time, enjoy the building and PvP mechanics that Conan Exiles has to offer.

Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 4

Crusader Kings 2 dishes out a rich and strategic roleplay experience

Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4 are among the deepest and most complicated strategy games ever made. Though both Paradox titles appear to be rather similar, the former involves strengthening your own dynasty in the Middle Ages, fighting wars, and managing relationships with other characters. Meanwhile, Europa Universalis focuses on country/empire management: you’ll manage internal stability, trade, and relationships with other nations.

Where does roleplay fit into the mix?

Well, let’s say you wish to play as a scheming lord with royal ambitions in CK2. You can put yourself in that character’s shoes and work your way up to the top. In EU4 meanwhile, you could become a pacifist nation whose only wish is to enrich itself instead of expanding as much as possible.

Mount & Blade 1 & 2

Mount and Blade doesn't only have battles, but potential roleplay experiences

Though Mount & Blade Warband looks like a title from two generations ago, it’s one of those games where there are tons of roleplaying opportunities. The same can be said of M & B II: Bannerlord which released this year but is still in the beta phase.

Here, you’ll play as a character you’ll create from scratch, choosing his looks, ethnicity and backstory. After which, you’ll then explore a vast expansive map where you’ll fight in massive set battles medieval-style battles where you’ll command your band of warriors/army. Moreover, you’ll also get to interact with a variety of lords, kings, and a plethora of other characters.

Whether you want to be a minor character running errands for lords or to simply create your own kingdom and conquer the entire continent of Calradia is up to you.


DayZ can provide an interesting RP experience

DayZ may not be the first game that springs to mind when you talk about roleplay, but it’s one of those games which is extremely fun with roleplay. With that said, the game puts you in a brutal post-apocalyptic world infested with the undead. You’ll gather materials and weapons across a vast map while hiding from or fighting other players.

With that said, players can have fun roleplaying as robbers and victims, thieves, and even pacifists. There was even one roleplayer who stayed inside a church, giving out food and supplies he gathered to passing players, refusing to fight back even at gunpoint. Obviously, this surprised a lot of players considering that DayZ’s gameplay is based on wreaking havoc and stealing from others.

Overall, roleplaying in various games adds a lot of dimensions to existing titles and dishes out a rich experience. It will change the way you play, especially if you go online. You’ll not only interact with NPCs, but also other players who are roleplaying as well. Try out any of these games and go out there and roleplay. Doing so will help change your perspective of games and give you a great time.

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