10 Key Call of Duty: Warzone Survival Tips to Help You Get a Win

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Getting a win in Call of Duty: Warzone is extremely hard, but nevertheless, it’s doable. Here are some tips to help you achieve this: WWGDB - 10 Key Call of Duty: Warzone Survival Tips to Help You Get a Win

If you’re one of the 30 million Call of Duty: Warzone players hoping to get a win, we’re not surprised. This game has taken the world by storm and even players who are new to the franchise dove into Verdansk with the friends.

However, surviving and escaping via helicopter at the end is easier said than done. Personally, I’ve managed to rack up a couple of wins and here are some of the things which I think will help you out:

“Get Good” and get used to CoD

Get used to everything in Warzone

Unlike most battle royale titles, Warzone is extremely fast-paced. If you let your guard down for three seconds, you’ll end up in the Gulag. Gunfights are quick and require a lot of action movie-esque movements.

This is why it’s a must to get used to the physics, movement, and the intricacies of aiming and recoil in CoD. In a way, it’s much more unique than other games like PUBG and Battlefield V: Firestorm. Moreover, it’s also an absolute must to find ways to improve and make sound decisions like where to go for cover, spatial awareness, etc.

Cash, buy station, and loadout drops

Buy station in Warzone

In Warzone, you can pick up cash scattered around Verdansk. You can use these to purchase things from the buy stations. The merchandise you can purchase includes killstreak items, armor plate bundles, UAVs, self-revive kits, and most importantly, your fallen comrades.

With that in mind, it’s absolutely necessary to cooperate with teammates and share cash to buy items. The most notable of which are loadout drops which let you select a certain set from your customized loadouts.

Customize your loadouts and weapons

Loadout in Warzone

Speaking of loadouts, it’s a must to customize yours. These can be accessed via the weapons tab on the main menu.

In a nutshell, you’ll gain experience the more you use a weapon. When you earn enough XP, they level up, and in turn, you’ll have more access to attachments and other benefits. With that said, if you don’t want to continue using a Kar98 with only an iron sight and an LMG with only 50 rounds per clip, start customizing.

Cooperation is crucial

Cooperation is crucial in Warzone

Warzone isn’t a game for lone wolves. Cooperation is necessary - it’s important to drop together, share ammo, and “donate” cash to other teammates to buy the necessary items, and ping enemies and interesting sites. Sure, individual skill plays a major part, but without teamwork, getting a win will be next to impossible.

Select and use killstreaks wisely

Use killstreaks wisely

Killstreaks are items players earn whenever they reach a certain number of kills without dying. You can select up to five on the main menu and these range from airstrikes, UAV drones, infantry fighting vehicles, and even cruise missiles.

With that said, be sure to pick your killstreaks accordingly and see to it that the number of kills needed to activate them coincide with your skill. For example, it wouldn’t be smart to pick a 10-killstreak item if you find it hard to rack up five kills a game.

Launchers are your friends

Launchers are your friends!

Warzone has a plethora of vehicles available including trucks, helicopters, and ATVs, and four-seat tactical rovers. These vehicles are bullet sponges and unless if you can hit pilots/drivers accurately, you won’t be able to stop them as efficiently with a gun. In this case, your best option to stop them is the rocket launchers which are, unfortunately, almost always ignored.

At least have someone in your team equip an RPG or better yet, a javelin guided missile launcher to take out vehicles and their passengers from a distance.

Fight in pre-match lobbies

Be sure to fight in pre-match lobbies!

Before matches start, you’ll get to spend at least a minute in a pre-match lobby while the game loads. Here, you’ll join a free-for-all with other players and shoot whoever you want.

However, note that this isn’t just a filler to kill time. You can actually earn weapon XP here, making it important to rack up a few kills. By doing so, you can improve your loadouts while warming up at the same time.

Join regiments

Be sure to join regiments in Warzone!

Regiments are basically groups of players playing together. You can join multiple regiments and even have a tag of one before your in-game name.

There are a lot of benefits to joining or forming a regiment with your friends. You can stock up piles of decent players to play with. Meanwhile, there’s also a feature called “Happy Hour” where players can earn double exp for one hour every day.

Claymores, mines, and footsteps

Claymore loadout in Warzone

If there’s one thing we don’t like in Warzone, it would be the footsteps. It’s hard to tell whether an opponent is below or above you. This is why it’s important to use lethal traps like proximity mines and claymores near doors and ladders to prevent enemies from getting to where you’re at. Note that this is a must if you’re planning to comfortably snipe enemies from a distance on a high area.

Get used to the Gulag

Gulag in COD: Warzone

Finally, it’s important to get used to how the Gulag works. In a nutshell, you’re sent here whenever you die, but only once per game. Here, you’ll fight to the death in single combat against an enemy who also died in Verdansk for the right to respawn.

With that said, it’s important to use all the tools in your arsenal and at the same time, be familiar with the weapons that are usually handed out. These include a double-barrel shotgun, pistols, a magnum revolver, grenades, and an automatic shotgun.

So, are you ready to dive into the Warzone? If you are, try to use the above-mentioned tips and start racking up those kills and wins. Just remember to cooperate with your squad, customize your loadouts and killstreaks, and most importantly, get good!

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