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Legends of Callasia 10 rate Build up your empire and forge your own legends in this brilliant, Risk-esque strategy game, Legends of Callasia! Send out your heroes and the armies they command to conquer as much of the neighboring lands as you can. Do you have the leadership and strategic skills to become the strongest ruler in all of Callasia? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Build up your empire and forge your own legends in this brilliant, Risk-esque strategy game, Legends of Callasia! Send out your heroes and the armies they command to conquer as much of the neighboring lands as you can. Forge alliances with other factions or use the special cards you’ve gained to strategically turn the tide of war to your favor. Do you have the leadership and strategic skills to become the strongest ruler in all of Callasia? Play now and find out!


Legends of Callasia is a game that contains multiple storylines due to its different factions. Naturally, different factions will have their own stories to tell and it is up to you to uncover them by playing each faction in the campaign.


Legends of Callasia provides a short yet pretty comprehensive tutorial campaign for new players to learn and enjoy. Although the tutorial is entirely optional, you might want to play the campaign through just to get an achievement at the end.

Aside from the tutorial, which can be revisited from the main screen, Legends of Callasia also provides a nice range of game modes, namely Multiplayer, Campaign and Skirmish. In multiplayer mode, you’ll get to enjoy a more competitive match where players will duke it out on the map and the ruler with the highest victory points at the end wins.

Campaign and Skirmish modes are both single player games. Campaign is faction-based and you’ll get to experience different stories depending on the faction you chose. Skirmish, on the other hand, is more like a custom game mode where you can customize a match of your liking, such as the map you want to play in (there are many) and the maximum number of opponents you want to challenge. There’s even a QuickPlay mode for Skirmish that will move things along much faster, leaving you with less time to really think through your strategies.

Now, when it comes to the actual gameplay, Legends of Callasia will astound you! Although it’s fundamentally similar to the popular strategy game, Risk, namely its turn-based system (1 action per turn), troop movements and the like, this game stands out due to the improvements it has made to the original Risk mechanics.

One of the most prominent improvement is the ability to construct buildings on the land you own. You can do so provided that your hero is on that piece of land in question. There are a few building choices for you and depending on the location of the land, mainly its proximity to the enemy’s frontlines, and what purpose you want it to serve, you can choose to build a hamlet (boosts money production), a tower (allows troop recruitment) or a teleporting station (allows troops to be teleported between stations). Each zone is allowed one building.

These upgradable buildings aren’t only important because of their respective functions; they increase your population limit, allowing you to recruit more soldiers, and add to your total victory points too. Victory points are, as aforementioned, what you’ll need to be victorious in a game. There are even special regions that often come with a castle. These locations will have more upgrade options, including the ability to reinforce your castle with more walls, a moat and even a bombardment. The structures provide passive benefits to the province when built.

Due to this new feature, whenever you conquer a zone with a building on it, you can choose to raze the place, which will demolish the building, or occupy that will allow you to make use of the building you’ve captured along with the land. Despite the benefits, occupying lands with buildings will take more turns though and there’s a risk of the process being interrupted by an invading force. So, it all boils down to the current map situation and if the building is worth keeping.

Another unique part in Legends of Callasia is the combat system. Unlike the dice-centric mechanism used in Risk, the game places more emphasis on your army composition, your hero and the bonuses and/or penalties imposed by the terrain itself, making battles much more strategically in-depth and most certainly more interesting. Sometimes, if the armies are large enough, a battle may even take several turns. Battles themselves are auto-resolved though.

Once engaged, players can’t break off combat and retreat without sustaining huge penalties... that is unless you have a certain card in your hand which will nullify the penalty and letting you retreat your troops scots free! Cards are perhaps the most game-changing aspect of the relatively Risk-like gameplay mainly because by using them aptly, a player can easily cause havoc for their opponents, giving him that crucial break in the ranks that he needs to decimate the opponents’ empires. These cards can be played, at a small cost, on armies and territories on both sides of the conflict depending on their functions, and they can be stacked.

Cards also have their own somewhat complex system, but thankfully for tooltips, you can easily find out what each card does and if there are any pre-requisites needed for the card to work most efficiently. For example, some cards are season-based and works best at a specific season. You can get more cards usually by capturing neutral areas but sometimes, you can get it simply by playing the game.

Let’s not forget about the heroes and the troops as well. There are 6 different types of units you can recruit if the tower you own has been fully upgraded. These units can then be assigned to the hero on the land or to the tower itself. Take note that troops can only be moved across the map if there’s a hero in command and you can awaken up to 4 heroes at a time. Heroes can also command up to 4 different unit types and will provide a passive boost to the units under them. This aspect definitely adds in an additional layer of strategy to the whole gameplay.

You can also form alliances with any faction in the game, usually by giving tribute to them. Once allied, more options will be unlocked, allowing you and your allies to offer or request land and supply monetary aid through tributes. Best yet, you can direct your allies’ troops on the map, but whether or not your ally will follow your instructions is a whole other issue. Well, at least they will know what you want them to do.

Legends of Callasia is a paid game and as such, it has no in-game purchases. Instead, the game has an expansion, the Stormborne expansion, that you can buy. Just recently released, the expansion will add a new playable faction, the Dwarves, more heroes, campaigns, maps and more.


The community in Legends of Callasia is unfortunately a bit on the low end. Due to this, it can be rather hard to get a match via the game’s multiplayer mode unless you rope in some of your friends.

Graphics/ Sound

The art style in Legends of Callasia has that good old fantasy feel, which perfectly matches the story and the game’s overall theme. I personally like the little touch added to make each map somewhat interactive. You can actually click on the clouds to clear them or on randomly flying creatures to shoo them away. The game features a few quality soundtracks as well.


In short, Legends of Callasia is a solid Risk-like strategy game that comes well-packaged with uniquely innovative and strategically in-depth gameplay, engaging storylines, varied maps and factions, as well as quality graphics and sound. It’s the sort of game that strategy game enthusiasts will definitely enjoy.

Interested? You can try the game’s demo for free or buy the full game on Steam at the worthwhile price of $15.

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New Game Added: Legends of Callasia

by Aethyna Jun 2, 2017
Build up your empire and forge your own legends in this brilliant, Risk-esque strategy game, Legends of Callasia! Send out your heroes and the armies they command to conquer as much of the neighboring lands as you can. Do you have the leadership and strategic skills to become the strongest ruler in all of Callasia? Legends of Callasia: Battle Hero in Legends of Callasia Legends of Callasia: Cards Read More
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