12 Gaming Personalities/Accounts to Follow on Twitter

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If you’re looking to make your social media feed deliver gaming news and expose you to the great minds of the industry, here are some of the best personalities/accounts to follow. WWGDB - 12 Gaming Personalities/Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Back in the day, we all had to get our gaming news straight from commercials and specific magazines. Only a few websites covered gaming which at that time, was a rather niche industry. Today though, there are throngs of journalists, enthusiasts, and media personalities covering it. Meanwhile, we’re also treated to the creative minds and rather interesting personalities of well-known people in the industry. They’re on Twitter, so gaining access to them is fairly quick and easy.

With that said, if you wish to fill your Twitter feed with must-follow people and accounts, here are some suggestions:


PlayStation twitter

Why not get news straight from the horse’s mouth? The PlayStation accounts vary per region (PlayStation Europe, PlayStation Asia, etc) and each delivers news and updates vital to all PlayStation players. You’ll get to hear about updates on games under development, the latest sales and offers, new PlayStation Plus games, release dates, and other promotions.


Nintendo of America Twitter

Like the PlayStation account, following the various official Xbox accounts is crucial for all Xbox players. Doing so means you’ll gain access to the console-related news and updates, as well as announcements and release dates for new games and services. Moreover, you’ll also be updated on the latest sales and offers (there are plenty!)

Nintendo of America and other regional accounts

Following the Nintendo accounts will give you unhindered access to the latest news and features regarding the newest updates and offers regarding anything Nintendo. You’ll immediately get to hear about Nintendo Directs, sales and offers, and game updates. If you own a Switch and are looking for new updates, following their account is a must.


Xbox twitter

Steam doesn’t need an introduction: it’s arguably the largest PC digital distribution service and the go-to of every PC player. Their Twitter account will treat you to game updates and new releases. However, the account mainly dishes out updates regarding discounts and deals. They may provide offers for various games or hold an occasional sale. Regardless, following the account is a necessity if you’re a PC gamer.

Devolver Digital

Steam Twitter account

Devolver Digital is the publisher behind well-loved games like Downwell, Broforce, Gris, and Hotline Miami. They have more upcoming highly-anticipated titles like Carrion and Fall Guys. Though you’ll receive updates on their games and discounts on various platforms, it’s never a slow day if you regularly check their Twitter feed. They regularly dish out funny tweets and content, like how they jokingly wanted to make Star Wars a cash grab match-3 mobile game. In any case, if you love indies and want an occasional laugh and witty response, this is a must-follow.


Devolver Digital twitter

The demand for JRPGs is high on the west and with the quality of localization game localization rising up with every release, people are starting to crave more Japanese games. If you’d like the most recent news and updates regarding games in the east, Gematsu is a must-follow. It’s run by Sal Romano who translates content from Japanese magazines and websites and watches press conferences in real-time. It’s safe to say Sal is one of the heroes of non-Japanese speaking JRPG fans.

Reggie Fils-Aime

Gematsu Twitter

Reggie is one of the most popular figures in the gaming industry. Though he’s retired from being Nintendo of America’s President, he still continues to be an advocate for video games. Follow his account and you’ll gain new insights on the industry and find out why he’s one of the most respected and loved members of the gaming community.

Cory Barlog

Reggie Fils-Aime twitter

If you love God of War, it’s important to follow Cory Barlog. The man is responsible for directing God of War III and in creating God of War (2018) which is undoubtedly one of the best games of the entire decade. Once you follow him, you’ll get a glimpse of his creative mind and how he and his team at Santa Monica Studios work.

Hideo Kojima

Cory Barlog Twitter

Hideo Kojima is one of the brightest and artistic minds in the game industry. Known mainly for his work in the Metal Gear franchise and the newly-released Death Stranding, he’s highly-regarded in the world of gaming. Following him on Twitter will treat you to his work and what’s going on inside his mind, as well as movie recommendations and content he finds interesting.

Phil Spencer

Hideo Kojima Twitter

Phil Spencer is the long-time head of Xbox and is a loved figure in the entire gaming world. Following him on Twitter will give you access to his thoughts and updates on Xbox exclusives as well as other Xbox-related content and other updates.

Doug Bowser

Phil Spencer Twitter

If I told you Bowser is one of the main head honchos of Nintendo, you’d think it’s a bad joke. Thing is, it’s true: Doug Bowser is the current President of Nintendo of America. Though he rarely tweets these days, doing so will give you access to what he’s doing these days, as well as some Nintendo-related news and updates.

A collection of gaming news sites

Finally, if you’re looking to fill your Twitter feed with gaming news and opinions, it’s best to follow these sites on Twitter:

- GameSpot
- Destructoid
- Gamasutra
- GamesRadar+
- NintendoLife

Following these accounts will not only will you get the most recent updates and special offers, but also give you an in-depth look at how the game industry works.

So, what do you think are some of the other must-follow game industry accounts on Twitter?

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