10 Apex Legends Tips That Will Turn You Into a Legit Apex Legend

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Though Apex Legends is relatively easy-to-learn, the game has a lot of aspects every player needs to know, especially if they want to be an Apex Legend. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you out: WWGDB - 10 Apex Legends Tips That Will Turn You Into a Legit Apex Legend

Getting an elusive win on Apex Legends can be a bit tough but not impossible. If you’re starting out, the game can be a little overwhelming even if it’s easy-to-learn. After all, you need to learn about the different legends, supply crates, inventory, weapon attachments, revive mechanics and other aspects.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of tips and gameplay elements you’d want to familiarize yourself with.

Pick a Legend based on team needs and your preferred playstyle

Try not to separate from your squad

Different legends adhere to different playstyles. For example, if you want to play as a support/medic, go for Lifeline. If you prefer maneuverability over everything else, Pathfinder should be your main. Bangalore and Wraith are best for players who prefer to play as the carry.

If your main has been picked by another teammate though, try to select a legend that can complement your team’s needs. Lifeline, Gibraltar and Bloodhound will always a welcome addition to any team as they have crucial support skills.

There’s no fall damage, so jump to your heart’s content

Pick a character that complements your team's needs

Fall damage is nonexistent in Apex Legends. You can jump off a cliff or a supply ship and not get any HP and shield penalties. If you’re being pursued and have to pull back, going Leeroy Jenkins might be your best course of action.

Steep hills, zip lines, and balloons are your friends

You can jump from high areas without suffering health damage in Apex Legends

Sure, Apex Legends’ map might be small, but this also means that the “ring” (which is this game’s version of the storm) moves faster. To hasten movement, there are zip lines and balloons to easily help you get to safety, whether you’re trying to get into the safe zone or retreating. You can also traverse steep hills easily by sliding down.

Use. Your. Skills.

Using a balloon in Apex Legends

Saving your legend’s skills won’t make it any stronger. At times, there are Lifelines who refuse to use their care package ultimate (drops healing items, armor, and weapon attachments) and Gibraltars who fail to put up shields. It’s depressing… and infuriating.

Use your skills if you can. Bloodhound’s detection comes in handy if you hear enemy footsteps nearby. Bangalore’s smoke grenades are useful to conceal downed teammates. Meanwhile, Mirage’s decoy can help expose enemy positions if you’re heading off to a new location.

If you’re worried about cooldowns, you can always use ultimate accelerants.

If you’re a newbie, drop early and engage

Bangalore skill in Apex Legends

If you’re new to Apex Legends, it helps to drop in early and engage as many times as you can. By doing so, you’ll be able to get a feel for the combat mechanics and gunplay. Camping won’t do you any good. However, be sure to do this as a squad. Dying early and deviating from your teammates can ruin the experience for everybody.

Complement your weapons

Fight right away!

Combat can be classified into three parts according to distance: short-range, mid-range, and long-range. There are also different bullet types to consider. In my dozens of hours, it’s best to pattern your weapon loadout according to distance and bullet types.

For example, it wouldn’t make sense to arm yourself with a Longbow DMR and a Peacekeeper shotgun since you’ll be destroyed by AR-wielding players at mid-range. The same can be said about using an LMG and a shotgun. It’s best to have at least a single mid-range weapon like an AR or SMG to complement a sniper or shotgun.

As for bullet types, it’s best to not use weapons with the same ones. For example, a Devotion LMG and a Triple Take sniper rifle use energy ammo. Having them both at the same time is a recipe for situations where you’ll run out of ammunition.

Reviving a downed teammate? Spare a weapon

Use weapons which fully complement each other

When reviving a downed teammate, he or she will jump from the rescue ship without any gear. Since the respawn process essentially makes your squad vulnerable because it happens in an open area and it’s always visible from a while away, it’s best to spare a weapon for a freshly-revived teammate so he can contribute right away.

Please ping

When using a respawn beacon, be sure to have an extra weapon ready

Whether you can or can’t talk, use the ping mechanic. It’s faster and more accurate than telling the location of an item or an enemy. This is arguably one of the best gameplay mechanics of Apex Legends, so be sure to utilize it to the fullest.

Be aggressive, yet smart

It'll be hard to find weapons and enemies without the ping system in Apex Legends

Aggression is a must in every battle royale game. After all, you’ll need to meet your adversaries head-on. However, never charge mindlessly and only attack when it’s the right time and in the right circumstances.

For example, instead of charging in during a firefight between two squads, it’s best to do so in the immediate aftermath when the winning team is starting to lick their wounds. Moreover, ensure you’re in the right position, use your skills - Bangalore, Caustic, and Gibraltar’s ultimates come in handy when charging in - and of course, start an attack with an arc star or frag grenade.

Don’t be selfish

Don't be the guy who charges in without thinking

Finally, be a team player. Share your loot, ping if you see anything interesting, and most importantly, stick with your team and don’t charge alone. Always coordinate movements with your teammates, share ammo and recovery items, and revive/respawn allies who have been knocked down/eliminated.

Remember: there’s no room for a selfish and impulsive lone wolf in a team-based game.

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