Your Favorite MMO Genre

Nov 6, 2014 | 4 Votes

There are many different genres of MMO game, but which of these is your favorite?

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Battleship with the Best Design

Battleship with the Best Design There are a ton of beautifully-recreated battleships in World of Warships, but which of them do you think has the best design?

Favorite Hero in LoA 2

Favorite Hero in LoA 2 There are many heroes in League of Angels 2. Which one of them is your favorite?

Most Beautiful Angel in LoA 2

Most Beautiful Angel in LoA 2 League of Angels 2 is famed for its selection of beautiful angels ranging from the battle-born Theresa to the soft-spoken Aphrodite. Which of these angels do you think are the most beautiful?

Favorite Hero in HotS

Favorite Hero in HotS Can't get enough of Heroes of the Storm (HotS)? Well, which of these heroes are your favorite?

Most Dreaded Blocker in Candy Crush Saga

Most Dreaded Blocker in Candy Crush Saga Being an avid Candy Crusher, surely you'll have a blocker that you can despise with a passion in Candy Crush Saga! Which of these blockers do you dread the most?

Coolest Land Mount in WoW

Coolest Land Mount in WoW Exploring the vast world that is World of Warcraft is not the same without your trusty land mount! Which of these do you think is the coolest?

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